Matt Hardy Updates Fans On His Health

Matt Hardy posted the following update on Twitter – the first we’ve heard from Matt since his hospitalization on Wednesday:

“Thank you all SOO very much for all the support you’ve given me thru this hard time, like a Phoenix, I will rise above this all!”

“I have so many people to return calls to, text, DMs, & e-mails as well, and I eventually will. I appreciate the support from Jeff, Beth, Shane, Karen, My Dad, My Mother in heaven, my friends, My beautiful girlfriend Rebecca Reyes, Mrs. Dixie Carter, and all of my family, friends, fans.”

“I love you and appreciate your support and prayers more than you could ever imagine!”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Bill Mitchell

    That’s a new one. You thank the woman that fired you. Of all the people I would thank, I think the person that cut me off from a fiscal source would be the one I would leave off the list. (and before you ask… Yes, I do hold grudges)

  • 10132002

    As soon as I saw Matt’s picture I thought, this is it, he’s dead. I’m so relieved that’s not the case, but still worried about him.

  • wwetnadudez

    “and all of my family, friends, fans.”” you know what i found interesting about that? the FANS part..i mean cmon why thank them..theres only like..10 people that actually for some reason seem ta like ya..

  • mike333

    @Bill Mitchell

    Maybe he doesnt remember being fired

  • Bill Mitchell

    10132002: You thought maybe he was tweeting from the grave? lololol Sorry I just had to bust your chops. lol

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Well his spelling has improved. I guess that means he’s sober.

  • miserabliss


    I know you’re trying to make a point, which is cool but honestly if he didn’t have fans that supported him then I wouldn’t be bombarded with messages from his fans when I criticize him on youtube or twitter. Granted, most of them are young and don’t know any better and there are some hardcore ones that look at him in the same way they did back in 2001.. somehow. Plus I think he’s up to 10 seasons on his Hardy Show gimmick which wouldn’t even exist if people weren’t churning out money every month to see it.

    Not trying to give ya s**t, I’m just saying you can’t deny that he has a hell of a lot more fans (that actually like him) than some of the wrestlers currently on the WWE roster.

  • Bill Mitchell

    @Banfodder I am jsut going to assume he had a ghost writer. :)

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Probably a safe assumption considering I don’t think I’ve ever seen him spell “you” properly.

  •!/profile.php?v=wall&ref=ts&id=6 Whatsupbb415

    Hmmm Dixie let Matt Hardy go and prolly had to give him alittle severence maybe he’s thankful

  • NewYork420

    It’s fun to make fun of Matt. I do it too. That being said I do hope he gets better physically and mentally.

  • Forceton_Banfodder

    Shockmaster? Is that you?

  • Bill Mitchell

    @banfodder It is. The one and the only.

  • NewYork420

    Yessir Forceton! I decided to change my name in honor of the real Shockmaster Fred Ottman. I’m sure he doesn’t want some pothead from NY impersonating him. :) I’m going to change my avatar soon also. I left it as good old Uncle Fred for now so my friends on here like you and Bill and 10132002 and WarMachine etc knew it was me.

  • DatUsed2BWWEFAN

    ^ Now, the poser’s going to change his name to your new one too, given that you just exposed yourself as The Shockmaster. :)

  • NewYork420

    I don’t think it was a poser though. I think it was some sort of hiccup within SEscoops and wordpress.

  • K-Fist

    @10132002 & @Bill Mitchell: Matt Hardy texting from beyond the grave? Hey, stranger sh*t has happened…like The Jersey Show still being on the air and Snookie being percieved as being a celebrity or educated. ;)

    @Shock-Um-NY420: funny name, though it makes me think of New Jack and it being his nickname for some reason. lol

  • NewYork420


  • 10132002

    @Bill Mitchell

    Good one. All I saw at first was his picture. Matt texting from the grave kinda coincides with that eerie video though, doesn’t it?

  • LupineMP3j

    I used to be a huge Jeff Hardy fan. Matt was always sort of okay, but I liked him too. Now… I wish I could erase their names from my memory.

  • BenoitIsGarbo

    omg hurry up and die so i can eat my celebratory sandwich it is going to go bad if he takes much longer :(

  • 10132002


    Where have you been? Missed you man.

  • Bill Mitchell

    @LupineMP3j I wish DoD file erasure Guttman 30 write overs, could happen with certain memories in the human brain.

  • justmyopinion

    hang on a minute i thought he said a few days ago that it was all a misunderstanding & that everything is alright & that everyone is wrong except him & he doesn’t have a problem???? Now the sh*t has hit the fan for probably the last time he’s admitting his faults cos he knows his career & life is almost gone.
    Wake up matt & tell your brother the same thing, eventually you have to realise the only problem has been you & you alone, fuc*n clown, don’t send the sweet kiss ass messages now, just fix the problem & you will earn peoples & wrestling promotions respects again & then maybe you may work on t.v again??

  • LupineMP3j

    @10132002 I’ve been around :) Finally got my bill paid off and got back into college, so I haven’t been on SEScoops as much lately. Good to see a friendly screen name here ^^

  • bob678

    i give him a month or two

  • YokoTheUltimate

    Well. I Figured That The Next Time There Would Be A MH Post It Would Say:(not so)BREAKING NEWS:Matt Hardy Has Died. But I Guess I’ll Have To Wait A Little Longer For That One.

  • F*ckyoujohncena

    It will probably take MH a bit longer to kill himself than it did for Yokozuna, so ultimate he’s descended into irrelevancy.

    Tweeting thanks and stuff like that is good and all but not much point if he gets f*cked up again. I really hope he gets sorted soon stuff like this is never fun news.

  • F*ckyoujohncena

    still makes me laugh when people here address the wrestlers directly….