MAILBAG: Why Is Everyone Suddenly Hating On The Rock?

SEScoops Mailbag for July 8th

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Q: I have been a wrestling fan for over a decade now and have always been fascinated by WWE and the great talents they had in the early 2000’s. I always thought WWE was the only show around. Later, I found out about TNA and [thought to myself,] “cool, more wrestling! I’m not gonna complain.” So I watched a couple of episodes and realized it was garbage compared to what I would watch with WWE. People criticize WWE a lot and complain about bad decisions [Vince] McMahon makes, but when I read everything about TNA, it sounds like an awful show. Please tell me why would anyone watch TNA? – Jake E.

A: I am far from the biggest TNA fan in the world. Reports on their treatment of talent, especially the Knockouts, are appalling. Their television show is, quite often, tough to follow and at times infuriating to watch. And they continue to employ Vince Russo through some blind allegiance that even I cannot explain. Having said ALL of that, you ask why would anyone watch TNA? Because they love wrestling. Because they want an alternative to the WWE product. Because they believe, in their heart of hearts, that things will turn around. You mention that you “read” a lot of horrible things about Impact, which I take to mean that you rarely if ever have bothered to watch the show. That’s like saying I heard such and such a book really sucks and has a boring ending, yet never actually reading the book to form your own opinion. I’ve been guilty of this myself in the past and it’s an easy trap to fall into. Having watched the show last night from start to finish for the first time in a while, I came away from it feeling that, in spite of all the storyline BS, I saw some really great wrestling. Of course, that may change once the Destination X event has come and gone, but I came away satisfied. Frankly, I think the bi-polar nature of their TV show is what frustrates people the most.

Q: What are your thoughts on who is better, the Divas or the Knockouts? Which has the better wrestlers and put on the better matches? Who gets more TV time? – Tyler

A: There was a time when the TNA Knockouts division was far and away the better of the two. Sadly, once Awesome Kong and Gail Kim left, they haven’t really been the same. TNA has veterans in Mickie James and Tara, but WWE counters with Beth Phoenix and Natalya, though they don’t use them nearly enough. I’d say both divisions are mostly on par with each other in terms of talent and TV time. Knockouts matches are likely, on average, slightly longer than a typical WWE divas match, but neither group of ladies get nearly as much TV time as they deserve. In particular, those 30-second diva matches on Raw every week are completely pointless and insulting to the women who routinely put together 4-5 minute matches that are cut down right before they go through the curtain.

Q: Keeping the rumors of his backstage politics aside, how do you rate Triple H as a performer? Through his epic feuds with guys like Austin, Rock and Shawn Michaels, would you rate him as one of the best heels in the company? Also, I have seen JR constantly refer to him as the “Cerebral Assassin”, the most prepared superstar for any match, the most calculated wrestler who knows everything [there is to know] about the ring. Do you agree or is that just a gimmick? – Jeff Thomas

A: I think Triple H is one of the greatest heels in the history of the company. Did he wield his influence to keep himself on top at the expense of other people’s pushes? Absolutely, I believe those stories to be true in most cases. What would have happened had WWE not squashed the love triangle storyline with Hunter, Stephanie and Kurt Angle so abruptly? Or if Rob Van Dam had actually defeated HHH for the World Heavyweight title at Unforgiven 2002, as was originally planned? We will never know, but one thing you cannot doubt is the man’s ability as a performer, especially before all of his injuries caught up with him. He is a very cerebral performer in that he’s been around the business for 20 years and has a pretty good sense of what works and what doesn’t. He’s come to Vince McMahon with several ideas, one of which was famously to resurrect the War Games concept, to which Vince shot him down thinking it was too old school. This is why I am optimistic about his taking over the company at some point. The fact is, he paid his dues working his way up (let us not forget the Curtain Call incident) and has had some fantastic matches over the years.

Q: When Shawn Michaels broke his back during the casket match against Undertaker, did WWE ever refer to that for older fans to [get them] more excited or [add some] reasoning to Shawn wanting to end Taker’s streak? – Dallas

A: They may have mentioned it briefly, but no, they really didn’t take advantage of that back story at all. It still amazes me that they waited as long as they did when Shawn returned in 2002 to put the two of them together, and amazes me even more than once they did, they ignored such an obvious, effective plot point. Shawn tells Taker that he’s never forgotten the fact that he took away 4½ years of his career (very lucrative years, I might add) and is out for revenge on the dead man. Instead, we got the two of them as the final two men in the 2007 Royal Rumble match and Jerry Lawler or JBL (I can’t remember which) on commentary saying wow, here’s a match we’ve never seen before. It really illustrates how idiotic they think we must be not to remember that the two of them had several PPV matches together, one of which was the VERY FIRST Hell in a Cell match, an all-time classic encounter.

Q: Why does WWE not book Zack Ryder for anything but Superstars? His wrestling ability is much better then guys like John Cena (who can do 2 moves, 3 on his best day) and he has a huge online fan community from his web series. It’s entertaining and he actually cares about his fans. – Jesse

A: His wrestling ability is much better than John Cena? That’s not saying much, but let’s not make Ryder out to be the next Karl Gotch here. I have taken a liking to his videos like everyone else and respect the way that he’s trying to get himself over, but don’t kid yourself, not a single person singing the praises of Zack Ryder and asking for WWE to push him on TV are doing so because they like his wrestling ability. They see him as an entertaining character being held down by the suits in the ivory tower and that’s why they’ve rallied behind him. Most of what he does in those YouTube videos are more entertaining that all of the skits in a given episode of Raw combined. He deserves a shot, but it’s not because he’s such a great wrestler.

