Mick Foley Explains Why He’s A “Stephanie McMahon Guy”

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Let me get the little negatives out of the way first – so I don’t contradict statements I’ve made in the past. Yes, I do think the casual or investor can get confused when real-life authority figures play abusive authority figures on air. I do wish there was an authority figure, a new GM or Commisioner (no, not me, but I’ll have a few suggestions for candidates in a later post) to check and balance The Authority.

But with that being said, I’m proud to say that I’m a Stepanie McMahon guy. Seriously. I am. Stephanie can be such a mesmerizing presense on WWE Monday Night Raw and #Smackdown . Her recent interactions with Brie Bella – WWE Universe have been intense and exciting – and as a long time #DivaBeliever, I love the idea of ending #RAW with the ladies.

I met Stephanie 16 years ago – only minutes after the infamous Cell match, in Pittsburgh, in June, 1998, when I’d been told that a WWE employee and good friend had just learned of the loss of a loved one. I gave my friend a hug, and out of the corner of my eye, saw Stephanie McMahon – WWE for the first time. I gave the young McMahon a smile and then departed to participate in the most awkward run-in/limp-in/stumble in sports entertainment history.

It was 14 years ago that I was the first recipient of a Stephanie on-air slap. I still remember her soaking up everything around her like a sponge; looking at me as I said, “you can slap me as hard as you can – just not on the jaw” as if they were the wisest words in the world. Ms McMahon would go on to slap dozens…and dozens more over the next 14 years – as hard as she could, but hopefully never on the jaw. But hopefully, she has a special memory of the guy she smacked first.

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  • Matt Boone

    Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

    • Cena Swallows

      Stephs getting true heel reactions , yes the authority angle is 5 months past it’s expiration date but can’t deny Stephs heat she’s getting plus she’s actually making this whole storyline entertaining , Brie is just horrible on the mic and her delivery is just as bad as D Brys(come at me fan boys)

      • Joe

        I agree steph does a great job and improved immensely from what she was when she was younger. However I will disagree with you about Daniel Bryan. Has nothing to do with being a fan boy, I’m a fan of him but he’s not my favorite. Anyways Brie is awful but Bryan is nowhere near how horrendous she is. He’s not the greatest on the mic but when he was a heel and whenever he’s been serious such some of the promos leading into last year’s summer slam I thought he did a great job. I don’t get why people think he gets so much hate for his mic work when he’s actually better then a lot of people in the wwe imo.

        • Cena Swallows

          His heel work is great but his face promos are horrible , he laughs at his own jokes and drags his emphasis too long ex. “Tonight I want a match WIITHHH YOOUUU!” and Brie does the same thing , only thing I meant in comparing

        • essinodub


      • A-Dubs

        And that impromptu make-out session in the heat of the moment was genius.

      • pwnez

        LOL! Brie is a million times worse than Bryan is on the mic. I know Bryan isn’t great at talking but comparing those two is laughable.

    • pwnez

      Stephanie is improving but Brie is not. Her promos have been so boring and forced as of late. Her attempt at making a witty joke on Raw bombed big time.

      • Cujo999

        I felt like her delivery was better this week, but that joke was horrid. Honestly, it was so bad that it turned what would have been a decent promo into a bad one. The joking also didn’t really fit into the animosity that there’s supposed to be between the two in storyline, especially from the face.

      • essinodub

        Brie’s delivery never changed… and I don’t think that the live crowd knew that she was making a joke… it’s all in delivery

      • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

        Are we really comparing the two? Brie has hardly had any mic time and this is her first main event feud… with little to no experience (I mean really… little to none, right?)

        Then you got Steph, who was born into the freakin’ company. She’s been around it her entire life. She’s been a heel since the late-90’s and been surrounded by some of the best talkers out there.

        You really can’t fairly compare the two. Of course Steph is blowing Brie out of the water – anything less would be shocking. Still, no doubt, some of Steph’s best work.

    • ibeBrave

      Am I wrong for wanting stephanie to win? Lol

      • Cena Swallows

        Co sign

      • Flying Hippo

        Does it really matter either way? I personally don’t care who wins, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Steph do some cool finisher on Brie for the win

    • rudy

      Hardcore legends don’t kiss butt. Must be trying to make up for all the slander you did earlier this year. Keep it real mick. Cm punk would never succumb to this. You’re embarrasing yourself. If you’re going to critique hard and kiss ass after, just please don’t critique. You can’t be on both sides good graces. Either the product stinks or it doesn’t. And mick, I can smell the product from a mile away.

    • Jack
      • http://www.sescoops.com Undertaker316

        in a real fight stephanie would annihilate brie bella

      • brad

        She’s so hott I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve always thought she was one of the best looking Diva’s to have ever graced pro wrestling and the cool thing is she keeps looking better with age.

        • essinodub

          Yeah those eyes are crazy!

          • brad

            No doubt.

    • brad

      Stephanie McMahon is god for business, personally it think the Diva’s division has needed her for years.

    • 10YearOldBoy

      I love the authority on raw they give me a reason to watch and see what else will happen next, who are they going to screw over just not digging the kane part he always loses.

    • essinodub

      Steph is killing it every week… top 5 heel right now… top 5 on the mic right now… and usually my favorite part of the show

      • TheCandela15 .

        Top 5 heel? I actually have no idea who is better right now. She gets the loudest boos by far.

    • essinodub

      I loved the way Steph handles the crowd… I loved how she handled the CM Punk chants at Payback… she has a comeback for every Yes chant… I loved that when the crowd booed her crazy when she call Daniel Bryan a B plus player… her reply was… SOLID B plus… just hilarious and awesome… get em, Steph

    • JuanCabrera

      The way Brie was talking on Monday, I really do hope Stephanie does win and we get Kharma back. While Stephanie is an amazing heel, Brie is pretty much just over because of her association to Daniel Bryan. We need a good face that can actually pose a threat to Stephanie McMahon’s awesome character.