MAILBAG: What Jump To WWE Would Hurt TNA The Most?

Q: Regarding CM Punk and Chris Brown, just say for arguments sake that 1) Brown agreed with WWE to have a match with Punk and 2) for whatever reason, said he would only do it at this years Wrestlemania. What do you think WWE would do? Hotshot the title to Jericho before Mania? Turn Chris down? Seems like a lot of money left on the table to me. Not that this would ever happen, however it is interesting to ponder. – Keith M.

A: They wouldn’t hotshot the title to Jericho because the fact that Brown is fighting the WWE champion would be part of all the publicity. But if they had the Jericho match already locked in, they wouldn’t change it. I could see them doing something at the PPV after Mania or even on Raw. I wouldn’t put it past them given that they had Mike Tyson wrestle on free TV once. The fact is they’re not booking a WWE title match (or worse yet, a non-title match) on their biggest show of the year involving a scrub like Chris Brown. Personally, I’d book him lower on the card in a match against Kharma. I hear she’s a bitch.

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The Solomonster

  • Andrew Campbell

    Personally, I enjoyed the invasion angle and the Survivor Series 2001 Elimination Tag is probably the best SSeries elimination tag match I’ve seen. I never really cared for WCW much in the first place, so it didn’t bother me much that Goldberg, Steiner etc wasn’t involved. Both highly overrated and can’t wrestle to save their lives.

    And I agree, feed Chris Brown to Kharma. Lets see how tough he is then.

    • Adam Michael

      Agreed :D

    • Josh Foley

      goldberg was one of the best wrestlers of his time, 168 match winning streak, and the fact you say that he cant wrestle makes me laugh so hard

      • Andrew Campbell

        I have one name for you BRET “Hitman” HART. He had to retire because Goldberg couldn’t execute a simple boot to the head safely.

        • JSRS12949ers

          I agree. Goldberg was notoriously stiff, as judged by his peers. HBK cites him as one of the most difficult people to work with, and HBK could work with anyone. As far as the Hitman goes, same thing. One of the greatest workers of all time and he was forced to retire waaaay to early because Goldberg couldn’t execute the boot, then WCW put them together again. Bret went for his figure four around the post. All Goldberg had to do was grab Bret’s foot so that Bret could lower himself to the floor.  Goldberg let go causing Bret’s second major concussion, killing his career in the process.  Watch the match on Youtube, you can hear the sick thud on the floor and watch Bret….brutal to watch.

          On a separate note, Goldberg was a decent draw. Wouldn’t want him to be on top, but upper mid card for sure.  The occasional main event.  

      • kquickstillsucks

         Goldberg could wrestle LOL tell me another one. You toss out that 168 number like the matches happen without PREDETERMINED OUTCOMES LOL.

      • Andrew

        Goldberg one of the greats because he won 168 matches in a row? Man your sense of greatness is flawed.
        Andre the Giant was never pinned until that Match with Hogan at WM III. It was over a 1,000 matches undefeated. Goldberg was a good but overrated wrestler whose moves were done to hide the fact that he was a very limited wrestling ability.

        There were more people deserving of the “best wrestler title” than Goldberg.

        • Roger Penland

          Andre The Giant HAD been PINNED many times before that, and i’ll go so far as to say that IN FACT, Andre and Hogan had at least three matches together before Wrestlemania III.

          • Db Gman

            too right Roger plus everyone talks bout andre NEVER being slammed before wm3, lmfao what a load of crap. Hogan had slammed Andre once before well before wm3, cant remeber exact details or year etc, but defiantely happened…

      • Roger Penland

        168 Match Winning streak?………………….YEAH, in storyline. 

      • Sparkz

        I hope you realise that streak is fake. Which has been mentioned in many wrestlers autobiographies. In the space of months he was supposed to have accumulated 168 wins? He’d have to wrestle two to three times a night, seven days a week to get that streak.

        Don’t believe everything you’re told or you read.

    • kquickstillsucks

       Scott Steiner before he was roided out of his mind was actually pretty good wrestler WAY better than Goldberg. Too bad WCW didn’t push Steiner sooner.