Q: Why hasn’t WWE awarded Trish Stratus with the now defunct Women’s Championship? She has had the most reigns and, in my opinion, done the most for the Divas division. They gave Mick Foley (and some say Edge) the Hardcore Championship as a sign of respect and thanks for doing so much for the business, so why not Trish? It’s not like they plan on reviving the Women’s title. Please shed some light on this because it seems unfair. – Kyle

A: Why should they? The Hardcore title was retired, whereas the Womens title was unified with the Divas title to make for one, uniform championship for the ladies. They showed Trish plenty of respect by letting her go over Lita and win the Womens title in her hometown for her final match at Unforgiven 2006. This year, she got a WrestleMania payoff and was a trainer on Tough Enough. The next logical step is entry into the Hall of Fame.

Q: In an [recent radio] interview, Randy Orton said that he wasn’t buying Rock’s speech about returning to WWE and never leaving again. Orton said Johnson called management and claimed he slammed him and Triple H in the interview and that Rock only mentioned Triple H to get WWE’s attention, even though he didn’t criticize “The Game” in the interview. I remember Orton really slammed Hunter in that interview. Did Rock really play up the drama? Looks like he may have many enemies backstage in the locker room. – Simon B.

A: I have no reason to believe Orton would invent a story like that out of thin air. Perhaps Rock did call WWE to complain and should have come to Orton personally if he had an issue. That said, jealousy is a funny thing. When Rock is backstage, nobody seems to have a bad word to say about him and they talk about how down to earth and accessible he is with everyone. Now it seems like everyone in the world is against the man, as though he is somehow shaming the business because he went on to a successful career in Hollywood. What they don’t realize is that Rock has done more for them than they will ever know in terms of the doors he has opened up for them. The other thing they seem to forget was how much business picked up pre-WrestleMania when he came back. Raw had a string of about 7 or 8 straight sellouts, ratings were way up and Mania broke 1 million buys, which in the end, meant more money in their paychecks. He is in the main event next year because he is still a draw and Vince is, after all, a businessman.

Q: Do you think we will ever see TNA or WWE use the internet to circumvent the TV ratings system? ECW famously aired content that was overtly violent and sexual. Neither big wrestling company could air content like that, even on PPV. However, they could put content like that online and, let’s say, promote it like, “And fans, check our official Twitter for the link to tonight’s bra-and-panties match. It’s too much for TV, so we’re broadcasting it online.” Technically, they could broadcast ANYTHING like that. The idea isn’t just about the shock value but, rather, targeted content that would enhance storylines. What do you think? – Bill R.

A: No, I don’t. There’s no need for TNA to do this because they’re already pushing a more adult product on their TV show, most of which Spike does not seem to have a problem with. On the flip side, WWE does not half-ass their approach to PG. Yes, a promo like the one CM Punk cut last week will sometimes sneak through that pushes the envelope a bit (even so, there was nothing terribly un-PG about it), but the entire reason PG exists is to bring in more sponsors and appease Mattel. Contrary to popular belief, there are far fewer kids watching WWE today than there were during the Attitude Era. You cannot then have WWE turning around and pushing more mature content on their website. This was a hot topic when they re-launched the ECW brand and people thought that the brand would have more of an edge to it than Raw or Smackdown had. The reality is, they feel they have to pick one direction and stick with it.

Q: What’s up with Earl Hebner? It seems like every time I watch a WWE DVD and they show a match from back in the day, he’s the referee every single time. Did they have only one ref back then or something? – Redneckman

A: Simple answer, there are two Earl Hebners. One of them just happens to be called Dave.

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The Solomonster

  • dr bill jacobs

    i gotta say i agree with the good ol solomonster about triple h. that street fight with cactus jack at the 2000 (i think) Royal Rumble ranks in my top 5 favorite matches. and speaking of WWE and being overtly sexual, the first thing that came to my mind (sadly) was mae young whipping out those fried egg hanging on a nail titties of hers. kudos solomonster on a fine edtion of the mailbag.

  • JQ

    it doesnt matter wat imaginary doors “DWAYNE” has opened because hulk hogan is the one who opened them doors way b4 “DAWAYNE” he in my opinion hasNO respect for the “wrestling” but just because of the “draw” he gets he is in the main event at the first wrestlemania since WM 6 that im not buying HE WONT GET ANY DRAW FROM ME OH YEA ILL BUY THE DVD BUT NOT THE PPV AND I HOPE MORE “WRESTLING” FANS ENTERTAINMENT ASIDE FOLLOW ME

  • Topoly28

    @ jq Get over it, if you accomplished everything you could at your job and had an opportunity for a more lucrative career you would leave too. No respect for wrestling? Ok….lol

  • rabidwolverine

    @JQ – Hogan did open doors for WWE and wrestling in the same manner The Rock did. I don’t know what makes you say he has no respect for wrestling other than he stopped doing it after 7 years, but the fact is when he got into WWE, they were competing to stay in business, cuz they couldn’t afford to keep to talent like Hall, Nash, Bret, etc.
    And maybe you don’t care that he was instrumental in not only keeping WWE alive, but beating the competition. It’s funny that you actually draw a comparison between Hogan and the Rcok cus fans despise 1 for leaving too soon and the other for still being in it.


