MAILBAG: Will HHH Taking Over WWE Be A Good Thing?

SEScoops Mailbag for December 21st

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Q: Who creates the [wrestler’s ring attire]? Do [they] design their own attire or do WWE officials make the decision about it? Rey Mysterio is one prime example because he always has new and updated wrestling gear almost every week. – Gary from Malaysia

A: My understanding is that in many cases, both sides work together. There are people in WWE who offer creative ideas for t-shirt designs and the like, but the wrestlers have a great deal of input into things as well. As far as ring attire goes, look no further than, say, Mantaur or any number of wacky characters over the years as evidence that WWE has their own input into what certain guys should be wearing. The same for be said for The Shield right now – obviously, it’s part of their gimmick. On the flip side, Zack Ryder and the Ghostbuster-themed tights he was recently sporting on Raw would be a great example of a wrestler having significant input into his own attire.

Q: With reports of Jeff Hardy leaving TNA early next year, what do you think will happen to the company once he is gone because I thought he was one of their top merchandise sellers? – Tyler from Davis, FL

A: Personally, I don’t think Jeff Hardy is going anywhere. As far as the fate of TNA were he to leave, it would hurt them a bit, but it wouldn’t be a killer. He does sell the most merchandise, and there has, in fact, been an increase in the number of PPV buys with him as champion (a report in the Wrestling Observer newsletter cited Final Resolution as having done 11,000 buys with Hardy in the main event, a 38% increase over what Aries and Roode were doing as champion). His impact on the ratings has been virtually non-existent. TNA is going to continue to do the same numbers they always do, by and large.

Q: Out of all the WWE champions in history, who do you think is the greatest of all time? – Ravonn from New York City

A: Greatest of all time means different things to different people. Are we talking pop culture impact? Ticket sales and PPV buys? Most title reigns? I’d say each era has its own greatest. Bruno would have been the best of his era, Hogan the best of his, Austin for the Attitude Era, and Cena for the PG Era. You take each of those guys out of the equation and business during that era suffers greatly as a result.

Q: When Triple H takes over WWE, do you think that [will be] a good thing or a bad thing? – Euquine from New York

A: I think it will be a good thing. I already like his approach to handling the developmental system. It feels like a priority now and that largely has to do with Hunter. Then again, I think they realized they needed to create new stars and fast, so really, they had no choice. But he’s an old school guy and we need more of that in today’s wrestling.

Q: Many view John Cena as the Rock of this age, who himself was like Hulk Hogan. In the same way, many draw comparisons to Stone Cold. In that way, who was the Stone Cold of the previous generation? If it was Cena-Rock-Hogan, then who was CM Punk-Stone Cold? – Jeff T.

A: Closest thing I could compare Austin to from the generation that came before would be Roddy Piper. Like Austin, he was a good worker, but had an even better personality. He was controversial at a time when not many others dared to do or say the things that he did. Some would call CM Punk the “Stone Cold” of the modern era, but I think that’s doing a disservice to Punk. He’s great in his own way.

Q: Can you please explain the whole Muhammad Hassan situation that happened on Smackdown that led to his release? Was it really the scene of him chanting some prayers, and some masked people coming and strangling Undertaker with a piano rope that led to his departure? I mean, if that was solely the main reason, Undertaker’s charater did far more extreme things like that, isn’t it? Hassan was a good character, able to draw a tremendous amount of heat, and I feel it’s a pity he was released. – Tej

A: I don’t recall him doing anything wrong. The reason WWE got in so much hot water for airing that angle (which really was pretty stupid) was because they did so on the same day as a terrorist attack in London. While Smackdown was a taped show and they could have, in theory, edited that segment out of the show, they had already sent the tape to UPN, so it was out of their hands. They received a lot of backlash over it and it came out later that the network had basically pressured WWE not to feature the Hassan character on the show going forward. I suppose they could have moved him over to Raw, but I think the damage was done and his goose was cooked at that point.

Q: What do you think would be a harder challenge, facing Ryback in an eating contest or Stone Cold in a beer drinking contest? – Kirk from Fort Worth, TX

A: Trick question. The correct answer is sitting through 3 hours of Raw every week.

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The Solomonster

  • SavageBomber

    That last answer. Lol. Gotta love the Solomonster.

    • RespectTheSwag

      No I dont

      • SavageBomber

        Oh… Well, I apologize.

