Michelle Beadle Confirms Report Of Backstage Incident With AJ Lee – “I Thought It Was A Joke”

NBC entertainment and sports personality Michelle Beadle is lending credence to today’s report concerning an incident between herself and WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee at last Wednesday’s Tribute to the Troops event in Pierce County, Washington.

Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer revealed this morning in a podcast on F4WOnline.com that Lee went on an obscenity-laced tirade towards the Access Hollywood co-host upon seeing her chat with CM Punk, the WWE Diva’s boyfriend, backstage at the event. Beadle didn’t believe Lee was serious with her unhinged WWE character-like behavior.

In response to a fan remarking to her this morning on Twitter:

Responding to an upset AJ Lee fan on Twitter, Beadle remarked:

Beadle’s tweet gels with Meltzer’s claim, as he noted on the podcast that Lee’s Tribute to the Troops incident took place in front of many important people. He added that a number of WWE officials were very embarrassed and angry at Lee over the incident, mainly for “coming off like her character in real life, and not in a good way.” She is expected to be disciplined for her behavior.

Lee is scheduled to defend her WWE Divas Championship tonight at WWE TLC against Natalya.

Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of PWPix.net

  • pwnez

    Many of us are AJ Lee fans but lets be honest here, this is all her fault and if she gets buried she has no one else to blame but herself. AJ took her anger out on a C-list celebrity of all people.

    • df7215

      I too believe everything I read on the internet.

      • pwnez

        Sorry to hear that, bud. I personally don’t but I think this is common sense. Anytime something like this happens it’s always “OMG IT’S A WERK!!” I remember when everyone thought that fan running into the ring and attacking Orton was a work.

        • df7215

          Yes, because that situation is comparable to this one.

          • pwnez

            It is. Fans thought it was a work and it wasn’t, doesn’t get much simpler then that. From what we’ve been hearing this doesn’t look to be a work. I’m not surprised but i’m sure you’re shocked.

        • Cujo999

          The big thing here with AJ is that this isn’t just an isolated incident. She’s had several recent instances of unprofessional behavior. She had the date of her Diva’s title win tattooed on her neck, which rolled a lot of eyes, but they let it slide. She passed out in the middle of a match on their last European tour because of dehydration. I’m sorry if you’re a professional athlete, part of your job is to make sure your ready to perform, and to screw the fans just because you didn’t hydrate properly is a joke. Once again, they let it slide. Now, they have this incident. What in the world are they supposed to do? What’s AJ going to pull next time if they let it slide yet again? Stumble out Jeff Hardy style on Raw? Hate to say it, but AJ seems to have the mindset that just because she’s over and she’s dating one of the top guys, she has a free pass to do whatever she wants. At least that’s what her actions tend to show. WWE has to check her ego, which means having her drop the strap and burying her, which her fans won’t like, but it’s what has to happen. If she’s really that good, then she’ll work her way back to the top once she gets her head on straight.

          • TayTay

            Ummm what does her having a tattoo and her fainting have to do unprofessional behavior AJ Lee is one of the hardest working Diva on WWE Roster . What your saying is invalid.

          • oppa

            People in the back felt like she was being a mark for doing that. They had people on commentary make fun of her for it to send a message. She can work as hard as she wants, but if she repeatedly misses messages her bosses send her, she’ll be one of the hardest working women on the independent circuit soon.

          • Cujo999

            Management felt that her tattoo was unprofessional, and contracted wrestlers are supposed to have any new ink approved by management before they have it done. The excuse given for her fainting incident was dehydration, and as I said, as a professional athlete, it is her JOB to show up to work fit to perform. If she’s so dehydrated that she’s passing out, then she’s obviously not taking care of herself and probably hitting the bottle too hard the night before the show. Who is to say who exactly is working hard and who is cruising? Being brutally honest, AJ’s ring performance has slipped quit a bit over the past couple of months, while other Diva’s have improved. That would seem to signal to me that AJ Lee has got it on cruise control right now.

          • oppa

            Rumor has been that her and Punk’s ego have been out of control and rubbing people the wrong way. With word coming out that WWE is going to focus more on Total Divas, she could get phased out sooner rather than latter if this is true.

    • G.I.R.L.

      But, apparently, she wasn’t angry; she was joking around in character and is being punished for being kayfabe at the wrong time.

  • HughMan

    It’s a work.

  • SomeInternetGuy

    It better be a work or else the divas division is finished. Is AJ really stupid enough to do this?

    • http://www.youtube.com/ac1dchr15t ac1d

      Got the feeling it might be a work right after reading.

  • Alan Lopez

    I hope this is a work if not AJ is gonna be in the doghouse for a long time

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    Who the hell is Michelle Beadle? Never even heard of her. Relationship drama makes me laugh in the WWE. I have no idea how you can date someone that the rest of your buddies already had.