    JQ lol are you mad Rock beat Hogan at WM 18 or something lol. Do you believe Hogan should of went over in that one hahaha. Talk about having no respect for the wrestling business Hogan is still taking valuable air time away from young talent with a smile on his face as he steals Dixie Carters money. Hogan is the biggest politician in history that is a fact. Do you know who the Rock’s family is? Rock is 3rd generation pal im pretty sure he respects the business that he grew up watching his father and grandfather compete in.

    So what if the Rock didn’t want to wrestle for 30 years and end up having back surgery after back surgery so he could continue to steal the spotlight. He got out with his health think that’s a good thing.

    As for Orton sounds like someone is jealous to me. It’s not the Rock’s fault that he and Austin are bigger superstars than him or Cena will ever be and the Rock has more charisma in his stool samples than Orton or Cena. Orton should just shut up and enjoy the bump in pay come Wrestlemania time thanks to DWAYNE.

  • rabidwolverine

    The Rock having no respect for the biz is laughable. When Stone Cold refused to do the Hogan fued, The Rock did, when Stone Cold said he refused to put over Brock Lesnar, The Rock did. So I’m just curious as to why you think he has no respect for wrestling other than not doing it until he was too old or not physically able.
    It’s not because people like Cena and Orton are running their mouths is it. They are spoiled, especially Orton. This b*tch talks about Rock snitching instead of coming to him like a man(which I would agree with), but he did the same thing to Kofi, and the Rock when he got on a show talking about why he doesn’t think the ROCK SHOULD BE there. What kind of mentality is that? I’ll tell you what, a spoiled b*tch that was almost handed a spot at the top.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    ^ So did Cena.

  • WWE1

    I’ve been saying all this when people bash The Rock. People say they are wrestling fans but they say that rock never opened any doors?, They are not true wrestling fans in my eyes if they say that.

  • markroda

    so that’s why Earl Hebner was in 99.9% of the matchs in WWF !!! Case closed !! Thanx for solving the riddle Solomonster !!! LOL (last question as always kick ass!!)

  • rabidwolverine

    With all these groups in the WWE, Cena and Orton should form a stable called the Vocal B*tches.

  • Heymanshairline

    First question was obviously a troll in the mailbag. Don’t know why it was given the light of day to be honest

  • pwnez

    1. The Rock isn’t a good wrestler. Yes, he’s put on some good matches and has had some amazing feuds in which he contributed a lot to, BUT that doesn’t make him a good wrestler in the ring. Over-sold moves, could barely lock in the sharpshooter correctly, and was sloppy most of the time. Again, he did put on good matches, but usually those matches featured a guy who was better than him (Austin, Angle, ‘Taker, and Booker-T.)

    2. He’s overrated and I blame his mic skills for that. Yeah, awesome on the mic and was able to cut a great promo. He could tell a story, make us laugh, and could get everyone hyped up. Only problem is, fans tend to think because his mic skills were really good, that makes him a good WRESTLER and it doesn’t. When he returned, his mic skills died down a little bit. I do blame PG for that in a way, not completely. His fruity pebbles jokes and the barney stuff got old real quick. Also, he came back after so and so years just to bury the locker room, kinda like how HHH buried the locker room when he said “‘Taker, lets face it, i’m really the ONLY good challenge you have left.” Yeah, bullcrap. Rock marks love him because he tried to own Cena, in which he didn’t, it was the other way around. Cena marks love him because he owned the Rock and they really believe he’s a good wrestler. Both guys aren’t good at all in the ring.

    3. The Rock had his time to shine; in fact he had the entire A.E. and more to shine and he STILL comes back and is able to jump ahead of guys who are better than him. WWE wants to push Younger Talent…yeah?…I haven’t seen anything yet. Ya gave Ziggler a 10 minute title reign just so he could lose the belt to the Edge, making him an ELEVEN time champion. I like Edge but…Overrated R Superstar. The Rock can still sell yes, but alot of people are just tired of the same repetative people.

    4. Like Cena and Orton, the Rock’s fanbase makes me dislike him even more.

    Before you all bash me let me just say I don’t hate him. He’s contributed alot and just because he left for Hollywood to do something new doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his fans. I think he’s put on some good matches, awesome feuds and is definitely one of the most ENTERTAINING guys who have ever been in WWE, but far from being the greatest WRESTLER of all time.

  • 10132002

    “Let us not forget the Curtain Call incident”. What was the Curtain Call Incident?

  • 10132002

    And does anybody know what happened to Ric Flair? Has he met his obligations for his contrat year?



    Do you understand the wrestling biz at all? Who the hell said Rock was the best wrestler ever? Answer nobody! Do you know how long the attitude era lasted? Not very long about 5 years Rock wasn’t champion until end of 98 and whada ya know he put Lesnar over on his way out. He’s been gone for 7 years yeah sounds like someone who craves the spotlight. There is nobody currently better at entertaining in the WWE than the Rock. Cena vs Rock is the pretty much the biggest match WWE can do right now.

    But why bother doing that match it’s only going to make money stupid WWE a business wanting to make money.

