Mark Henry Returns At MSG And Turns Heel?, Bray Wyatt Busted Open Last Night

– Mark Henry made his return at the WWE live event in Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. Henry served as one of the lumberjacks that was led by Ric Flair. According to live reports, Henry actually turned heel during the match and threw John Cena into the ring post.

– Speaking of Ric Flair, it’s said that when he and Bray Wyatt got physical after the end of the Wyatt-Cena lumberjack match, Flair accidentally busted Wyatt open. According to reports, Wyatt was said to be nearly covered in blood. Here’s video of the incident:

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Mr. Honesty


    • Undertaker316
      • Daniel Vasquez

        Seems more like the son Kane and Bray Wyatt would have together.

      • LACenaFan

        Seems in Bray’s character.

    • Elgwyn

      Correction. He just turned face. Fans would pop big time for that.

      • Jose Mourinho

        That’s a heel turn in the eyes of wwe

        • Gilbert Lopez

          those eyes ARE been blind

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      How many times will Mark Henry will turn heel?.

      • pwnez

        The same amount of times Big Show bounces from face to heel.

        • HEEL MOON CENA

          And don’t forget Kane as well.

          • MOON CENA


            • Mr 561

              banned him again

            • MOON CENA

              Thank You

            • MOON CENA

              I still see his comment here though ,idk if somethings wrong , just informing .

        • Scott

          And the Miz

        • Frank

          Yet But Henry is better as a heel though.

    • blake

      not saying he did, but if he was that busted open, makes me wonder if flair bladed him. if he did then he’s deep water. flair has a history of doing what he’s told can no longer be done.

    • Jomo

      Does Mark Henry even have junk down there? He seems like he got a small one? No h0m0 x100

      • blake

        these guys are right, you do have a fetish.

    • Tromaboy2002

      Can he be let go so we can forward those funds to new talent……please.

      • Pappy

        You mean new talent like Fandango, Adam Rose and Xavier Woods…

        • Tromaboy2002

          I mean new talent…..period. Why put so much money into guys who are well over their lifespan in the industry, who aren’t big draws, who put on boring matches, when that money can be funneled into developing new talent into main event status.

          • terrence ryan

            I believe flair is signed to a legends deal. It’s not like he’s making Hogan money. Besides, it’s not like the old timers like hogan and flair are “taking someone’s spot”. Worrying about limited funds is a TNA problem, not WWE.

            • Tromaboy2002

              Legends deals are different, those guys are draws because of their status in the industry, and most of that is going towards likeness rights for toys/games/etc. Mark Henry gets paid a large amount of money as a working wrestler that could be better utilized elsewhere.

          • Gotstodobetter

            Because they are stable and know the game instead of gambling your money on newcomers that you probably won’t get back.

            • Tromaboy2002

              I don’t agree, if anything it will force Creative to work with new talent instead of “well we can just bring back so and so”.

    • Summer Rae Dudley

      Bray covered in his own blood is an even scarier sight, all he needs to do is smile.

      • astronautbutter

        Great image. Shame it can’t be done on TV.

    • Merve the Swerve

      Bring Back Blood!

      • pvnez

        no stick on pg .. its great I hate attitude era I love pg era

        • Leather Face

          Go to bed kid, nobody cares

        • Merve the Swerve

          You may have seen this before but now you know it wasn’t always in black and white.

          Go get your moms guidance to look at it.

          • pvnez

            EEEE its as ugly as you are .. shame on you .. the best era pg era the best star john cena .. all you nuts just cry like this bald Austin

    • Felipe C.

      LOL!!! Henry is weak as face & strong as heel.

    • Merve the Swerve

      Big Show and Henry should be a tag-team and they should turn face and heel every other week.

    • raVen

      Man Ric Flair went from bleeding like a stuck pig, to busting open during promos, to now making others bleed who are around him. this guy really has a problem.

    • IMO

      Henry is a much better Heel than face IMO there were a few times I just knew he would had been champion and should had (But you know WWE has a no black Champion policy). Back in 2006 when he came back and when he was entering people into the H.O.P. (Hall Of Pain) he should had easily beat Cena for the championship but he’s Super Cena -_- always slaying the monster. I hope they don’t make this into another feud just so they can build up Mark Henry to look like that superior Heel just to be fed to well you know….smh.

    • omega riddler

      Mark Henry might as well be a Jobber when he isn’t a Heel.

      These days I thought they would have halted the match so they could stop the bleeding.