Matches Announced For Impact, MVP Takes Shot At TNA, More

— TNA Wrestling has announced that Sting and Kurt Angle will sign the contract for their World Heavyweight Champion Match at Hardcore Justice on this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Plus, three Bound For Glory Series matches are scheduled: Samoa Joe vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero; AJ Styles vs. Devon; Scott Steiner and Gunner vs. Rob Van Dam and Crimson.

— MVP, who now competes overseas for New Japan Pro Wrestling after parting ways with World Wrestling Entertainment in December, was asked on Twitter about joining TNA Wrestling should he get homesick.

Taking an apparent shot at the Nashville based organization, he responded, “I could never be THAT homesick!”

— TNA Wrestling has announced live events for Friday, September 23 in Springfield, Illinois and Saturday, September 24 in Hammond, Indiana. Click here for full details.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • first comment is gay

    first! ohh yeah baby!

  • Xeno

    Really not that important TNA doesn’t need MVP

  • JR.399

    Anyone wanna bet MVP gets attacked by fanboys? anyways, I’m glad MVP is happy in NJPW.He is a talented wrestler who was misused in WWE. At least he left on good terms…

  • volcanowwe

    @Xeno what the f*** is in your pipe?

  • pwnez

    MVP is better off in Japan. He’s been doing great and has had some really good matches over there. He’s a smart guy, and he’ll stay the hell away from TNA.

  • wwetnadudez

    ik Joe and Pope arent the main focus of u guys atm, but does anyone think that Joe will once again lose? i mean this could all be a part of a big storyline perhaps with Abyss getting kicked from Immortal due to losing frequently, and he and Joe could make a tag team and be like completely unstopble?

  • JohnyH

    Nice to see a wrestling being let go from WWE who can find happiness elsewhere instead of joining TNA and becoming an anti-WWE spambot.

  • StFrankie

    Tna Does’nt that midcarder anyways he is better where he is at.

  • StFrankie

    Tna Does’nt need that midcarder anyways he is better where he is at.

  • Bill Mitchell

    MVP has already been there (in TNA) and done that. He didn’t particularly care for it the first time around why would anyone think he would want to go stand in line for seconds?


    TNA >>> WWE haha just kidding. Click the name for more wrestling.

  • wrestling rules

    if mvp had stayed heel and not go on that losing streak he would have been world champion

  • catweasle

    Better to take a shot at TNA than innocent victims he robbed.

  • SkytheDincht

    @catweasle – That wasn’t one bit funny, you dumb animal. The man paid his dues in prison for the crimes he commited in the past and is now living his passion for wrestling.

  • JuanSupreme

    And I quote! “Xeno (prince warrior) says: Really not that important TNA doesn’t need MVP”

    So why are you in Japan? Oh, thats right, nobody needs or wants you hear. TNA rather get Chyna or Matt Hardy than MVP. You better get real home sick cause, you opps are limited hear in the good’o USA…
    WWE, TNA, ROH etc; ect. in that order…. Ballin!!!!