    Look up the expression cheeks in the seats better yet next time you go to watch “wrestling” in your local gym ask one of the 15 people in the crowd.

    Please go watch Icecream man vs Snakeman you dumbazz indy fool.

  • http://AOL The TNA Loyalist

    @10132002 I Think He Finally Died.

  • partsunknownresident

    I’m just curious as to what makes a wrestler a “good” wrestler. What does that even mean? It’s such a relative term. If you mean in terms of pure mat skills and technical wrestling knowledge, then yeah, The Rock perhaps was nowhere near the likes of Bret Hart, Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Owen Hart and Kurt Angle. But neither was Stone Cold, and yet I’ve heard very few people knock Austin for his in-ring abilities. Do you define being a “good” wrestler as someone who is a high flyer or a “catch-as-can” wrestler (Michaels, Jericho, Guerrero, Shelton Benjamin)? Then what about Triple H? What about Undertaker? What about Brock Lesnar? What about Batista? Again, I hear very few people saying that those guys weren’t good wrestlers. They may have been “power guys,” but they are still respected for their performances in the ring.

    I honestly don’t think The Rock was the worst wrestler out there, but neither was he the best. He had his own style, just like Austin did, that worked for him and made the matches entertaining. Sure, he had his signature three-to-five moves within a match (but so did Flair), but there was definitely more to his style than relying on a few key signature moves. Anyways, that’s my opinion on it.

    Btw, for the one who posted that The Rock wasn’t as passionate for the business as say Hogan was, keep in mind that Hogan himself admitted in that recent sit-down interview that he would have retired long ago after his match with Andre if he hadn’t built a new house and needed the money at the time. I think if Hogan’s movie career had taken off as successfully as The Rock’s or Steve Austin’s have, he would’ve said goodbye to the wrestling business a long time ago and never would’ve looked back.

  • kanefan

    Pwnez never seems to have a good word to say about any wrestler, whenever i see a comment from him its always “he’s overrated” the Rock is an absolute legend, box office, 3rd gen, possibly the greatest sports entertainer ever in the business…yet he’s over rated?? I don’t think so…

    As much as I love Austin, outside of the ring he hasn’t done anywhere near the amount the Rock has in terms of “opening doors” and pushing the brand.

    Also one of the greatest heels in the business (Edge) is over rated? I admit his spear was weak but fgs the man was brilliant on the mic and has been involved in some of the greatest matches in WWE history….from tlc matches to his fued with Taker….

    Oh and I believe the run upto Wrestlemania when they properly start the Cena-Rock fued has the potential to be excellent as both these guys excel on the mic, really looking forward to it.

  • dr bill jacobs

    @ 101 the curtain call happened in MSG when hall and nash were on their way to WCW. after their last match HBK HHH Hall and Nash came to the ring for a farewell. the way i understand it, heels and faces comingling was a no no at the time, and VKM felt that someone had to take the fall from that Hbk was the champ at the time so he was kinda untouchable. Hall and nash were gone, so that left triple h to take the brunt of vinnie macs wrath.

  • wrestling rules

    the knockouts division has taken a hit but it’s still head and shoulders above wwe as for the rock i don’t hold to much respect for him he left for 7 years no appearences and comes back to ruin mania 27 and main event mania 28 over guys like punk,miz,morrison,kingston and other young guns looking for a chance to shine

  • 91nos331gt

    ^^^rock comes back to ruin WM28? i swear i have read some really dumb comments on here but that one takes the cake lol. wwe simply needs to allow some of the capable divas to actually wrestle and put on good matches longer then 2min and the divas division will be just fine. @wrestling rules a while back you used to post some really good knowledgeable comments, but lately you been coming off as a 12yr old now. what happened?

  • HHHmytime

    @10132002 The curtain call happnd in MSG way back in 1996.Hall and Nash were about to leave WWF for WCW,n dat was their lastmatch. At a live event,heel HHH wrestled the face Scott Hall (as Razor Ramon).Later that night, Michaels, then a face, wrestled a heel Nash (as Diesel) in a steel cage match.After the match, Scott Hall entered the ring and hugged Michaels, which is not seen as a problem as both were fan favorites at the time. However, Levesque and Nash both joined the hug, despite working their matches as heels. That was because the four of them were a group together known as The Kliq. It was a turning point in wrestling beause until then the public were maintained under an illusion that the the antipathy between faces and heels was real and that they were not friends outside the ring, a backstage rule that was carried over from the days when wrestling territories were regionally based. Beacuse of this MSG incident, the audience realised that the enmity between faces and heels is just on-screen and not in real life.

  • HHHmytime

    @10132002 vince was furious over the incident because that was not planned.The Kliq did that without his permission and the whole thing of faces and heels being real enemies blew. Nash n Hall left wwf so they couldnot be punished. Michaels was face and the wwf champion so he was pardoned because he was one of the biggest draws. So the entire punishment for the incident fell on Hunter.. he was removed from being a main eventer and demoted to being a mid carder and wrestling inexperienced or lesser experienced wrestlers.The Undertaker stated that when Hunter first arrived in the WWF, he saw him as an arrogant person, but when he took his punishment and did not complain, he earned his respect.

