Monday’s RAW Down Half A Million Viewers From Last Week

Viewership data is in for Monday’s 12/3 edition WWE RAW and the show lost almost a half million viewers from last week.

This week’s RAW averaged 3,437,000 viewers with the following hourly numbers:

Hour 1: 3,580,000
Hour 2: 3,370,000
Hour 3: 3,360,000

RAW’s overall viewership and the show’s final hour were the lowest they’ve been since RAW expanded to 3 hours on a weekly basis back in July.

NFL Monday Night Football on ESPN had over 16 million viewers this week, way up from last week’s 11 million viewers.

RAW’s best hour (Hour 1) ranked #8 on cable for the evening.

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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • HellNoNO

    Raw sucks now..

    • RespectTheSwag

      But hey the question really is….What is it that Raw sucks?

  • cappa37

    This is a punch to every indy fanboys heart!!! So what are they going to say now?!?! Their beloved CM Punk is the WWE champion, Daniel Bryan is the tag team champions, Antonio Cesaro is the US champion and their god and savior Dean Ambrose along with Seth Rollins was featured on 3 different segments. But still, I know the fanboys will come up with another excuse. Despite the whole damn show being flooded with indy talent they will find somewhere else to point a finger. smh.

    • Peer Pressure

      LOL! I swear this dude post the funniest comments on here.

    • Nelson Carvalho

      the times have changed.this is not the days that used to see the super steroids in action.
      you want to call guys like cm punk or bryan as indy wrestlers, then i call guys like hogan batista john cena jerkoffs that kisses vince’s ass just to be the center of want to talk trash about the indy wrestlers then go watch disney channel.
      arent indy wrestlers sports entertainers?yes they are.all you have is orgams watching dont say what you dont know.

      • cappa37

        Hogan is the greatest wrestler of all time. That is undeniable. Whether you like him or not, the man changed the wrestling industry, took it mainstream and made it what it is today. How much wrestling technique did he have? The leg drop was his best move. Give me a break dude. The formula is simple: Larger than life characters + charisma = ratings = success.

        • pwnez

          Hogan is one of the best entertainers…sports entertainers in WWE history. The greatest wrestler?…not a chance in hell. Their is a difference.

          • cappa37

            No you don’t get it. You think Wrestler means technical skills when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. Actual in ring skills almost doesn’t even matter. Hogan, Andre the Giant and Goldberg are proof. Wrestlers are entertaining guys with charisma… Workers are guys who have technical wrestling skills. Can the two combine? Of course! Shawn Michaels is the perfect example. But you don’t need to be a good worker to be a GREAT wrestler; ask the Rock. CM Punk may be a good worker by he is a terrible wrestler.

          • Nelson Carvalho

            «cm punk may be a good worker by he is a terrible wrestler.» are you talking about phillip brooks?! what you just wrote was absolutely b*llshit.

          • Jason

            I think what he’s trying to say is that CM Punk is technically sound in the ring, but he doesn’t have the presence that a Hulk Hogan had, or a Stone Cold, or a Rock. In other words, CM Punk literally can’t hold a candle to those guys, and nobody should have this long a title reign without being a larger than life superstar.

          • Nelson Carvalho

            thats because wwe needs to let cm punk talk and do what he want.after that people would start to enjoy him more.

        • Lefty McRighty

          Not specifically you Cappa, but it irks me when people use ‘wrestling technique’ without ever actually wrestling themselves. Hogan was technically a very sound worker because THE BUISNESS ISNT A SHOOT. It simply does not matter if you are Ricky Steamboat or Hulk Hogan, what matters is how you get booked and what you do with those bookings. Hogan was booked as the face of the company and a world beater and he took that ball and ran with it. He did everything in the ring that was expected of him because, honestly, very little was expected of him. Why in gods name would the top guy who has to wrestle 300+ days a year go out and break his back if he is already in his 30’s or 40’s and built heavy and full of muscle? He wouldnt. It’s stupid. A smaller guy has to be able to be a bump taker because people EXPECT LITTLER GUYS TO BE BUMP TAKERS. Big guys, ESPECIALLY BABYFACES are supposed to lumber, punch-kick and know two rest holds because PEOPLE EXPECT THEM TOO. American audiences get freaked out seeing big men do too much and the smaller guys on the roster resent it because then why the fuck would you watch them do flips if the 6″4 guy does them too. So out of respect if nothing else, most bigger guys refrain from doing too much in the ring but brawling and that is THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. If you want big guys doing big move trading matches, go watch All Japan. If you want big characters and parity up and down the roster as to who is allowed to do what so that everyone has something to get their shine, then watch the WWE.