  • cappa37

    HA! compare CM Punk to SCSA?! Noway! CM Punk is the greatest wrestler of all time! What he’s doing in WWE is nothing compared to all the awesome work he did before Vince noticed him.

    • Derringer Duo

      I do miss the indie CM Punk. “You dumb b****, I’m not even holding a microphone!!” and “I hope your parents die!” Classic heel Punk. This garbage he’s doing now is so boring in comparison. “Respect me, you idiots! Whine, Whine, Whine” It’s horrible and was already done by Jericho, and done better. God, to think this man was ruling ALL just a year ago with those pipebombs. Now he’s just a generic heel. Unbelievable.

  • Derringer Duo

    Beating Austin in a drinking contest would be incredibly hard. He cheats by spilling 85% of every beer he opens. You’d be smashed by beer 9, and he’d be smashed by beer 85.

    As for HHH running the company, I’m not so sure it would be the best thing, but it’s the only thing we’ve got. HHH is a political animal, so he may shove aside better acts to push the guys that are his friends. (IE, Sheamus over Dolph.). Plus, he’s just not the genius that Vince was at his age. I don’t see him doing anything revolutionary. And let’s be honest here, let’s look at his eye for talent. Kharma? Gone. Sin Cara? Failure. Tensai? Jobber. And developmental has ideas like Fandangoo. Even though, overall, it is better these days with HHH at the helm. But, I’m just not seeing anything groundbreaking from him.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      Can you really blame him for Kharma and Sin Cara though? We all know the amount of talent Kharma has, but the circumstances that led to her release were totally unpredictable and out of Haitch’s control. Sin Cara is also very talented, if you look back at his days in Mexico as Mistico. Though I guess it is Haitch’s fault for rushing him onto WWE TV and making his first year a total flop. Sin Cara has been improving though, and could still very well be a great asset to the midcard scene in the future. Tensai? I had no idea that whole thing was his idea.

      But you’re only looking at the bad and ignoring the good. Look at other people he supports; Sheamus, Sandow, Ambrose, just to name a few. Sheamus may not have the most interesting character, but the dude can put on one hell of a match. Sandow is pretty good in the ring and plays his role very well. We all know how everyone feels about Ambrose and I think he’ll do pretty well in the future.

      Overall, I think it’s a little too early to predict how well Haitch will do, because even though he has a lot of power backstage, he’s still not the one that calls the shots. All he can do is make suggestions, and with his power, Vince will listen to all of them. But if Vince doesn’t like them, they go out the window. We just have to wait and see.

      • Derringer Duo

        Yeah, you may be right about some of that: Kharma isn’t really his fault. I DO lay blame on him for Sin Cara. You’re all about development but don’t develop what was supposed to be your biggest Latin star? And yeah, he has gotten behind guys like Ambrose, but seriously, is it THAT hard to spot the greatness in a Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins? I’ll give him credit for Sandow, though. I never did see a Damien Sandow inside of Aaron Stevens.

        I’m not saying HHH is the worst thing in the world for the WWE. I’m just saying he’s not the next Vince McMahon or Paul Heyman. I don’t see anything visionary out of him. Though, it IS too early to say. We’ll have to wait and see.

        • Stephen A. Hert

          Latino*…not Latin. :P

  • Orton

    Triple H…bring back Batista ! and Evolution Reunion ! Wooo

  • Macc Frost

    imma be real with everyone , 1st of the john Cena comparison to the Rock is stupid i hate that comparison , The Rock is by Far a much bigger Draw then Cena will ever be , Rock changes up his style every year From 1996-2004 you would see Rocky Mavia evolves To the rock thanks to the Fans that booed the Rock , the comparisons is retarded like real talk homie cena does want what the Rock already have , Greatness , Drawing power , Athletic Ability , Mic skills etc etc Cena isn’t the rock

  • Macc Frost

    Now For HHH that company should have been Ran by Shane mcmahon , i still don’t trust HHH personally you think he would change but you don’t know what happens behind closed doors , HHH is the student of the game , great worker but he’s ego will not DIE , especially , him living in the shadows of Rock and austin still bothers him , HHH became the King of politic’s by hanging with the Clique / HBK . then married Steph in 2003 around the time rock and austin were leaving how ironic is that hhh married the boss’s daughter , austin left for neck injury , rock doing part time movie’s then kick out of the wwe by the time his contract expired hmmmmm, HHH Buried more talents to proved to everyone he’s better then The rock by hogging the spotlight , trust me if HHH see’s a another talent becoming another Rock he could screw that Talent to take his frustration out on the talent because HHH and HBK failed to bury The rock , HHH ego is big , HHH is a politic power house and believe me you think , Rock , Austin or Taker would take orders from hunter once’s vince step down i doubt it unless HHH is a changed man so i doubt he do a Good job , still wonder why shane left maybe vince wanted hunter to take over instead of shane idk, hhh is cool but i don’t trust it