  • HHHmytime

    @10132002 but the MSG incident had a very very great result for Vince n WWF. Before the “MSG Incident”, HHH was booked to win the 1996 King of the Ring tournament,but due to the incident and his punishment, his place and the push instead went to Stone Cold Steve Austin, who,as you know, then gave the 3:16 speech after winning igniting his rise toward mainstream superstardom and helped the WWF defeat WCW in the Monday Night Wars.. :)

  • HHHmytime

    The Kliq and the MSG incident were also the primary catalyst for the two most controversial stables in wrestling history: nWo in WCW and DX in the WWF/E. Scott Hall n Kevin Nash went to wcw and formed the nwo and michaels and hunter formed DX.. two stables that literally shook the entire organisations.. :)

  • rabidwolverine

    I love to come back here to read some of the rants on the Rock. If Cena or Orton sold out seats and arenas at the mere mention of their appearance then there would be no need to call back Rock period. If I’m not mistaken, weren’t there dips(not sure if major) reported in their buy rates here on SESCOOPS? If C and O are disgruntled, they have nobody to blame, but themselves for not doing a better job of leading the company. They SHOULD have some creative influence and haven’t found the balls to do it to better the company, but instead wanna use their power to rant about taking a backseat to somebody that makes their job look easy.
    As far as new superstars are concerned, they should be upset w/ management; they make the decisions don’t they. If they (VKM) didn’t want the Rock, then they (VKM) wouldn’t have brought him back.

    @partsunknownresident – I think you already understand what it is to be a good wrestler. There are different styles of wrestling, which they even try to illustrate on the SvR games(at least the earlier versions) where you had a technician, luchador, powerhouse, and a combination. I don’t know what these people are smoking, maybe hanging w/ hardy, (ok that was wrong and uncalled for..sorry to the people I offended) but the Rock knew(maybe not now) how to do a lot of moves well. He had his signature 4 or 5 (samoan drop, spine buster, ddt, elbow, belly to belly, rock bottom) but to say that is all he did in the ring is laughable. Just go on the Wiki page or watch some youtube matches, esp the PPVs.
    I don’t know why I felt compelled to say all that, but it sounds ludicrous to say he had good matches simply cus of his opponents. Cena had good opponents (the same as ROCK in fact) in his rise to WHC status, but his matches were bad, confirmed by like anybody that knows how to wrestle(Angle, HHH, HBK, Orton, etc.) so I don’t know who has the notion of Cena being a better wrestler that Rock, but that’s not how the professionals feel. I don’t remember anybody calling Rock’s ability into question. I do remember hearing about people not wanting him to succeed like HHH, but not that he was a bad wrestler.

  • beast

    @partsunknownresident. thank you! someone who see’s that having a different style does not make you a bad wrestler.

  • rabidwolverine

    @wrestling rules – lol, he ruined it by damn near selling out the arena? He was barely even there until the end, and that is what ruined WM for you. Must’ve really been looking forward to Cena walking out with that title huh?wow, I’m dying laughing at your expense, but you can dry your eyes cuz Cena has the gold. It only took him like 3 wks to recover from that horrible thing Rock did to him.
    Or were you expecting more from Rock like the rest of the people? To see him wrestle or him say he was coming back.

  • NANU1115

    If anything, Wrestlemania was too stacked in terms of the card. The PPV in general needed at least another hour for it to be a memorable mania other than the glorified episode of raw that it was. I can understand why the guys get pissed at rock, and every other legend for that matter. The younger guys bust their asses almost everyday a year with hopes of at least appearing on television at wrestlemania. And someone comes back just for the payday and they steal precious time away from the real unsung heroes of this company. The Rock may draw but he wasn’t the reason i bought mania. I was looking forward to most of the matches that were on the card. The quality of Wrestlemania 27 was not a sole persons fault. The event just needed to go longer. If they had the event start at 6 and run till 11 it would have been a great wrestlemania. With every match getting at least 15 minutes not counting entrance.

    Now as far as Dwayne Johnson goes, Flex Cavana and Rocky Maivia were great wrestlers. The Rock was not. But you can blame creative for chopping up his moveset. The same way they chopped up John Cena and Orton’s moveset. As far as stealing the spotlight, Rock put over Lesnar, Rock put over Goldberg, Rock put over Jericho, ROCK PUT OVER ORTON IN HIS LAST MATCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • 10132002

    @ HHHmytime
    @ dr bill jacobs

    Thanks guys.

  • echo

    Thanks to Rabidwolverine and Partsunknownresident for sifting through the Rock haters’ BS. As an aside, I can mention several wrestlers (BadAss Billy Gunn, Road Dogg, Lance Storm, Jericho, Bret Hart, Austin, XPac) that have outright stated that Rock was GREAT in the ring, not just on the mic. These are professionals talking, some of whom are absolute legends, and they’re recognizing Dwayne as a WORKER. This is why I question the motives of those who argue Dwayne’s not a good wrestler.

    On the other hand, more than a few wrestlers have mocked Cena’s work in the ring, including Kurt Angle, Cena’s own buttbuddy Orton, Ken Kennedy. Look at how stiffly he moves in the ring, how shitty he applies the STF, how godawful it looks when he does that stupid flying shoulder block, and tell me with a straight face that he’s better than the Rock.

    Oh, and if anyone argues that Cena’s a better TALKER than the Rock… it’s probably in both of our interests to just stop the arguing, since we’re obviously living in two different worlds.

