Maryse Has A Wardrobe Malfunction At Fatal 4 Way (Picture)

WWE Diva Maryse had a wardrobe malfunction at Sunday’s Fatal 4 Way event .. Check it out:

Brad Davis

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  • Kindjal83

    Like the Great One would say… PIE!!!!

  • funtimeseany

    Awh Poor Maryse :L

  • Mccall101

    fap fap fap haha

  • K-Fist

    Best camera shot I think WWE’s ever got. :p

  • Lyght94

    she has already posed for playboy so this is not that much of anything fapp fapp fapp lol

  • adementedjim

    does this mean they are no longer PG?

  • adementedjim

    if thast is a testicle, I’m gonna hurl…

  • jherna47

    lol right lyght … just google her playboy pics .. her vagina won’t be so blurred =] ….

  • HaRdCoRe IcOn

    great pic probably from a camera phone

  • inablinc

    You guys are pitiful.

  • JohnyH

    Good job getting rid of the logo with that MS Paint style job.

  • mr.wrestlemania

    damn damn damn damn this is a a unusal but great surprise

  • TotalNonstopAddict

    wow. what a newsworthy event. OH MY GOD! BREAKING NEWS!

    Randy Orton just burped.

  • MattMan

    im sorry but which loser actually sat and waited for that and took a photo of it? thats pathetic

  • Frank The Tank

    I’ve seen better.

  • Xeno

    @JohnyH lol your right that means Sescoops is leachers they got rid of logo with MS Paint

  • BayArea08

    Oh man The Miz is luckyyy.

  • Mr Armageddon X

    Well this is unlucky for Maryse, this will be the end of her then and she will be released if the network executives find out about nudity on a PG show. They looking for more flaws to pick up on like with Daniel Bryan

  • Anthony126517

    Maryse Maryse Maryse lol

  • Sir Joe

    there is plenty of better xxx pics of maryse on the web…ones she actually posed for