    • Bully FU

      You really think Taker has a problem with HHH? If he did he wouldn’t have fought him the last 2 Wrestlemania’s. Also Austin has said his time with the “Two Man Power Trip”, when he teamed with Trips before HHH blew out his quad, was one of the funnest time of his whole career. So I doubt Austin has a problem with HHH or vice versa. So what if HHH and Rock didn’t get along that great? That is one out of 3 legends you mentioned and when it comes to money I am sure neither HHH or Rock would care that much. I doubt they would ever have another match against each other but who wants to see that in this age anyways?

      • Macc Frost

        i see your point

    • TripleHater To Coment

      You are totally wrong man!! many top stars are back thanks to Triple H,
      Lesnar is a good example, Batista didn’t want to return until he noticed that
      Triple was behind the scene, also Jericho, Austin said that he would have love
      to work with Triple H, Triple H is Awesome because he knows how to calm down
      Vince for what is good for business, he told Vince to keep Randy Orton even
      when Vince wanted to take him down.

      and about the Rock ? I dont wanna see Triple H in a Fast and fourious movie
      so I dont give a fuck if he hates him.

      • Guest

        correction vince made the decision to bring top stars bacc not hhh where you getting this from

  • BrickHouse

    John Cena is the stone cold of this era. Because Stone Cold was the man of the attitude period just as John Cena is the man of this current period. Cena is just “stone cold Extra extra Lite”. The Rock shared the spotlight with Austin in the attitude and was second to him, but Austin was THE man in that period without a doubt. And the Rock is kind of in a league of his own. He’s a unique cat . So it goes more like this..Hogan – Austin – Cena. And its annoying to hear people say that cm punk is the Stone Cold of this era. Punk doesn’t have Austin’s swagger, nor is he badass. Punk is not interesting to watch, and I don’t give a shit who disagrees.. that dude is literally like watching paint dry. And btw.. punk needs to hit the weights hard, and put on some serious muscle mass if he doesn’t want to look like a joke next to the Rock at the RR. Austin looked like a man that would kick your ass straight up.. Punk looks like a skinny ass boy trying to act cool.. big difference! While Punk in this era is boring the audience with his articulate bullshit and talking people to death with mild reception. Austin in his era would keep it short and sweet, and then give you a stunner and throw your ass out of the ring with a huge reaction…

    • Macc Frost

      i respect your opinion homie but correction it’s Hogan , Austin , Rock and why i say this because all 3 of them set Records , Records that John Cena has failed to touch , only thing Cena can sell is Merchindise . Rock may have shared the spotlight with Austin but here’s a Fact Austin himself admitted Rock was on fire even when Austin came bacc from injury which is the reason austin wanted to Turn heel . austin admitted that in his DVD bacc in 2002 rock wasn’t always 2nd fiddle to austin he’s the only man to match austin’s popularity i don’t know why people making it seem like rock wasn’t the man he was the man since 1998 but more in 1999 until he left it’s not fair to treat the rock like that he’s a great worker so is austin but austin was more paranoid then rock , which is why one of the reason’s the Attitude era was so competitive , the hogan era had competition but no one couldn’t touch hogan status maybe macho man and roddy pipper or others could if hogan wasn’t using politic’s , same for cena after Rock and austin and brock left and other talents being buried with the use of backstage politic’s competition died in the wwe until now

      • BrickHouse

        Yeah man you make some pretty good points there about Rock, I dont think I remembered that Austin said that about him.. That’s interesting!

      • jon

        Rocks a great worker?? ROFLMAO

        • Macc Frost

          umm yes he is unless you think he’s not

      • Daniel Delvecchio

        Vince said Austin was WWE’s biggest star in 2004 shoot of “Off The Record”. When in fact at the time, Austin and McMahon were in a bitter legal battle over “The Stone Cold” name.

        If the guy who runs the company says Austin>Rock especially when one guy is suing the other, I’m pretty sure your opinion means nothing. The Rock was “The Macho Man of the 90’s”. Austin was 1A and Rock was 1B.

