Matt Hardy & Reby Sky Arrested After Bloody Brawl (MUGSHOTS)

matt-reby reports that Matt Hardy and his wife Reby Sky were arrested at a motel in Virginia earlier this month after a bloody domestic brawl.

A hotel staffer called 911 and said, “A guest just came down here and said somebody’s beating the hell out of his wife a girl or something.”

When cops arrived to the scene, both Matt and Sky were arrested for assault and battery. They were released on $3,500 bail.

Matt and Sky got restraining orders against each other.

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  • Y2J

    Damn, She effed Hardy up.

  • MajorHeel

    He was probably trying to eat her.

    • yrabadi

      lmao… I wouldn’t really find this comment as funny if it wasn’t for me reading it as if Goldust was saying it…

  • Forceton Banfodder


  • Deante320

    Reba WHOOPED his ass lol be lucky, Matt this could’ve been taped and you would’ve been getting 1,000,000 hits on worldstarhiphop lol

  • Ice

    Damn Matt looks worse than her HAHAHA

  • ac1d

    They both look like they’re on meth.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck…

  • Marvin B.

    Look like Matt got his ass whooped…

  • pwnez

    So much for Matt Hardy being on the right path.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      Reby has never struck me as having all the crayons in her set. She’s gone on psychotic rants before and if he couldn’t see that she was drama coming than I don’t feel sorry for him.

      Of course, his box of crayons isn’t really full either.

      • raVen

        she married matt hardy, that’s a crystal clear indicator that she is bat ish crazy

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Also true.

      • Ted T. Tedderson

        “All the crayons in her set” is now my favorite euphemism for being crazy. Thanks.

      • john

        I’ve never heard of that crayon idiom. Did you make that up?

        • Forceton Banfodder

          I would love to say that I did, but I can’t.

          • Andres0082

            Let me guess: Shia Lebouf?

          • Forceton Banfodder

            I don’t know what you’re referring to, but I’m pretty sure Shia Labeouf did not make up anything ever… You know… ’cause he reads from a script?

          • QuiteFrankly2k

            And then writes apology

      • A Realist

        The crazy thing is that he just posted on Twitter that he reported someone for threatening to beat up and rape his wife. “Threatening me is one thing, but never my wife”……..unless it’s him doing the harm, apparently.

    • yrabadi

      My thoughts exactly… Geez.

    • ac1d

      Something tells me he is still thinking 2014 WILL be the year of Matt Hardy.

      • brad

        Matt hardy for the rumble 2015.

    • AVPredator4985

      Just the other day I might have said something about that. I’ll just go ahead and eat my words now.

  • bambam

    Matt forgot to use the “safe word” lol

  • Jeremy

    Once a loser, always a loser.

  • Lobo

    Wow Matt that was a really nice job to Reby.

  • lazarus87

    I wonder if he got on top of the bed and did the hardys leg drop to her

  • rashad jackson

    maybe thats why lita left him…

    • Shayla Everhate

      Could be possible. Makes it understandable that those kind of circumstances made falling for someone else easy.

  • JDawg

    This chick nasty looking as hell.. anyway It looks like she was banging some other dude, Hardy found out, and went all buck wild on her a$$.

  • TGov

    Oh marriage, a beautiful thing…

  • Lobo

    Matt looks worse than Mick Foley’s TV.

  • tobacco #1

    looks like hardy didn,t want to share any grapes,but seriously a sad situation,

  • Lobothemainman

    I heard this started because Reby said she was going to throw a brick through Matt Hardy if Daniel Bryan didn’t win the Royal Rumble…

    • Tom Cruise’s Teeth

      *Hits him with baseball bat instead*

    • Shucky Ducky Quack Quack

      SEScoops need to pay you for tht comment sir well done

      • Pozessed

        They will have to pay YOU for that name.

  • raVen

    gotta love when trash gets thrown out.
    fatt hardy will never die hahahahahaaa

    • Abra Kadabra

      but what about raven!?!?!

