MAILBAG: Who Was REALLY Responsible For The Death Of WCW?

SEScoops Mailbag for November 18th

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Q: I’ve been curious over the last couple months, what does CM Punk yell out every time he comes [to the ring]? – Elvir Bajric

A: It’s clobberin’ time! He borrowed that battle cry from The Thing, a comic book character from The Fantastic Four.

Q: Was the fight between Mr. McMahon and Bret Hart (where Bret came out and started shouting about HBK being the referee at Summerslam) on Raw in 1997 real? I’ve heard different stories from different sources. Based on the video, it looks fairly real because the usual forearm shots weren’t there and Owen Hart seemed to be getting really wound up about the whole thing. – Ben

A: The whole thing was a work. I’d love to know these “sources” you’ve heard otherwise from. Kevin Nash wasn’t involved, so of course there were no forearm shots.

Q: In [the 11/4 mailbag], someone asked what the most devastating finishing move would be. I’d like to rephrase the question and ask what would you consider the most dangerous finishing move that if done wrong could cause serious injury or death. – Andrew from Michigan

A: Any move executed incorrectly can result in injury or death. There’s no right or wrong answer to this question. Breaking your neck would probably be the quickest way, so I’d be careful with powerbombs, piledrivers and wacky flips.

Q: Is it just me or has Mason Ryan been using some moves that Batista used to implement in the ring? – AJ Saldivar

A: THAT’s the first comparison that hits you when you see Ryan and Batista? Are you serious, bro?

Q: Who do you blame for the death of WCW? I know many names come to mind, but I’m wondering if you agree with me that Kevin Nash, Eric Bischoff and Vince Russo are specifically the ones that immediately come to mind. In his book, Bischoff blamed everyone but himself, mainly the suits at AOL who continually “undermined his decisions.” Nash was responsible for idiotic company killing blunders like putting himself over Goldberg and the infamous “Fingerpoke of Doom.” Russo was responsible for genius ideas like bringing in Master P and David Arquette. Many people blame Hogan, but I don’t think that’s a valid argument because it’s been revealed that Hulk was actually the one who took a chance by going heel and suggested being the “third guy” which essentially electrified the concept of the NWO, and I think Hulk actually proved he was a team player by putting Goldberg over clean. You can’t blame Hogan for promoting himself, but in the end, he did what was best for WCW. Do you agree with my argument, and if not why? – Travis

A: Make no mistake, Hogan always put Hogan first and did what was best for himself. If WCW happened to benefit from some of those decisions, like the heel turn, then so be it. He had to be convinced to do the turn and only did it because he was already being booed by a majority of the fans who had tired of his “Real American” shtick. It wasn’t like the Steve Austin heel turn at WM17, which was a calculated risk on Austin’s part to freshen up his character at a time when the fans clearly didn’t want him to turn and it backfired. As for putting over Goldberg, yes, it was the right move for business, but he did so with the caveat that he be the first person to end the streak and get the title back. He did get the title back, though Nash booked himself to be the first to beat big Bill. Hogan is every bit as responsible as Bischoff and Russo and the rest of them for killing that company. But to answer your question, the person responsible for killing WCW (and creating a WWE monopoly) was none of those four, but rather a Turner Broadcasting executive named Jamie Kellner. Kellner is the man who declared that wrestling would no longer air on TBS or TNT, at which point the deal Eric Bischoff had hoped to swing to buy the company was killed.

Q: Where’s Drew McIntyre? It’s as if one day he’s Intercontinental champion & Vince McMahon’s Chosen One and now he’s a jobber. What happened??? – Arthur Lewis

A: Tiffany happened. Don’t ever get married. Ever.

Q: I have been watching a lot of old school wrestling, but one thing has always bugged me. What’s wrong with Brother Love’s face? – Kieran

A: Not enough fiber in his diet. He’s straining too much. We’ve all been there.

Q: Can you name any superstar that’s been heel [for their entire] career and one that’s been babyface for theirs?

A: Ricky Steamboat has been a babyface his entire career and John Cena has been a heel for his. :)

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