MAILBAG: Would You Rather See Austin face Cena or Punk?

SEScoops Mailbag for January 21st

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Q: After SmackDown was moved from MyNetwork TV to SyFy in 2010, did WWE tell or threaten MyNetwork TV to not allow any MMA or wrestling programming on their channels? The reason that I am asking is that my local MyNetwork TV affiliate, KCOP Channel 13, doesn’t carry a single drop of wrestling or mixed martial arts programming. – Luis Alejandro from Los Angeles

A: There was no threat made. Once their agreement ended with MyNetwork, they would have had no influence over their programming decisions anyway. If your channel has no wrestling or MMA, that’s their choice.

Q: Do you think WWE would be stupid enough to put Stone Cold against [John] Cena instead of CM Punk? Also, how come WWE hasn’t brought in amateur wrestlers like Brock Lesnar or Kurt Angle lately because they could put on brilliant matches. – Gareth from Ireland

A: Cena is the company’s biggest star right now. He did record-setting business with Rock at Mania last year. Why would they be stupid to want to put the two of them together? I would rather see Austin against Punk if he were to wrestle another match, but they would do big business with either of those matches. As for amateur wrestlers, they just signed former Oregon State wrestler Clayton Jack, who was recruited by Gerald Briscoe. He will report to NXT later this month.

Q: I was watching the John Cena vs. Big Show match from WrestleMania 20 and when Michael Cole was talking about Madison Square Garden, he mentioned Big show retiring Hulk Hogan from the Garden the previous year, that being 2003. I checked Wikipedia and could only find Hogan having a falling out from WWE that year, but does not mention Big Show. Could you please explain what Cole is talking about? – Adrian from Australia

A: At a Smackdown taping from MSG the previous June, Big Show pinned Hogan (under a mask doing his Mr. America gimmick) in a six-man tag match, which turned out to be Hogan’s final appearance at the time. After that, Big Show was billed as the man who retired Hulk Hogan.

Q: With the rumored matches for WrestleMania, I wonder if you think WWE is going in the right direction with the main events? We’ve already seen Rock vs. Cena and Brock vs. Triple H. With Punk vs. Undertaker, we all know who is going to win, so it doesn’t make sense to me to feed one of their hardest working and most dependable guys to someone who only shows up once or twice a year. It seems to make more sense to [go with] Brock vs. Undertaker since they’re both part time performers and can feed off the publicity from their UFC confrontation. – Travis

A: The publicity from Undertaker and Brock’s UFC run-in ran its course long ago. I’d like to see the match, but apparently, WWE worries that Taker’s physical state is such that it would be too much of a risk to put him in the ring with the hard-hitting Lesnar. Punk vs. Taker only makes sense if you make it Streak vs. Title, but I doubt Punk keeps the title through Mania. As for Rock vs. Cena, the match made more money for them than any other in history. Why wouldn’t they want to book a rematch? They do it in boxing all the time.

Q: Was the finish for the main event at Starrcade ’97 supposed to be what we saw on TV or was Sting supposed to kick out at two? – Ricardo

A: Referee Nick Patrick was supposed to fast count Sting, leading to Bret Hart coming down and saying he would not allow such an injustice to occur. Of course, Patrick didn’t fast count Sting and Bret Hart looked like a bully when he punched Patrick in the face.

Q: I just watched Zack Ryder’s [Hoeski] music video. This guy has over a million Twitter followers and if used right, he can get over with fans as proven before. What would you do if you were WWE Creative to revive his career? – Rabbi Lucky

A: After watching the video, I’m not sure I’d want to revive his career.

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The Solomonster

  • Jeff

    Austin vs Punk

  • Ruthless Raj

    last Q…LOLOLOLOL

    • FOLEY_is_GOD

      These fucking comments are on EVERY mailbag, enough already.