      • raVen

        never got my arse kicked by my lady.. keep kendo sticks and trash can lids under my pillow.

        • Abra Kadabra

          you don’t need those, Raven. Just hit them with the evenflow! But at the end of the day, I’m just concerned no one cares about Raven! what about raven?!

          • raVen

            hurts my back tho..I mean, WHAT ABOUT ME!?!!!? WHAT ABOUR RAVEN!?

          • Abra Kadabra

            Sorry, how selfish of me wanting to see the evenflow without considering how much it would hurt your back. seems like no one cares about raven. but i do! what about raven?!

  • Jay Strongbow

    Guys, I know this sounds stupid and I may be criticized for saying so, but please pray for both of them. This is not something to joke about :/

    • Abra Kadabra

      like praying has helped anyone before

      • Jay Strongbow

        Abra, I wrote in such a way that I expected this to be said. I’m not a Christian, but if you think that salivating in the extremely unfortunate and tragic events of others will do any good, you are not only wrong, but sick minded. That goes for the 8 of you that think this was a great response well. It is almost impossible to deny. Some of us have had things like this happen in our personal lives and around our families – it’s not funny and your comment only insinuates that such salivation is a reflection of good character.

        • Abra Kadabra

          Yeah but what does praying for the unfortunate do? show that you’re caring when you don’t even care? This is an unfortunate event and I am no way salivating in it. Excuse me while I go do my part and praying for the sick and hungry. Bottom line, don’t pretend you care by praying it’s making you look really stupid

  • Mr 561

    Hey, maybe she started it? Who cares. Matt Hardy has now been arrested for beating his wife. Can’t undo that.

    • Mike

      A lot of the times, women start up theses domestic disputes, yeah. That’s why I always tell my buddies to stay away from these rat chicks. They’re the type to cheat on a dude, and then get upset when the dude finds out about it, which is what I believe to have happened here. But you’re right after them charges , you can’t undo it. The courts always take the woman’s side no matter what in this country.

      • Ted T. Tedderson

        “They’re the type to cheat on a dude, and then get upset when the dude
        finds out about it, which is what I believe to have happened here”

        You believe it’s what happened based on what, exactly?

      • Mr 561

        Of course there’s crazy women out there who will instigate… But once you cross that line and put your hands on her ……

  • Steve Williams

    Hahaha funny

  • The truth

    You could say Matt hardy had his “twist of fate”

  • yrabadi

    Sigh, all jokes aside… This is really sad. I get physically sick whenever I hear Chris Brown on a song, so much so that I need to change the station or skip a track… I rarely watch Hardy anyway, but this is just a giant f*ck up for him. Hope they both get the help they need.

    • Mike

      LOL… I don’t like his music either, it’s total sh#t.

    • Ted T. Tedderson

      To be fair, it sounds like she kicked his ass as much as he kicked hers…

      • yrabadi

        Yeah I know. That’s partly why I said I hope they BOTH get the help they need. If it was one-sided I’d just be ripping on Hardy.

        I only brought up the Brown reference to show my distaste for women-beaters. And whether or not she beat him back, Hardy falls into that category now…

        • Sabin

          Who is to say she wasn’t the one who started (and finished it) though? Male or female, there IS a point that defense can be used. I wouldn’t be so quick to assume this is a simple wife beating situation.

          • Billy Guthrie

            True a man must never hit a woman but to be equal a woman must never hit a man.

          • Shayla Everhate

            Well, being a woman, I have to agree to a certain extent. When choosing to hit a man you have indeed placed yourself in a position that being hit back is a plausible outcome. If you’re angry enough to strike, make sure you are ready to go to the next level lol

          • Billy Guthrie

            I know a few women that look sweet and innocent but could and do give guys a run for there money

          • yrabadi

            Well, self defense is self defense… I guess we’ll learn more as details are revealed.

  • dmanigo

    Holy sh*t!

  • 9 year old boy

    Wow that’s just sad. I hate how famous people make wedding vows look like a joke. No wonder love marriage does not work 90% of the time. This is just disgusting and sad.

