Mexican Wrestling Legend Hector Garza Dead At Age 43

Mexican professional wrestling legend Hector Garza, real name Hector Solano Segura, passed away on Sunday evening at age 43 following a lengthy battle with cancer.

Garza had worked for WWE, WCW, TNA, CMLL and AAA, among other top promotions, throughout his career.

Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for and

  • ADementedJim

    Descanse en paz, increíble leyenda de un hombre, que también pasó a ser un luchador.

    • Dan Kincaid

      como se dice en ingles

  • tna4lyfe

    Who cares

    • Peer Pressure

      I’m not surprised this comment is coming from a TNA fan. TNA sucks! Hector Garza >>> The entire TNA roster.

      • dont feed the troll

        Burn in h3ll mexican

      • Pozessed

        It isn’t because he is a TNA fan, it is because he isn’t a WRESTLING fan.

      • hulk hogan 2 inch python

        Ok queer pressure!

      • hulk hogan 2 inch python

        Ok queer pressure!

    • backblack25


      • hhh small di€k

        Im a jacka$$ because i dont care?

  • Michael Carter

    I was a pretty huge Garza fan and had been following his battle with cancer. Very sad to hear this. He was a good guy and had tremendous talent. Wish he would have spent more time wrestling in the US.

  • Seth Bob


    • Michael Carter

      How long have you been watching wrestling? Most people know who he is.

    • backblack25

      That’s rude and ignorant. Have respect.

      • Seth Bob

        How? And why should I have respect?

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    It wasn’t long ago when Hector Garza teamed up with Jushin Liger to take on El Sombreo eand El Dorado at Wrestle Kingdom V- NJPW’s WrestleMania every January- and Garza looked good. It’s shame; another wrestler left too soon. RIP.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    Twisting Corkscrew Moonsault. Awesome finisher

  • WWEFan4Life

    Wow… too soon… So many sad deaths this year… Paul Bearer, Reid Flair and now a true legend. R.I.P, Hector, you will be missed. :(

  • fabian6sic6s

    I always thought he lookekd like a mexican triple h. It’s always sad when someone leaves at such a young age. Rip.

  • JackHandy

    To so far the three snarky little trolls here saying idiot comments like “Who?”, “Who Cares”, to any ordinary person passing away in general say go F$$k Yourselves, and you have no privileges to post comments anywhere again. Though I’m a longtime wrestling fan, I wish I knew more about this man, after youtubing his matches, wow Hector was amazing all around in the ring, and so freakin entertaining and such a cool personality with the fans. Kind of reminds me of Eddie Guerrero, great in the ring, loved the craft and cool charisma. RIP Mr Garza, thanks for your contributions, and I feel bad saying this but still, you’ve made another new fan even in your passing :)

    • big show lil peni$

      Oh stfu pu$$y

    • Progress_Now

      not everyone has access to satellite tv. and even if they do, what are the chances they have access to Mexican channels? tl;dr not everyone here watches Mexican rasslin.

      I’ve never heard of him before either. does that make me a snarky lil troll?

      • Michael Carter

        Most people remember him from his days in WCW, where he was featured pretty prominently. One of the first members of the LWO, which was awesome, I don’t care what anyone says.

        He was also the leader of team mexico in TNA’s world cup. During this time he changed up his persona pretty good from his WCW days.

        He has also wrestled for WWE briefly. I guess that never went anywhere and never signed a contract.

        Anyways, he wrestled a lot on American television and had some amazing matches. He’s all over the WCW dvds. Sure, I’d say he’s a legend in Mexico, but he’s very well known among Nitro/Attitude era fans. If you just started watching in the past 10 years and don’t watch any of the nitro dvds, yeah, you probably wouldn’t know him.

        You seem like a good guy. So you don’t know who he was. So what? These other guys are deliberately intending disrespect. The whole, “if I don’t know who you are, you’re not relevant” attitude is garbage. Some of these guys have a lot of grownig up to do.

        Anyways, youtube this guy. It’s worth it. He was a lucha, but tough, a little bigger, and extremely hard hitting. His twisting plancha finisher was pretty unique. Never seen anyone else do it.