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HBK Praying For Chyna, NXT Not Online Yet & More

Published On February 2, 2012 by (DIVAS News, Wrestling News, WWE News)

– Former WWE Women’s Champion rambled at length on Twitter on Wednesday, incoherently posting over 200 messages throughout the day. She discussed her issues with Vince McMahon and Triple H, early wrestler deaths, her belief that her influence in the wrestling industry is overlooked, as well as accusations of drug and alcohol use. A Twitter user wrote to former D-Generation X mate of her diatribe: “need to pray for , the girl is losing her mind HBK.” He responded, “Already have. More never hurts.”

Chyna responded, “Ha ha ha Pray? No my mind is just fine thank you. Real good! Better than ever now. And yes livid!”

Chyna’s Twitter account can be accessed at twitter.com/ChynaChyna9.

— WWE.com has yet to post this week’s episode of WWE Redemption. Advertised for the show is squaring off with her former NXT Rookie, .

— “Mr. Puroresu” Genichiro Tenryu turns 62 years old Thursday.