  • mylifewwe

    What’s a TNA Knockout?

  • pwnez

    @Kquickstillsucks. I see you got really upset because I said a couple negative things about “the great one” lol. First off, WWE isn’t a pure wrestling company, it’s entertainment. Second, no one said the Rock doesn’t sell lol, so nice try attempting to bash me for that. Third, the Rock is entertaining, but that doesn’t make gim a good wrestler. I’m not going to bother answering the question “what makes someone a good wrestler” since it’s a stupid question. Entertainment isn’t wrestling, that’s all i’m going to say about that. Seems a couple people got mad because I don’t agree he was the greatest of all time. I even said he was one of thw best as far as entertaining goes, but certain people still drilled me on that lmao. Yep, kquick, use the old indy fan insult lol. You’re just beating a dead horse when you say that.

    @Kanefan. I never have anything good to say about WWE wrestlers? I like alot of them, it’s just I don’t like the guys WWE and you want me to like. I never said Edge was bad, did I? I said he is overrated due to his eleven title reigns. Thats about 2 or more reigns a year since his first one. Being overrated doesn’t mean you suck, it just means you’re over-hyped by fans.

  • CaptainCharisma22

    @pwnez you just got owned hahaha, go back to kindengarden this place is not ur playground.

    @all STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! Ignore this horny bastard, like I have said eariler he is just a wannabe, he want to sound like a pro but always fail.


  • SkytheDincht

    @pwnez – Couldn’t have put it any better. The Rock is not the greatest of all time and that’s a fact. Deal with it.

    @partsunknownresident – Apparently you’ve never seen Steve Austin and Taker back during their USWA and WCW days. They had way more in ring abilities back in the day compared to The Rock, who was still as green as goosesh!t.

  • pwnez

    No, I didn’t get owned lmao. I was able to explain myself and give reasons :) Captain just wants the attention. Some kid who calls everyone else kiddies looool. He says the same crap all the time toi in every post. Trolol?

  • adam

    wrestling still fun and shit but u guys need to get lives…. theres more important shit in life then bitchin about the rock cena or orton…. u dont like what ur seein change the channel its what 80% of ppl do anyway lol

  • CaptainCharisma22

    @realy? realy? realy? kid you better stay away from me, ok? and you need some dildo in ur ass right now, stupid kiddie.

  • CaptainCharisma22


  • pwnez

    For a 21 year old, you can’t spell or type for crap…REALLY?! Again, making threats but you won’t do anything lmao. You simply are not intimidating at all boy xD

  • CaptainCharisma22

    FYI Im Norwegian and not from canada,uk or usa. FUKC USA stupid ass country, eat junk food and get to sleep, what else do you do? stupid americans.

  • pwnez

    That just shows how stupid you are looool just stop posting, please. Unless you wanna keep embarrassing yourself lol up to you, boy.

  • pwnez

    By the way, the Rock didn’t make WrestleMania 27 bad; however, the terrible match-card did. Snooki? Cole vs Lawler? Oh, and the Rock interfered in what was already a bad match. The Rock got ‘Mania its 1 million PPV buys lol. Ya really think Snooki and Cena vs Miz would have?…no way.

  • HHHmytime

    @10132002.. no mention..anytime.. :)

  • HHHmytime

    *** To all the Haters of the people’s Champ..The Great One. The Brahma Bull ***

    This is the most electrifying comment in Sports Entertainment (Scoops) ;)

    Chill guys..v may or maynot like rock,austin,hunter n othrs.. bt thrz no denying that they have done a lot for the business :)

  • knight02

    @pwnez, I don’t think Cena really owned Rock at all w/ the promo cutting…but then again, I guess I’m a bit biased w/ the reality of why Rock isn’t there all the time. I do tend to laugh at the people who got all butthurt about his “I’m not going anywhere” comment.

  • pwnez

    @Knight02. I think Cena made a few valid points, but nothing worth everyone jumping on Cena’s bandwagon. If leaving the company means you don’t care about the fans, then I guess Angle doesn’t care about us either. I don’t get why people are so pissed because he decided to try something new (hollywood) and to make more money. I’m sure alot of us would do the same thing after years of being in the WWE/F.

    I will say that the Rock put his foot in his mouth when he said “i’m not going anywhere” lol.

  • partsunknownresident


    You’re right. I never did. But I’d wager that those who praise the in-ring ability of ‘Taker and Austin and put down The Rock never saw ‘Taker and Austin in WCW and USWA either. So their comparison is based solely on the performances that they saw of Austin and ‘Taker in WWF/WWE, and therefore I don’t get why ‘Taker and Austin are so highly regarded and Rock isn’t.


    The question is stupid to you because you can’t answer it. All I’m asking for is a list, a set of conditions, the standard or criteria that you are using to state that wrestler A is a good wrestler but wrestler B isn’t. To make a blanket statement of “this guys sucks” and when prompted to give a reason, all you can say is “he just does” doesn’t cut it. That’s grade school talk. The question is difficult to answer because the answer is very subjective or relative. I get that. But if you’re going to make the bold statement that The Rock wasn’t a good wrestler in comparison to others (when, as others here have stated, top professional wrestlers conceded that he was), the least you can do is come up with a valid reason as to how you arrived at your conclusion (ie. he doesn’t sell moves, he calls out moves in the ring, there’s no suspension of disbelief when watching him, etc.). Some may disagree with your reasons, and that’s their prerogative. I, for one, would at least respect your statement if it was backed up with something more than just “he over-sold moves, could barely lock in the sharpshooter correctly, and was sloppy most of the time.” Give some examples, why don’t you? Hell, you could apply that line to Shawn Michaels at various points in his career, and yet nobody I know would say Michaels wasn’t a good wrestler.

