MAILBAG: What Jump To WWE Would Hurt TNA The Most?

Q: Regarding CM Punk and Chris Brown, just say for arguments sake that 1) Brown agreed with WWE to have a match with Punk and 2) for whatever reason, said he would only do it at this years Wrestlemania. What do you think WWE would do? Hotshot the title to Jericho before Mania? Turn Chris down? Seems like a lot of money left on the table to me. Not that this would ever happen, however it is interesting to ponder. – Keith M.

A: They wouldn’t hotshot the title to Jericho because the fact that Brown is fighting the WWE champion would be part of all the publicity. But if they had the Jericho match already locked in, they wouldn’t change it. I could see them doing something at the PPV after Mania or even on Raw. I wouldn’t put it past them given that they had Mike Tyson wrestle on free TV once. The fact is they’re not booking a WWE title match (or worse yet, a non-title match) on their biggest show of the year involving a scrub like Chris Brown. Personally, I’d book him lower on the card in a match against Kharma. I hear she’s a bitch.

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