Marine 3 Cover Art, More On WWE Merging Live Events, Full Sail Students At WWE

– As noted earlier, WWE is considering eliminating separately-branded RAW and SmackDown live events. Poor attendance for shows branded “SmackDown” is the reason behind the change.

– To correct a report from yesterday, it appears Wade Barrett was joking when he tweeted that Papa Shango will be in Sunday’s Royal Rumble event.

– As part of WWE and Full Sail’s ongoing collaboration, 28 students and staff members were invited to travel to Tampa earlier this month for a behind-the-scenes look at the WWE’s popular Monday Night Raw live event. (Thanks to Devin Cutting)

– has released the following Blu-Ray cover art for “The Marine 3: Homefront” starring The Miz:

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Brad Davis

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  • bayarea08

    The Miz looks bored on the cover.

    • Dan Kincaid

      that’s the same face he made when Ric Flair tried to teach him the Figure 4

    • Andrew Campbell

      Maybe he’s been watching RAW lately.

  • Reality

    They couldn’t have done a more generic cover

    • DigitalWWE

      Have you seen their PPV posters lately?

  • pwnez

    Lol this movie is gonna suck.

    • Andrew Campbell

      Like most WWE films.

  • fireworks Ts

    Ha! All of you suck. Miz is a fantastic wrestler who is amazing on the mic and has the charisma to be a much better actor then that grade A hack the Rock. Miz, Sheamus, Ryder, the real future of the WWE and WWE studios. Go back to bashing the Miz for no damn reason at all.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Shut up bitch boy

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      Y u no stop trolling?

  • GodsLoyalSon

    They should do all the house shows at Full Sail, make the school allot of money that way plus it makes people want to go to florida more often that way

  • Andrew Campbell

    ‘The Marine’ films are terrible. Let the franchise die already.

  • MisterE

    Obviously ‘The Marine’ films don’t suck in some people’s opinion…just sayin….because someone must be netflixing or buying these films???….This is the only theory that I can come up with to explain why the wwe threw money into producing a 3rd film???

  • Lorenzo Dozier

    Nice Cover.

  • SonofSheik81

    Damn It! I wanted to see Papa Shango!