    You’re not a fan of The Rock? Fine! I wasn’t a massive fan of his either. But I recognize what he’s done, both in and out of the ring. I’d be really interested in overhearing your conversation, if you had ever met Austin or Bret Hart or Undertaker somewhere, and told either one of them to his face that you thought The Rock wasn’t a good wrestler or a good performer, and he asked you “where’d you get that idea, son?” What would your response be?

  • pwnez

    Oh, I can answer it, it’s just people will still say i’m wrong even when I do. Conditioning and having a good opponent to help you out during a match is what can make you look good. Know the simple and basic moves before trying to do fancy stuff (ahem, Morrison.) Basic holds, basic wrestling moves you see during almost every match. Alot of guys can barely do a dropkick or a wrist lock correctly. Learn how to counter moves, so your opponent doesn’t always have to be forced to break them. It’s easier just to say “learn to be coordinate in the ring” since that is a big key. Practice and try to expand your moveset so you’re not only getting use to doing the same stuff over and over again. Yeah, you see these guys working out alot, but that’s not wrestling training, that’s merely making Vince happy since he loves the big guys. Quality is better than quanity and that’s something alot of fans forget. Doing spots all day long doesn’t mean you’re good in the ring, and with saying that, a pro-wrestler is completely different than an entertainer/performer. HBK was a great entertainer and a good performer, and he was a good wrestler when he was younger and before he got injured. When he returned, he wasn’t that good at all. You wanna see what makes someone a “good wrestler?…” go look up Kenta Kobashi and you’ll see. Nice attempt to try and make a fool out of me lol. WWE isn’t a pure 100% wrestling company, so just because these guys are in the company, doesn’t make everyone of them good.

    I rarely ever say a wrestler sucks in the WWE unless they aren’t good on the mic, has 0 charisma, can’t wrestle, and botches alot. That just means they suck all around. I did just come up with a lot of valid reasons what makes a good wrestler, and why the Rock isn’t that good. More examples? Watch one of his earlier or even older matches and tell me how many wrestling holds that guy does properly.

    Again, did I not say what he has done for the company? I’m not going to kiss his a** if that’s what you’re waiting for. Well, to answer your last statement, alot of guys believe Hogan was actually a good wrestler when he sucked. Goon youtube and you’ll here Lou Thesz, and Gorilla freakin’ Monsoon say he wasn’t good at all. Just because they may be friends, doesn’t mean they will always say he’s a good wrestler lmao. My response would be the same as what I just gave you now and before. People get the entertainment part mixed up with actual wrestling and that makes alot of fans believe someone is “good” when they aren’t. They very well may be good at one part, but not the other.

  • pwnez

    Oh, and one other thing that makes a good wrestler is how he lines up his moves and knows what to do next. Nothing wrong with doing spots, as long as the guy knows how to follow up, and doesn’t do it for whatever reason. Spot-monkeys like Morrison do spots for no reason at all with no follow up abilities. They simply bounce around the ring, doing the same spots and usually they botch a couple. A.J. Styles can do spots, but he can then move into another wrestling move easily. Your partner has a lot to do with this as well which leads me to think that the Cena vs Rock match will be bad. Yeah, the hype will be amazing, the promos and the feud itself, but once they get into the ring, I plan on seeing the same stuff.

  • partsunknownresident

    ^^ There. Now was that so difficult? ;-)

    I respect your opinion, and for what it’s worth, agree that a wrestler, a lot of the time, is only as good as his partner in the ring.

  • pwnez

    Nope, it was simple as hell lololol. Like I said, I didn’t wanna bother going into it since no one would believe me anyways. You called me out, and I answered so yep…I made my valid points.


    @PWNEZ I got upset because you don’t f’n get it.

    FIRSTOFF who said the Rock was a great wrestler? AGAIN answer NOBODY. You felt the need to rant about a imaginary argument of something nobody said.

    SECOND thanks for the news flash WWE isn’t a pure. You gonna break some more news and tell me the grass is green and the sky is blue? YOU DON’T GET IT. No you didn’t say he didn’t sell but you bi*tched about him coming back and taking the spotlight from the younger guys. I am going to say it again because it didn’t sink in the first time WWE is a business like all businesses (except TNA) the goal is to make MONEY! Rock vs Cena is the biggest match they can do.

    THIRD hahahaha you are still going on about a imaginary argument about someone saying Rock was a great “wrestler”. You don’t understand the wrestling biz please go back to your place in your local gym with the other 15 people in the circle jerk and watch “wrestling”.

  • pwnez

    You’re simply an idiot lol. If you couldn’t understand what I said then their is no hope for you. Poor you lol. Lots of people all around have said he is great. Hell, people think Miz is great and he isn’t. You just can’t admit when you are wrong or you refuse to admit that I know what i’m talking about lol. You could lewrn a thing or two from me and a few others on this site :) Go back to youtube and complain.