          • Peer Pressure

            Are you a wrestler?

        • Nelson Carvalho

          for you to write that hogan is the greatest wrestler makes me definitely dont know what a great wrestler is.

      • Fighter

        And you think CM Punk don’t kiss Vince’s ass? After all he’s been champ for over a year. Funny how when Cena was champ for over a year he was Vince’s lap dog. Now it’s IWC’s favorite, that’s not the case. The ratings for Monday Night Raw has been plummeting ever since MITB 2011, so no despite what Solomonster claims and uses it as an excuses to cover CM Punk’s reign, IWC uses the 3 Hours as damage control to protect the recent direction WWE has taken. The facts continue to come in day in and day out, CM Punk is can hold the title for whatever how long they wish they want to keep it on how and for whatever praise the IWC gave to him on a daily and weekly basis, but ratings do not lie. If this was happening to the likes of Cena, Orton, even Triple H or Rey Mysterio or whoever the IWC refuse to endorse or not from the indy scene, the comments from the IWC would have been completely different. And so I was hearing comments, rumors and even Solomonster’s thoughts about how the voting for last week’s Raw had to be rigged because Daniel Bryan did not win. So if Daniel had win in the polls, it suddenly would not have been rigged. This is the continuous bias and ignorant attitude coming from the Internet Wrestling Community, or at least majority of them. Ever thought people is just sick and tired of seeing the indie guys all over Monday Night Raw, from Bryan to Punk and now The Shield? Ever thought the majority of fans is tired of the Indy Era in WWE? Clearly it’s not working, whether you like to admit it or not and it doesn’t really matter what kind of insult, comments or thumbs down you leave on here, it’s happening before our very eyes and yes the truth hurts. Nobody can blame Cena, despite having a number of title shots this year Cena has lost ALL of them. Plus he lost other ppv matches against Kane, Big Johnny and The Rock. Years the IWC has placed every single blame concerning the weekly ratings and ppv ratings on Cena’s back and said “If they only pushed the likes of Punk, Bryan, Cesaro, WWE would be in push better shape”. Well guess what Punk has a title, Bryan has a title, Cesaro a title and WWE is worse shape. There is no excuse.

        When you have a long reigning champion and you have a program set months ahead for him, people will lose interest in whatever match/feud/title defense he does, because people expect the same outcome one way or another. It’s the reason why I refused to order Survivor Series, first ppv in over 3 years (and that was because I went on vacation). HIAC was the perfect time to change the title, they could have gave it back to him at Survivor Series make things interesting. And that is the difference between Punk 1 year plus reign and Cena 1 year plus reign, Cena did not have some program set for Royal Rumble months in advance. Punk fans got what they wanted, Punk won at HIAC, won at SS and ratings continue to plummet under his reign. Partially because of this and he is simply not a draw, we saw that at MITB 2011.

    • pwnez

      You make no valid arguement. Put the WWE title on Mason Ryan, give the US title to Big Zeke, let Otunga and some other muscular body builder get the tag titles and you’ll still see a decline in ratings. I’m saying this because you said before how you want WWE to focus on hiring body builders and big muscular guys. The same problems would occur.

      Like others have said, times have changed. You can either accept that or you can’t and by the looks of it you cannot accept it. You’re hatred for the indy wrestlers blinds you. You don’t like them so because of that you think they are the only problem with WWE. The thing is that you couldn’t be more wrong.

