Mark Henry On The Locker Room’s Reaction To The Rock, Retirement, His Dream Opponent

WWE superstar Mark Henry was interviewed Power 92.3 in Little Rock, Arkansas to promote Tuesday’s Smackdown tapings. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

The WWE Locker Room’s Reaction To The Rock:

“Rock is a great talent, but nobody’s taking pictures and asking for autographs. He’s a wonderful talent, he’s one of us, we respect him [and] he respects what we do. We just go about it and try to take advantage of the situation. He’s one of those that’s recognizable in many realms, and we appreciate him for coming back and still loving what we do and doing what he calls home.”

When He Plans On Retiring From WWE:

“When I retire there’s a lot of stuff I’m gonna do. [Right now] It’s all about wrestling, it’s all about performing, doing what I do best. [It’s about] extending my legacy and making it to when I look back I can’t say I didn’t do enough, I didn’t put in my due diligence… I’m enjoying it and reaping the benefits from it as well, but there’s gonna come a time when the wheels on the bus are gonna stop rolling.”

Another World Title Run & Sunday’s Elimination Chamber Match:

“I see one. I don’t think that there’s any question. No guy in there [Elimination Chamber] is gonna beat me. That’s just the way it is.”

Who He Would Wrestle If He Could Face Anybody From Any Era:

“I would have loved to have faced Andre The Giant or Hulk Hogan. Maybe Ernie Ladd… Gorgeous George. It’s a few guys that I go back and I look at their legacies and they never faced nobody like me. It’s not only a challenge for them, but it’s a challenge for me. I would have to put aside that I idolized them and do what I have to do.”

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  • TheTruthWillHurtV2

    Mark Henry is one hell of an athlete for a big man. I hope he gets a run at the title again before he retires. -WSM

  • SOBI

    Henry is one of the very few BAD ASSes of this lame era

  • Nate

    Its good to see Mark Henry finally being pushed as the monster he is. Hopefully WWE continues this push and builds him into the top heel.

  • beatskeetskeet

    What legacy? The fact that he keeps getting injured every other year? I think Rey has him beat by every third match.

  • 7 year old boy

    I love it when talks smack to the camera!

  • cappa37

    Mark Henry is the best thing going in WWE right now. His kayfabe is so believable b/c he looks like he could literally rip any wrestler to pieces

  • Jaydon

    he’s the only current superstar that i can take as a monster and believe it.

  • Stoops Nic

    Henry vs. HH in the 80’s would have been an epic feud. VKM would have marketed the hell out of that.

    • ENIGMA_691

      HH? Hercules Hernandez? Huricane Helms?….LOL