    • Progressed_Now

      you still got a good 10-15 years to learn n grow. watch n learn.

      • 9 year old boy

        My brother is getting married this summer, so ya…

    • Forceton Banfodder

      At least they’re protecting the sanctity of marriage, amirite?

      • 9 year old boy

        It’s going to come to a divorce and then the “Twitter War”. Alright lunch break is over, back to class.

  • WeAreTheOnes

    Judging by the mug shots, Reby beat up Matt pretty bad.

  • 5er

    Wow this happened January 1st. A lil late on this story aren’t they.
    At least it looks like Matt didn’t fight back. I’m sure he could’ve pummeled her black and blue if he wanted to.

    • Mr 561

      The news just broke today, via TMZ.

      Matt didn’t fight back? Do you see the cuts and bruises all over Reby’s face?

  • A Realist

    Their lives are going great!

  • Progressed_Now

    lol she got him good!!!

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Guess whose back? Back again, scumbag Hardy is back, tell some friends tell some friends tell some friends.

  • Branford Thompson

    From the looks of things, that “Guest” thought Reby Sky was the man and Matt was the Wife.

  • Jason

    After so many years of wrestling, Matt just got bored and said…TONIGHT WE BRAWL! Reby said OK Matt but this time, I’m Winning.

  • Shucky Ducky Quack Quack

    no wonder jeff is way over than matt, he is stable even though he takes drugs

  • Rich71

    Looks like he is the one that got his but kicked.

  • dmay8549

    Well idk if Hardy ever plans on going back to WWE but this definitely will not help his chances.

  • Scott Kinnard

    I hope he had her sign a prenup. Why Matt married this psycho is beyond me.


    Dammit Hardy! Did they not take heed of WWE’s don’t try this at home??

  • SomeInternetGuy

    LOL, wtf? Didn’t these guys just get married?

    Can we blame Kevin Steen for this? I just wanna blame Kevin Steen.

    • bri

      blame canada

  • The Drewster


  • Handled1411

    Ah, young love.

  • Dixie Carter

    Who? irrelevant!!!!

  • Matt Gallagher

    It looks like she cut up his face with her nails or something

  • captaindaddy72

    Damn Matt. What’s wrong the hardy family? Like seriously this is getting ridiculous

  • fursey

    v 3.o

  • omega riddler

    Looks like Matt came out of it worse than Reby. There is a saying that fits both of them. Bitches be crazy

  • Sigma ?

    When animals attack.

  • Ayatollah of rock N rolla

    guess he gave her to much “mattitude”

    • bri

      that made me chuckle

  • Mc Chri$$$ Luv’in It

    lmao damn she f’d him up. But who cares when my boy CM Punk just left WWE

  • Mc Chri$$$ Luv’in It

    But on the flip side this didnt surprise me at all Reby sky is a b*tch and I dont know any fans or people in the industry that really likes her much

  • ibeBrave

    lol in matts mind while its happening (Old Entrance Music Hits) ICan Slap A Tornado……..Wife beats his ass……I CAn Slice A Tomatoooooooo lol

  • IWC Moderator

    I wonder if any Tables or Chairs were used during this incident

  • ballz

    lol matt and jeff the beat the girls club they can’t wrestle men anymore so hell just go down the way of another wrestler jake the snake roberts or even jerry the king lawler beat my wife. sad that marriage lasted all of 3 weeks.

  • lazarus87

    Matt looks like he stuck a fork in a light socket

  • Buzzard Follower

    i thought u got passed this $#!+ matt damn

  • Joker

    Does this feud finally give matt hardy his long awaited push?

  • Dunlap Gabriel

    Why are these two relevant?

  • Robin Addis-Vaughn

    Looks like she won! He didn’t look that bad after all the ladder matches against Edge and Christian.

  • Ajk Lewis

    where is bad news BARRETT? when you need him the most? make it happen vince, reby sky hardy v/s FATT Hardy – WM Main event in a no holds barred match. The winner gets a TNA Contract from Dixieland Carter.