Michelle Beadle Issues Statement Regarding AJ Lee Incident

Michelle Beadle / AJ Lee Update

NBC sports and entertainment personality Michelle Beadle has issued a statement in response to reports of a backstage incident between herself and AJ Lee at last Wednesday’s Tribute to the Troops event at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Pierce County, Washington.

Dave Meltzer reported this morning in a podcast on F4WOnline.com that Lee went on tirade towards the Access Hollywood co-host upon seeing her chat with CM Punk, her boyfriend, backstage at the event. PWInsider.com subsequently claimed that Lee calmly appeared in his defense for speaking to him in a “disrespectful tone.”

Beadle tweeted the following statement on Sunday in hopes of putting the whole thing behind her:

“Once and once only: I’ve known CM Punk for years. Considered him a friend. When I saw him at the arena, I said ‘hey f&$?face’. The exact same way I talk to everyone. His girlfriend was no where near this. And I kept walking along with my assistant and two members of WWE PR. Next thing I know, I’m being yelled at. I honestly thought it was a joke. Period. The event went on and it was amazing.”

“So I hope we can move on from this ridiculously lame ‘story.’

As for the crazies, BLOCKED! And Happy freaking Holidays!!!”

While Beadle claimed that she took the whole incident as a joke, she tweeted otherwise the day after the incident, stating,

Many people within WWE are embarrassed and angry at Lee over the incident. She is expected to be disciplined for her behavior.

Beadle was at the event as the official host, which will air as a one-hour television special on Saturday, Dec. 28 at 8/7C on NBC.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • The Gassed Part Timer

    If WWE really wanted to punish her why wouldn’t they have Nattie win the divas title tonight? Doesn’t make sense at all

    • Cujo999

      Because they don’t want Nattie to have the strap, either? They probably want to put it on a different face, and don’t want to turn Nattie heel or do a face-face program.

    • butterpecs

      The story has been blown out of proportion. We have people here in the comments who think they know more about what happened than what’s been reported.

    • oppa

      They probably want one of the Bellas to win it. You can then have one twin turn on the other and have them face off at WrestleMania. Plus the tension could be played up on Total Divas as a way to increase ratings.

  • pwnez

    “Hey, f–kface!” Hahahahahaha. If AJ wasn’t even around at the time when Punk and Beadle were talking that leaves me to believe someone ran to AJ and told her what she said. I wonder who the rat is?

    • Cujo999

      Suppossedly, it was Punk who told AJ about it because he was “upset.” Somebody should tell him to be a man. I knew he took himself too seriously and had an ego, but to get all worked up over something like this is pathetic.

      • pwnez

        We’re only hearing her side of the story. She could have snapped on him about something and we just don’t know about it. Either way this entire thing is hilarious. I still don’t believe this is a work. WWE isn’t creative enough to come up with an idea like this.

        • Cujo999

          My point is this, based on the current information that has been given, the logical conclusion one can reach is that Punk and AJ overreacted to something Beadle said, and AJ flipped Decepticon on her in front of company officials. Now, if somebody produces video of Beadle cockpunching Punk with a pair of brass knuckles or something, then the situation is obviously different. You and I are both well aware of the fact that if we changed the names of the wrestlers involved in this situation to John Cena and Nikki Bella, the IWC would be screaming for Nikki’s release and calling Cena every name in the book, but because it’s Punk and AJ, we’re getting the “we don’t know all the facts,” routine. People need to realize that just because they like what a wrestler does in the ring doesn’t mean that they will like everything they do behind the scenes.

          • butterpecs

            I will give you one thing, if this was a story about the Bellas or Cena I would definitely treat it differently. I probably wouldn’t have read OR cared about it. Though all the name calling and screaming for release stuff.. that’s a little extreme and I don’t know why anyone would waste their time feeling that strongly about it.

        • butterpecs

          Long story short, Cujo999 thinks he has the definitive version of the story and we’re all wrong for reserving judgement because.. we’re the IWC and he assumes we all think the same when it comes to stories about certain wrestlers.

      • butterpecs

        You say supposedly, but you’re reacting as if the spaces you are filling in yourself are a fact. Don’t judge if you don’t know, even if you’re looking for justification for your pre-existing opinion on someone.

        • Cujo999

          It was reported earlier in this version of the story that Punk had told AJ about the incident because he was upset with the tone of Beadle’s voice, so I don’t know what blanks I’m filling in on my own. I enjoy Punk’s work, but many people who have worked with him in the past have said he’s got a massive ego, including Raven who worked with him in RoH. As far as judging people if you don’t know, it doesn’t really seem to cut both ways. If it’s one of the IWC’s darlings like Punk, Dolph, or AJ that’s being cast in a negative light, it’s we don’t know all the facts. If it’s somebody the IWC loves to bury that’s being cast in a negative light, like HHH, Cena, or the McMahon’s, then it’s guilty until proven innocent.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    ENOUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH already with this crap. Every hour its like a new update about this. Unless AJ and this chick get naked and fight in mud………..no more updates. Please.

    • CMPunkTheHero

      HAHAHA :D

  • fatneal

    let me get this straight…a playful greeting like “hey fuckface” is was sent aj over the edge lol…man im not buying it

  • Ben Jones

    I can totally see cm punk running and crying to aj and saying Michelle disrespected me. He seems like a little whiner

  • Matt Gallagher

    There’s way more to this story then this

  • Godzilla2J

    Hold on do AJ and Punk date in real life …. no seriously .

    • oppa

      Yes. The whole thing with Lita crying like someone died was supposedly over the way her and Punk broke up. Him and AJ are together now.

  • Progressed_Now

    lol it’s no surprise, Scorpios don’t like being greeted with cuss words. they see it as a sign of disrespect, no matter who it is.

    they like greeting YOU with cuss words, but they don’t like it to be done to them.

    • Aiii

      Punk definitely seems like the guy who would buy into this Astrology crap, doesn’t he.


      • Progressed_Now

        it’s astroLOgy, Einstein. thumb yourself down lol

        • Aiii

          I will correct this grievous error at once!

          But I did not, in fact, thumb you down.

          • Progressed_Now

            hey it wasn’t a bad thing, I like thumbs

  • lala

    who is CM Punk dating,??? Maria? Once I hear its Beth Phoenix, then Amy Dumas (Lita).. now I hear AJ Lee?

    • chick@magnetpunk

      it’s chick magnet punk babayyyyyyyyyyyy!

    • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

      Punk dated Maria years ago…I think they were both in OVW at the time…=P…I can’t remember when he started dating Beth but I know he was dating Amy before then he went to Beth and then back to Lita around Mania this year I think and now he’s with AJ…yeah…Punk gets around…xD