        Just for fun of the top babyface draw of each decade:

        80s: 1A)Hogan 1B)Randy Savage
        90s: 1A)Austin 1B)The Rock
        00s) 1A)Cena 1B)Batista

    • Steve James

      I agree- Punk is NO Stone Cold, just based on believeability. If I had beef with Austin, I might genuinely feel like I was going to get a savage beat down. If me and Punk had a problem, he seems like he’d whine a bit before backing down, and then talk shit to his nerd friends later, over chocolate milk and D&D in his Mom’s basement, while practising those fake-ass karate kicks- you know the ones. He does them backstage sometimes… all flailing arms and wobbly, off-balance legs.
      “Hey, Paul, I got a ninja sword signed by Randy Jackson! You wanna go do karate in the garage?!” “YUP!!”

      • KAZ


  • CuteChick21

    Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Wayyy Much Better than Cm Punk…… Cm Punk Ain’t Got Nothing On Stone Cold. He Would Kick Punk’s Ass


    My opinions on these questions:
    Who creates the wrestler’s attire? — Lots of chubby women backstage..
    What will happen when Jeff Hardy leaves? — Nothing, TNA didn’t get better or worse with him there anyway. It’s still stagnant in ratings and popularity somewhat.
    Out of all the champs GOAT ? — Hogan (unfortunately)

    HHH taking over, good / bad? — It’s good, his touch on WWE now is already showing improvement.
    Sammartino – Hogan – Austin – Rock – Cena – ??? (Ryback) lol
    Was Cm punk stone cold? — HELL NO! What a joke of a comparison Punk doesn’t have an ounce of Stone Cold in him!
    Muhammad Hassan ? — Political Correctness is what happened.
    Harder challenge to meet Austin beer or Ryback food ? Fuck Fear Drink Beer!

    • GodsLoyalSon

      I think Miz is going to replace Cena

  • fireworks Ts

    Punk the Austin of his era ?????? Solomonster go fuck yourself ! Punk couldn’t clean the shit out of Austin’s trunks from the Yokozuna match. Quit reaching people , no one from this era is even close to any top attitude era star except Cena. This is for any of you fanboy pussies to answer… what resemblance does punk have towards Austin.

    • Orestis

      Many but your a spoiled full of ego little kid that can’t accept facts.Deal with your ego son

      • fireworks Ts

        Dumb fuck don’t throw out vague comeback WITHOUT an answer. There’s not any comparisons so quit trying SON ! Now run along and finish sitting on seatless bar stools for fun. Fucking idiot.

  • Ares

    Punk and Austin are both similar in the fact that they are both “rebels”. A blind man could see that comparison. They both say what they want, ect.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Golden era – Sanmartino
    Boom era – Hogan
    New Generation era – Savage
    Attitude era – Austin
    Ruthless Agression era – Triple H
    Modern era – Cena
    Reality era – Punk

    Those are the stars of those eras

    • felixrt

      Not really. Even if the “Reality Era” exists, Punk’s still in Cena’s shadow. Also, The Rock (who you didn’t mention) spent a year of the Attitude Era (the WWF’s most profitable year, 2000) as the undisputed top guy, whereas Punk’s never been that high up the ladder.

      • GodsLoyalSon

        Punk is by far NOT in Cenas shadow, because Cena has not been the major focus this year. Secondly, one year doesn’t make him the star of an entire era. He’s the Batista of the attitude era, he was a major player but not the star. CM Punk is climbing the ladder allot higher then Rock has because Rock can never say that he was champion for one whole year

        • TZ

          Your statement seems a bit contradicting. You say CM Punk is not in Cena’s shadow because Cena hasn’t been the focus of the title this oast year, yet you say Rock wasn’t the top guy of the era because he was only on top for a year. I do agree that Stone Cold was the face of the AE but I would still say Cena is the face of this era.

  • Steve

    As i remember reading in an interview with wrestler who portrayed Mohhamed Hassan – the guy was not that excited to continue his career because a lot of crazy fans really threatened him and his family in real life because of his onscreen gimmick. he does not wrestle at all anymore.

  • morrisonfanone

    I honestly don’t know. Just as I think Vince can’t do much worse, something a million times worse happens. I just hope when HHH does take over, things will improve.

  • Rick Yuhnke

    I was against trips being the new head of the WWE, but now I think it is good. They have a lot of great talent in NXT and we finally get Bruno in the HOF!