      • Foley_is_bitch

        And guys like you moaning about those comments are on every mailbag, enough bitching already

        • FOLEY_is_GOD

          My first hater <3 You even took it so far as to make a username that mocks mine. Thanks man

          • Lol this nigga

            No one hating you’re not important enough to have haters he was just saying; collapse the comment or scroll thru tweedle dee dumbfuck

  • pwnez

    Austin vs Cena wouldn’t be a stupid move at all since the match would be a big draw. Cena is still the face of the company and Austin was one of the top stars of the AE. I think fans would rather see Punk vs Austin because of the promos they would cut, plus the awesome match they could put on. Personally, i’d rather see a Punk vs Austin feud; Cena doesn’t have to be involved in every high-profile match.

    • Trevor Carnage Clark

      I honestly believe that a Punk/Austin match would be a waste for Austin’s(possible) last match,rather it’d be someone like Brock or Taker. Between Cena and Punk, I’d still say Punk against Austin would be the better move. Also, none of these Wrestlemania matches sound good. Not saying that Punk/Taker and HHH/Brock are bad matches(the only bad match out of these 3 main events is of course Rock/Cena II), It’s the fact that the main events are too predictable,which is what I hate!!!! it’s a terrible move on WWE’s end.

      • Randy James Crawford

        It’s not up to WWE who hr would face it’s up to Stone Cold and he said CM Punk so it would be CM Punk.

        • chris keller

          and why is it just up to stone cold steve austin? would there be a bottom line on that?

      • Ross Smaglinski

        I think the HHH/Lesnar match and the possible Taker/Punk match and Rock/Cena would be a waste of time, you already know who’s going to win em, Cena is going to win because The Rock is done after, HHH is going to win because Brock broke his arm last time so he wants revenge and Undertaker is going to retire undefeated. that’s my opinion on this, the only match that you really cant predict is Randy Orton vs Sheamus for the world title

    • Orestis

      I totaly 100% agree, though i think he meant that it’d be stupid cause Austin wouldn’t need Cena to draw big time…Or the other way around possibly!

    • Randy James Crawford

      He means it’s stupid compared to Punk/Stone Cold.

    • morrisonfanone

      Yeah. I guess it wouldn’t be that horrible but it wouldn’t be that great either.

    • pwnez

      i am a cunt. a loose one at that

  • Kaos

    I don’t really see who you could put Punk with at ‘Mania besides Taker if you have Lesnar/HHH & Rock/Cena putting him with Taker is the only other high profile match I can think of for him

  • DJ Mainstream of LX

    Punk vs. Austin is one of the few dream matches left in WWE, just like how we felt with Rock vs. Cena last year. However, HBK vs. Taker & HHH vs. Taker are the only matches I think was worth seeing again at Wrestlemania. I don’t think we should get a Rock vs. Cena again this year.

  • Lord Spliffmeister

    Austin vs Xena wouldn’t go so well IMO. Xena couldn’t even be entertaining with Rock promo-wise.Punk is doing a better job & all he has is a fucking month….A FUCKING MONTH! Princess Xena had a whole FUCKING YR! Xena & his lame attempts of PG humor is just sad to watch.Punk vs Austin (straight edge vs beer drinker) now think Punk vs Jeff but with Stone Cold.Hell, Punk could cut just 1 promo a week prior 2 their match & still cut a better promo than Xena could in 3 months of feuding with Austin.All Austin would say to Xena is “What?” followed by the crowd chanting that every time Xena talks.Xena cracks a smile & talks about how he’s always admired Austin growing up but in the last couple of weeks they haven’t seen eye 2 eye hahaha. Punk can easily own the crowd back as soon as those chants start as proven when he did it with the Rock. Punk really gets looked over still.& this isn’t sour grapes but the fact that ppl would rather see Austin vs Xena makes me sick!! #Respect XD

    • WrestlingNerd

      I don’t think your memory is too good. During the build to Rock vs. Cena, the Rock was the one cutting corny promos with bad jokes (“Fruity pebbles”). Cena was actually serious in his promos and I believe he outperformed the Rock on the mic as WM28 drew closer. However, I agree with you that Punk vs. SCSA would be the better choice. And Punk is indeed better than Cena on the mic.

      • Lord Spliffmeister

        The Rock is just being the Rock.He’s doing it now with Punk with the Cookie Puss chants & shit.I admit it’s getting old but that’s Rocky’s thing.Guess I’m just sorta biased when it comes to Xena. XD

      • …..