  • Ben

    I think the only thing that was missing from the Invasion was a proper WCW vs WWF World Champion match. It looked like this was where it was heading when Booker T interfered at KOTR. Running Booker vs SCSA at Invasion would have generated a lot more interest in the angle

  • Crispyzombies

    Chris brown Vs Kharma…that would be fun to watch

    • Andrew Campbell

      Her arm is bigger than his torso.

    • m8h3r

      Can imagine kharma walking up to him “so you like to hit girls huh?”

    • JuanCabrera

      Yeah, if he likes fighting girls, he could at least fight one that could defend herself and then some.

  • Roman Gonzalez

    Personally… I think if Garrett Bischoff left TNA, you’d see “TNA Files Bankruptcy” on every dirt sheet worldwide immediately.

  • The808Keoni

    Rumors are going around that WWE will end the PG era sometime this year. What do you guys think about this? Will it happen?

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      They have a contract with Mattel that doesn’t expire until 2014. So no, it’s not gonna happen. And even after the contract is up, I don’t see them being so quick to change the TV rating. It’s not like it would really do them that much good. Sure, without Mattel they’d be able t get away with a bit more, but why bother? It’s not like PG itself is what’s killing the product. PG is here to stay for the foreseeable future, and if anyone can’t get over that simple fact, then they should just stop watching.

      • Rdchili96

         This 100%. People need to stop blaming the PG TV rating for the shows being bad, and blame bad writers/bookers who write/book the show. Jericho said that it’s harder in the PG era since he cannot just swear to get big reaction, you have to work harder for it now so it should be seen like a challange.

        • JSRS12949ers

          I agree. The talent and creative just have to step up to the challenge. You can have great TV without being too crass.  I loved the Attitude Era, but being edgy should only serve to further the product: wrestling. But Jericho did make a very true statement on Raw. He is part of a dying breed of performer.  That is what is wrong with the business today.  Instead of honing one’s craft and learning how to perform and work, talent are being pushed too soon.  I do miss the days of the promotions where the best rose to the top, moved to another promotion, rose and so on till they hit the NWA or WWF. This is why performers were sharp.  The agents are also changing…Jack Lanza, Pat Patterson, Arn Anderson…these guys knew the business and they are retiring too.  I am not sure how the shows can improve to the point of the Monday Night Wars era where both shows drew 6+ on the Nielsons.  I am not sure that they ever can, but I think these are the main issues as to why not.

      • areyoudumb?

        PG isnt killing it but alot of the spots are a fraction of the overall problem, some are just too corny that older viewers cringe and shut it off, its definately a family show now, and the people that dont dig that turn it off. Obviously a major problem is the talent they have or dont have, booking issues etc making it stale. but also some spots are more G than PG and just awful. i know i turn off the tv whenever i see teddy long backstage to save myself from seeing another corny aksana bit.

        • areyoudumb?

          i know one problem is the attitude area almost every wrestler had something good about them, I liked almost every wrestler they had in the late 90s all the way to like 2003/4, so attitude/ruthless aggression eras had top notch talent whereas now wwe doesnt but only a handful, and alot of the ones that do have talent arent being utilized properly.

    • Realone08

      The current TV rating has nothing to do with why the product looks so redundant and horribly promoted. Blame the head of the writers for thinking they know what everybody wants to see. Remember, Smackdown has been PG practically since it’s debut in 1999, and in those ‘glory’ days of the Attitude Era, the TV rating was the last thing people cared about. I don’t care if it’s PG or not, it can still work in today’s modern age of TV, but it’s the people who write in the programming and promotions that really speak the volumes. If it ain’t broke, it doesn’t need to be fixed. (The writing does, for storyline quality purposes).

  • Rdchili96

    Goldturd sucked in the ring.

  • kquickstillsucks

    I look back on the Invasion angle from 2001 fondly sure there was a lot of missed opportunity in retrospect but from the talent they had at the start DDP Booker T it wasn’t bad. It got convoluted in a hurry. Stephanie owns ECW lol, guys that were WWE jumped to WCW and ECW within hours. By the end of the angle it was WWE guys vs WWE guys that jumped lol. Anyway produced some good memorable matches RVD vs Jeff Hardy Hardcore title at Invasion. RVD vs Angle vs Austin i think at Unforgiven. Dudleyz vs Hardys cage match Survivor Series. In comparison to todays product this stuff is gold. Minus the what chants!

