Match For Next Week’s SmackDown, Anti-PG Sign Confiscated By WWE & More

– It was announced at Saturday night’s WWE RAW tapings from Washington, D.C. that RAW will return to DC on April 1st, 2013 – the final RAW before WrestleMania 29. An online pre-sale begins later this week with the password WWERAWDC.

– One of our correspondents at Saturday night’s WWE RAW tapings from Washington, DC noted that arena staff members confiscated a large “END THE PG ERA” sign.

– Next Friday’s SmackDown (1/4) will feature World Heavyweight champion Big Show vs. Alberto Del Rio.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • siberian_skies

    Awesome sign!

  • Nelson Carvalho

    lets do more of these signs.

    i think that wwe doesnt need to confiscate the signs,well people pay to see the show and bring signs with them.
    at least the fan that brought it was worried as a lot of us wrestling fans are worried for wwe after their santa’s day last week.

    • WhyAmIStillAWWEFan

      I agree…….somehow make this a known thing, so people will do it

      • Nelson Carvalho

        sure.its time for something to happen.
        i wished that the crowd last week on raw would throw stuff into the ring bcause that was stupid.


      they can’t possibly confiscate every single “end the pg era” sign, right? let’s do this! everyone unite for the better good!


        i guess they could just never show the crowd ever again, right? or edit past crowd footage into the shows… yikes :(

        • Nelson Carvalho

          people have their rights to bring signs.
          i remember on the atittude era the crowd was full of was really colorfull and everyone knew who were they favourite.

  • Peer Pressure

    WWE don’t allow smarks to bring their bullshit signs to their events. Bravo WWE! What’s even more funny is that they rip it up right in their faces. LOL!

    • Reality

      lol really? I’d love to watch the face of those bringing the signs then xD

  • juan

    I stop watching wwe and stay with tna since they are the real business since their not PG crap that wwe is what a joke that wwe has become dumb storylines dumb group of idiots attacking others late 90’s and early 2000s were the best until the PG crap came and distory a great WWE

    • DigitalWWE

      Lol TNA

    • Grammer Nazi

      This post looks disgusting, stay or go back to school. Please.

    • Really?91

      I was agreeing with ya so far buddy up to the point where you said tna is a “real business” then I lost my shit lol

    • Randy James Crawford

      The PG Era started in 2009 if you did not know.

    • Randy James Crawford

      TNA does have great wrestlers but any WWE Storyline is better then The TNA Claire Lynch Storyline;

      • that guy over there

        i agree that the Claire Lynch storyline sucked ass but i hated the alberto del rio vs sheamus storyline even more that shit was so boring

  • Really?91

    People really wanna make a statement? Don’t make signs, stop blogging about it online, and just stop watching it all together. Lets bring those ratings to a level that would make WCW go “Damn, and we thought we were shit.” Show WWE that we are tired of the same old shit and we refuse to watch this washed garbage of a product.

  • Kjhaltz

    Signs should start reading “Pure Garbage”

    • Peter Griffin

      or “Same old Shit”

  • Mikey1981

    Let’s get #EndThePGEra trending worldwide, attach it to wwe superstarsbon Twitter, wwe loves social networking it gives the fans a voice, let’s use our voice, get it trending, we can force a change.

  • Mikey1981

    #EndThePGEra tweet it to all wwe superstars

  • randomasspost

    Yall bitch and still watch the shit HA.

  • Eo

    they confiscate *keep them* and put it in the next game. glad that era is over is they say so dolph n aj be going in so i had a feeling it was over. and del rio and rosa about to go in i duno whats taking so long.

  • Fighter

    It’s pretty retarded. Grow up and move on, stop living in the Attitude Era days. It’s gone and it’s gone for good. The only reason the Attitude Era came to be was because of WCW. WWE was desperate and had to take extraordinary measures. If that did not work, it would have been WCW running the show today, not WWE. Today despite lack luster ratings, WWE has enjoyed the past 12 years without any competition. WWE is simply the same era as it used to be before the Attitude Era, with more safety for the employees and drug alert problems on it’s agenda. Until WWE feels threaten again in competition, WWE will never change the era. This was the era WWE was suppose to be, but it was WCW that forced to take steps. The Attitude Era was simply a way to get out the hole they was in and better the ratings, fortunately it worked way better they envisioned and pretty much help run WCW out of business. You want to act like you’re adults and against don’t like the PG era because you think it’s for kids. Then be an adult and stop with the childish attitude, which includes these ridiculous stupid signs. One reason other fans from other sports do not respect Wrestling Fans.

    • jair

      It doesn’t take an Attitude Era fan to tell PG Era sucks

  • JamieEvsxx

    wait, they’d confiscate that but not a Dolph Ziggler = Briefcase Wanker sign?…that sign was probably the least PG thing I’ve seen, 10 times worse than this!…xD

  • SonofSheik81

    Has anyone ever considered that in addition to the Monday Night Wars, what spawned the Attitude Era was actually the PG, kid friendly, mid to late 80’s Hulkamania movement? Think about it, most of the kids who got into wrestling that time wanted to see Hulk, Ultimate Warrior, etc. Characters aimed at kids. Vince built a fanbase around these kids. Other promotions like AWA and NWA were catering to the old school wrasslin’ crowd. As kids like me grew up into teenagers, guess what? That demographic changed. We wanted to see sex, profanity, etc. Programming changed accordingly. Then we grew up and started having kids of our own. Linda decides she’s going to run for Senate. Vince goes back to kid-oriented PG again. Right now, Vince thinks he can make more money off of kids. He’s also looking to secure his legacy as a businessman and trying to make people forget about that silly stuff he did during the Attitude Era. This stuff goes in cycles. Would not surprise me to see another Attitude Era, or maybe Ruthless Aggression era, but it’s all about money and legacy. Until the opportunity to make bigger money off of edgier programming outweighs further tarnishing the image the McMahons (including Stephanie and HHH) want to create for themselves, you won’t see a shift in WWE’s approach.

  • Peter Griffin

    fans should just start chants live on Raw like “Same old shit” “Boring” “Change the channel”

  • WWE The Comic

    “Screw this company, I’m buying a ticket to RAW! That’ll show them!”

  • Kane-A-Nite

    Bring back Ruthless Aggresion!

  • Josh Ryeback

    WWE……have some balls to face the truth !!!