        You’re not a nerd. Nerds don’t care about professional wrestling. They’re too busy being doctors and engineers. You’re just a geek.

      • Craig DeBoard

        THANK YOU! I get so sick of seeing all of the bad comments about Cena’s promo abilities. Cena called out The Rock for what he is. A part time guy that only comes back to WWE to promote movies and even then it’s usually only via satellite If people get on Hulu and go watch Season 5 of NXT, during those episodes they show some of the promos made when Cena faced The Miz at Wrestlemania, and it’s clear looking back at them that The Rock didn’t fair too well against Cena. And I’m sorry but The Rock did NOT earn that. Wrestling was huge at the time because of Austin’s feud with Mcmahon and Hogan turning heel. The Rock didn’t make it the Attitude Era as big as it was. And guys like Mark Henry, Chavo, Mick Foley, Triple H, and so forth have put in 20+ year careers. The Rock put in a career that last maybe 8 years at best.

        The dude is a fucking joke. Granted, he’s entertaining, don’t get me wrong, but people on this site act like he’s the be all end all of wrestling. He’s not the best promo guy in the world (that’s why he uses all of the catchphrases…to cover for it). You want a good promo guy, look at guys like Jake the Snake, or Cactus Jack or Roddy Piper. He’s not the best wrestler. You want good wrestlers look at Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Chris Jericho and Chavo Guerrero.

        I’m so tired of this “Hey it’s Wrestlemania season, let’s all kiss The Rock’s ass!” attitude. What exactly has he done to help the business? He hasn’t passed any sort of torch. He’s NEVER been innovative (sorry kids that will cheer for whoever Jerry Lawler tells them too but The Rock was NOT the first guy to use a catch phrase), and frankly he even admits in his damn book that he has to memorize lines and can’t just cut a promo like other guys.

        I don’t care for Cena’s goofy boy scout routine any more than anyone else, but Cena at least cares about the wrestling industry. He at least cares about performing for fans.

        The Rock isn’t a wrestler. He’s a marketing gimmick, plain and simple. And anyone he doesn’t see that doesn’t quite understand how the wrestling business operates.

        • Herbaria

          Lol this nigga in love with Rock typed all that shit breathing heavy n shit mad too I bet fuck out of here clown nigga

    • Kaos

      Can I ask why you are calling him Xena?

  • case of fire use stairs

    No. Austin (Stone Cold) Vs. Austin Aries. Same name, same voice-ish. The same-ish bad ass attitude. I can see highlights of the match in my head. Trading hard, stiff punches back and forth. SCSA’s Lou Thez Press, Aries Irish whip to turnbuckle. finishing move steals and counters, The greates man that ever lived VS the baddest SOB in the planet.

  • Big Johnny

    I don’t know why people keep saying UT vs CM wouldn’t make sense if Punk wasn’t champion. When was the last time Undertaker was fighting for the championship at WM

  • Steve James

    Punk and Ryder could fight for the Internet title on the Youtube preshow. Cena could ref. That takes care of those three. Now, on to WM.

  • Peer Pressure

    Cena vs Austin. Fuck Punk! His arms are too scrawny to box with the Rattlesnake

    • Josh Foley

      but cena’s in ring skills arent worthy of the rattlesnake

      • Peer Pressure

        None of the bums on WWE’s roster is worthy to wrestle the rattlesnake. The only reason I said Cena is because he’s the biggest name on the roster.

    • fireworks Ts

      Really? Cena? That piece of shit Cena? Youre one of the dumbass fans that make me hate this company even more. Screw Punk and screw Cena. Austin vs Ryder since the IWC creams themselves for him.

      • Peer Pressure

        You’re a TNA fanboy, your opinion doesn’t matter. You would much rather see Austin vs Robbie E. LOL! Go take your meds kid.

        • fireworks Ts

          I do like TNA and they are doin a hell of alot better than WWE. I can already tell youre a WWE fangirl who probably prays that the attitude era came back. I can’t stand Ryder but the loser is over and would get a huge pop if he did face Austin.

          • Peer Pressure

            TNA is doing alot better than the WWE? HAHAHAHA! I’m not gonna go back and forth with you buddy, you’re not worth it. LOL! TNA!