  • kanefan

    I’m just glad I could make my point and not get embroiled in any childish arguments.


    PWNEZ Are you serious? You start a argument out of thin air lol not once but twice. Now you are bringing. Miz up for no reason also lol. The imaginary person must of said he was great too huh LOL. You are out there my boy, I have no interest in learning the real names of Ice Cream Man or Snake Man so I highly doubt you can teach me anything.

    Live long and Oblivious in your local High School gym ;)

  • robl2821

    Damn I miss the days when comments sections weren’t overrun with people bitching at each other.
    Good one-liners every now & then make good reading but full on slagging matches get old fast. (anyone agree?)

  • pwnez

    You make no sense at all lol. I’m making points and using examples, while you talk about…ice cream, snake dude, and school gyms lmfao. Just stop, kiddo.

  • kanefan

    Agree rob

  • pwnez

    Lol @ anyone agree. Is this youtube comments now or facebook liking? Cheap pop xD

  • kanefan

    got a reply for everything havn’t you, dunno why i bother reading the comments section anymore, there’s never any intelligent convo’s just bitch fests

  • pwnez

    No one is forcing you to read the debate I had with that other guy, now are they? I simply answered a question someone asked and then people wanted to insert themselves in it. Get use to it, it’s a wrestling site lol. If you’re expecting everyone to get along and not disagree and debate, then you shouldn’t be here.

  • Realone90

    this is the most I’ve seen in a wrestling forum, and seems to still be an ongoing trend. Solomonster is on the money with the answer regarding Rock. Ok, so he said he wasn’t leaving again, and he only makes a few appearances. Big deal. It’s entertainment, i don’t see why we have to take it this serious. I have to agree, he’s done much more for the company than people give him credit for, so for the guys in the locker room to snub him, if they were, would just be silly. Although some make a vaild point, being good on the mic doesn’t make you a good wrestler, you have to actually back up your words or as Jerry Lawler would say, keep your words soft and sweet cuz you may just end up having to eat them. He was exceptionally talented in his career, but it was his words that did more of the entertainment. Plus, Orton’s a robot, so don’t take his words at Rock to heart.

  • JohnyH

    I love these anti-Rock people who cried themselves to sleep at night wanting a more edgy product, the Rock came in made it more edgy and a lot more exciting, and they hate it. Well colour me surprised.

  • knight02

    100% agree about Hogan and Rock.

    Both are charismatic and rather godly on the mic. Rock has a bit more in ring ability than Hogan, even though that’s not really saying a lot. Definitely agreed about Rock using the Sharpshooter, never understood why he positioned himself in such a odd way for such a easy submission.

  • kanefan

    Debates = yes
    Bitchfests = no

  • Gazzthegiant

    Thanx for the Mailbag again , i always enjoy reading the questions and try to see if my answers match yours in any way .

    I hated The Rock back in his days, mostly because he was popular , and i hated popular wrestlers (i am a fan of heels) i usualy get bored of a wrestler who gets the hysterical cheering. although i will mostly still respect them. But before entertainmentmania i was really excited to see the Rock. i am a little bored with the content of WWE over the past couple of years.

    I too am really annoyed with the lack of HISTORY that is remembered. Like back when they claimed Edge and Christian were life long friends, wait i thought they were orignally classed as brothers.

    As far as Hebner being the only ref from back in the day , i can be honost and say i felt that Joey Morella had a helluva lot of ring time. and Danny Davis too.

    What are the chances of a ref making the hall of fame?


    Johnny H

    Some people on here hate everything mainstream that isn’t held in their local high school gym. They have no grasp of the wrestling business and think pure wrestling sells the tickets. Also think they no more than everyone because they watch every indy promotion and know the true identity of Ice cream man. Really shouldn’t take them too serious.

  • King Styles

    Even if the Rock isn’t the “greatest of all time” he’s still a legend. Even when he wasn’t fully there in the last few years of his career he gave future megastars Jericho and Lesnar their first world titles, his fued with Booker T made the Invasion storyline watchable, had one of the memorable matches of the past decade with HH at WM and then he gave Orton the rub of his life at WMXX. All that gives me hope him and Cena will put on a show like no other.

  • solomonster

    Gazz, I think we will and Tommy Young deserves an induction.

  • Black 14th

    Maybe Hogan did open many doors for wrestlers in the entertsinment business, but the Rock has far surpassed Hogan since. Hogan was, and I know Hulkamaniacs will cry foul here, but Hogan was an ok wrestler, and despite being, at the time, the biggest wrestling icon there was, really didn’t have that great of a movie career. Oh, sure, he was in “Rocky 3”, and “Suburban Commando” was ok, but that’s pretty much it.
    The Rock, on the other hand, enjoyed the same level of wrestling popularity, a more extensive wrestling ability, and obviously, a juggernaut of a movie career. It’s almost as if there’s really no c omparison between the two anymore. And I say all this knowing that wrestling of the 1970’s and 80’s, and wrestling of the 90’s and today, were two totally different things.
    The only wreslter that can be closely matched to Hogan right now is Cena- limited wreslting ability, huge fanbase, massive pushes, yet a dismal movie career. Seriously, “12 Rounds” was in theaters for like, five minutes, and “Legendary” was on Netflix before they’d even finished making it.