    • G.I.R.L.

      I imagine that it’s like a high school backstage.

      • Matt Gallagher

        It probably is. You got your popular kids: Cena, Orton, Punk. You got your nerdy kids: Josh Matthews, Miz, Ziggler

        • http://twitter.com/JamieEvsxx JamieEvsxx

          Ziggler a nerd?…LOL!…xD

    • Matt Gallagher


    • Cujo999

      Not surprising, really. With the talent in WWE on the road 5 days a week, it’s hard to find a girl that’s not a golddigger that will be cool with only seeing you 1-2 days a week.

    • pwnez

      She’s a C-list celebrity that no one has ever heard of until now.

  • Mr_DJ

    we’ll find out tonight I guess

  • JustSayin

    Looks like vince and trips are gonna have to DP the Divas champ before PPV start time if she wants to keep that belt.

    • Heaney

      Well, thanks for that image.

  • Milton Vadell Butler


    • guest

      but she might loose the belt.

      • Milton Vadell Butler


  • Ryan Brentley Gately

    Good Lord… AJ has proven herself to be a moron even more.

  • Bryan

    Well guess it’s safe to say that Natalya is winning the title tonight.

  • fatneal

    this is a work….cmon…aj is dumb enough to go crazy on a media head in front of company officials? lol michelle beadle just so happens to be a huge wrestling fan….total divas just so happens to be a success….nattie (a total diva star) just so happens to have a title shot tonie against aj…aj just so happens to be the most over diva on the roster who id assume would be someone wwe wants to remain in the spotlight…road to wrestlemania just so happens to kick off in a few weeks….cmon commonsense guys…its a work…beadle will be in a storyline most likely

    • Cujo999

      If it were a work, then Beadle would be playing it up a lot more on her Twitter account than what she is.

      • fatneal

        maybe it hasnt been ok’d by hhh/vince hence why punk would say what he said on twitter

  • Norman Involved

    I just seems alittle to real to be real, I smell a work.

  • MohammadAbulawi

    Idk i hope its work or else aj will go from the top down to aksana level sadly, But you cant also be so jealous of every single women punk talks to, so its her fault for doing that especially in front off wwe high ups

  • Lemonz

    Hey guys, want to know my prediction for tonight’s Diva’s match? Natalya becomes the new Divas Champion. This is unfortunate for AJ because now she’s going to be disciplined for it. I wonder how CM Punk reacted.

    • oppa

      Doesn’t matter much how Punk feels. He’s been talking about retiring and his contract is up soon. He sells merch, but his size and age will prevent WWE from going all the way with him like they would Cena and Orton. The sad truth for AJ is that when women act like this, they tend to be let go. WWE doesn’t care about womens wrestling. If this is true, this is potentially horrible for her career.

  • Matt Gallagher

    Michelle beadle is pretty funny when she was a cohost on Sportsnation. So I could just imagine her standing there laughing in Aj’s face

  • WCWPunk

    Michelle Beadle is pretty HOT WHAT :O

  • Guest

    Typical White People.

  • Johnson

    LOL at ‘boyfriend’. Nobody has bfs/gfs there, they just fuuck around on the road.
    Anyway this story is weird as hell. If this is true, AJ Lee should know better. CM Punk is known for sport fuucking. She knew what she could be getting into with a ‘relationship’ (lmao) with this guy. Either way, she should relax…just because Michelle Beadle is hotter than her doesn’t mean she has to get all insecure.

    • Aperture

      Why do you spell the F word like that? If you don’t want to spell it correctly then don’t even say it…

      • Johnson

        I have to dude, or else it would get censored.

        • Aperture

          I didn’t know you can get censored on here. Never tested it.

          Okay, you may continue.

  • oppa

    I’m just wondering, why would people think that anyone in the WWE would tell her to go curse someone out for footage they plan to air on a TV PG broadcast or on an app or website that they market as being family friendly? If they needed a story as to why they want the title off of her, wouldn’t they put the diva who gets engaged on the show tonight in the title match instead of Natalya? Seems more like a shoot than a work, but who knows.

  • http://wawwrestling.com/ Chad EpiK

    and do not tell me, there was a camera near by to catch the whole thing and we will see it next season on total divas

  • TremayneVX

    In her defense, she just wanted to get on Total Divas.

  • twomor

    AJ should be lucky that Michelle Beadle is a big wrestling/WWE fan and doesn’t appear to be put off too much by this. If AJ spouted off to, say, a Donald Trump type, things would be considerably worse for her.

  • essinodub

    Damn how disappointing… I’ve lost alot respect for AJ now