    WWE could very easily do a GOOD invasion angle if they wanted. 4 guys in FCW that SHOULD be on the main roster RIGHT NOW instead of David Otunga. Before someone thinks they did a FCW invasion angle with Nexus the 4 im talking about aren’t green they are experienced. Rollins,Ambrose, Cessaro and Ohno AKA Tyler Black, Jon Moxley, Claudio Castagnoli and Chris Hero could step onto the main roster and they would be better than at least 90% of the roster. All these guys can talk pretty well and wrestle.

  • Nicholas Alexander

    Wow, he actually posted and responded to my question. Thank you, Mr. Solomonster! Answer was what I was looking for. Marketing GODS of our time…

  • areyoudumb?

    johnny ace is very good at making people hate him which means he’s doing his job getting a reaction, teddy long is only good for corny joke spots which usually make me smh in disappointment. honestly just one dude in charge, doesnt matter if hes sporadic or not i dont really mind, is the way to go.

  • Brian Clark

    CM Punk was wrong for attacking Chris Brown in the first place. If CM Punk was so against “men hitting women” he would acknowledge that “his favorite wrestler” Stone Cold beat his ex-wife Debra, instead of going around saying how much he wants to punch Chris in the face. There are other examples of domestic abuse, people should try to use them. What he did was wrong and it was one case. Charlie Sheen has had how many domestic abuse cases? Also, how about people speak out about Jerry Sandusky. Oh my bad, Sandusky did not kill dogs, or beat one women. I love it that America downplays rape.

    • Mr_DJ

      Correction, America downplays just about everything when it isn’t a celebrity involved.

      People are so quick to bring Austin into the mix when this whole deal was Punk responding to a fan on Twitter.

      • Brian Clark

        I know it was Punk responding to someone but the thing is it makes him look like a hypocrite. I am a fan of Chris Brown and Stone Cold. What they did was wrong but it was one incident and I don’t know the story for either. Punk has acted like Brown has went around beating women repeatedly. All I am saying is if people are going to keep bringing up one incident, I will point out other incidents. This whole thing plus other comments CM Punk has made shows how much of a hypocrite he is.

        • Mr_DJ

          The story only became relevant again because for some stupid reason, Rihanna agreed to collaborate with Chris Brown.

          Let me just clear this up, because WWE swept things under the rug and basically put this whole incident on lockdown…it’s anyones guess if Steve actually did more than what was court ordered, apologizing to Debra or whatever and things have been quiet since 2004. Meanwhile Brown as a public figure, has shown no remorse for what he did, much less looks like he learned anything over the past three years.

          • Brian Clark

            “He hasn’t shown remorse for what he did”. He has said he was sorry to her. He doesn’t need to say shit to anybody else. On GMA, Robin could have stopped bringing it up. He was their about his album not the incident. So, what if Rihanna worked with him again. I see Rob Lowe on Conan O’ Brien’s show every month damn near yet there is no backlash. I just feel that this shit is beyond pointless. People are acting like Chris is suppose to walk around with his head down all the time.

          • Mr_DJ

            I personally don’t expect Chris to walk around with his head down. He’s still a immature child that doesn’t act like he learned his lesson anyways.

            Remembering what was in the police report, why in the hell would she even want to work with him again? Forgiveness only goes so far before you’re in “are you retarded!?” range.

  • SynKara

    Whenever Stone Cold comes out, he always dominates. No one’s gotten anything over on him or even talked down to him. CM Punk should interrupt a Stone Cold segment, knock the beer can out of his hand and say something like “drinking a lot of beer makes you an alcoholic that may have the tendency to hit women… maybe I should start calling you Stone Cold Chris Brown. You’re both d-bags.”   bam, crowd explodes, Austin bitched out bad ! ! ! !

  • wwefann14

    i think the Chris Brown vs. CM Punk thing is gonna work like the Cena K-Fed story

  • Benjamin J Bachmann

    Jeff Hardy? I would love to see him return to WWE but he probably will want to but WWE will not trust him about past drug tests so he most likely will not return.

  • Benjamin J Bachmann

    Kurt Angle would. He would be a recking machine and he made impact/tna what it was.Also he could kick but.