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Major Update On The WWE Network, WWE Issues Statement

WWE issued the following statement to this morning, addressing rumors about the WWE Network being launched in early 2014:

“In addition to not being able to confirm timing of WWE Network launch, WWE is still considering all options for distribution, pricing and role of pay-per-view.”

WWE is expected to officially announce the WWE Network launch at the 2014 CES convention next month in Las Vegas, Nevada. WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon is scheduled to appear at the event to make a ‘special announcement.’

Based on what we’ve been hearing this week, the WWE Network will not be launching as a television channel, but actually a 24/7 streaming mobile app, with access to monthly WWE pay-per-view events as well as every single episode of RAW, SmackDown and PPV event ever.

The rumored launch date for the WWE Network is February 24th.

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