          • fireworks Ts

            TNA has at least been doing new things unlike WWE that has been doing jack shit lately. Pushing Ryback a guy who sucks at everything, putting a part time jerkoff in a main event yet again even though he doesnt deserve it. Ya wonder why WWEs ratings are sinking lower and lower. You just sound like such a damn fanboy.

    • Queer Pressure

      Fuck punk? Looking at your profile picture, I bet you’d love to get down and dirty with punk

  • Stan Smith

    I would just love to see Austin gives both Cena and Punk a Stunner! But I think the better match would be with Punk..

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    legend killer randy orton VS stone cold.


  • raVen

    haha my thoughts exactly on ryder.
    austin match doesn’t matter cause austin doesn’t job and all it does is bury one of the current top guys.

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    Neither. Damien F’n Sandow.

  • MisterE

    I’d rather see Austin vs Cena…so Austin could stomp a mud hole in iz azz and walk it

  • Craig DeBoard

    So Bret Hart is secretly leading The Shield???? Well played WWE. Well played indeed.

  • Best Comment

    Mailbag is so short this week, it’s my favorite thing on this site, ugh, I need more next time.

    • Breast Comment

      short like the length of your penis

      • Best Comment

        Lame. Get otta here with that dumb shit.

  • Bangga Panggabean

    Still want Triple H vs The Rock match,last time they face each other in 2002 end no-contest because interfered from HBK and Lesnar,but looks like they have heat each other

  • Black Green Violet

    austin vs punk wrestlemania 29

  • morrisonfanone

    I would much rather see Austin vs. Punk. Austin vs. Cena would make no sense whatsoever.

    • Ross Smaglinski

      Cena needs to change is Gimmick just a tad, people are getting tired of the same thing from Cena, ether he needs to go heel, or change his gimmick a little, and He such a huge kiss ass, so you no the heel thing can be tossed right out the window.

  • Jason Dengate

    neither cena and punk suck lets kick it old skool and for 1 more match lets see two legends go at it! Stone Cold vs The Rock!

  • tiran66

    I’d rather see Austin vs Ziggler over Punk or Cena. I can already hear Austin ripping Ziggler in promo’s. Also the match would benifit greatly with Ziggler’s bump ability. We all love Austin but he probably can’t move around the ring as well as he used too, not to mention ring rust, having a great bumper face Austin would make the match alot better.

  • Michael Laba

    What persona would Punk take on to face SCSA?

    He could continue his respect one of late or tap back into the SES mentality. They seemed to have a real chemistry in that scene just after Andy Levine won Tough Enough, and it couldf be very natural for both of them being complete opposites.

    You’d just have to hope that they didn’t try and recreate Y2J’s nonsence from this time a year ago, Austin rocking upto the arena in a beer truck if repeated would still be genius if he drenched Punk & Heyman.

  • chris keller

    the problem is who is heel, who is fan fave? you can’t have a bad ass like austin taking on a bad ass like punk. that would be like heel jericho vs heel punk. you need someone to root for or boo against. SCSA IS a fan fave, prob one of all time greatest in fact, but what would the chemistry be like with austin in punks face? punk would have to start mocking, teasing, stone cold for a few months , then one night scsa music hits..but to just bring him in and create and instant feud , not gonna fly. needs nurturing, and needs to happen now, which it wont, cause they are doing that with rock and punk right now. got it? austin/BROCK, that would be good. kind of.

  • cody

    Austin vs punk all day. cena is a star but punk can cut a promo with Austin a hell of a lot better and cena ant the holly grail of wrestling. CM PUNK IS TODAYS AE

  • MajinHero

    CMPUNK VS AUSTIN cena vs austin would bee soo lame let cm punk have that dream match with austin

  • Guest

    Austin vs Swagger.

  • Nate

    Both matches are very intriguing, but if I had to pick one, I would go with Stone Cold vs. CM Punk. I like the idea of the brash bear drinking Steve Austin facing the Straight Edge Superstar. Plus the fact that there is the picture circulating the net with Punk as a teen with Austin. This would be an easy match to build & there is a bit of history there.