      • cappa37

        Times clearly have not changed!!! That’s why the ratings are low. Your sexual attraction to indy wrestlers blinds you. You said in another post “Raw
        was actually pretty good last night. The matches were decent and most
        of the segments were entertaining.” Well, that Raw got the fewest
        viewers in the last 15 years and tied for the lowest ratings in the last 15
        years. Of course the show appealed to you, it was filled with indy
        trash-bags! But it is clearly not what the majority of WWE fans want. Numbers don’t lie. This just proves what I’ve been saying, these indy guys are killing the WWE.

        • pwnez

          I have one for you and it’s called Monday Night Football. Their aren’t many die hard wrestling fans anymore either. Do you really expect them to stay tuned in for the entire show without changing the channel? Is it really that hard to believe that football has a way bigger audience than WWE?

          You are the type of guy who thinks his opinion is fact. Ok, you don’t like indy guys…fine, but don’t try and blame them because the overall product the company produces sucks. You are just itching for a reason to bash them and you’re doing it blindly. Like I said, give us these body builders you love ohhh so much and I bet we see the same low ratings.

          Also, speak for yourself, don’t speak for the majority of fans. You dislike indy wrestlers but that doesn’t mean everyone has to or does. Vince and some of the stupid, idiotic and uncreative ideas is what’s killing WWE.

          • Fighter

            Monday Night Football my ass!

        • Nelson Carvalho

          indy guys are not killing wwe.
          there’s a point to be cleared out here and that is that more kids watch wwe now than before.and thats a fact. so they could be bored a little and change the channel.there are a lot of options for why the ratings are dropping.but dont put all the blame on the indy wrestlers.thats b*llshit.

      • Tommy

        Times have changed for the worst in WWE. Indy favoritism or not, they’ve went from having bad ass larger than life characters to a bunch of ordinary looking Joes. You could literally see some of these guys on the street and not recognize them at all, and that’s a damn shame. These people are not supposed to be regular Joes, they’re supposed to be bigger than that. They’re supposed to be the biggest, baddest, loudest people you’d ever meet in your life, which is why guys like HHH/Rock/HBK/Austin/Hogan/Taker/Savage etc.. get brought up so many times in comparison. I’m pretty sure that’s what that Jay dude is trying to say. The “Indy” generation has that every man “random Joe” look and feel to them, at least the majority of them do.

    • BrahmaBullRKO

      Probably a troll, but I’ll bite since I’m bored.

      What does them being indy stars have anything to do with people apparently not liking them? Is it because they’re not good entertainers? Oh wait, Punk, Bryan, and Ambrose all have great mic skills. Is it because they’re small? Oh, but wait, they’re not all small. You used Cesaro’s name in your rant, but he’s a pretty big guy ( rougly 6’5″ 232 lbs). Where is your argument even coming from?

      • Peer Pressure

        Them being good entertainers is just a matter of opinion. I don’t find Punk, Bryan or Cesaro entertaining, and I’m pretty sure I’m not alone. I think Bryan sucks on the mic and I’ve seen Ambrose’s work outside of the WWE, and it didn’t impress me.

        • BrahmaBullRKO

          Exactly, it’s YOUR opinion. You don’t know what’s going through everyone else’s minds, so who are you or anyone else to just assume you know what exactly is making the ratings so low? We can only give educated guesses, and blaming it on indy guys is not an educated guess because arguments for it hold no water.

          • Peer Pressure

            While I do hate indy wrestlers and their fanbase, I’ve never blamed them for the ratings being so low. WWE as a whole is just not as good as it used to be.

          • BrahmaBullRKO

            Yeah, I wasn’t necessarily speaking specifically to you. If anything, it was more toward that Jay guy (and you’re right, he is hilarious lol) or just anyone who seems to think that Punk, Bryan, Cesaro, etc. are hurting the ratings.

    • sam

      hey u motherfukin piece of shit…use a time machine and move into HOGAN’S era…he will gladly bang ur ass…punk is the damn reason if anybody watches raw…no 1 watch for cena or boring HHH,if he comes back….punk is the best entertainer and he is getting a legendary push dat only few lucky one’s get…punk’s gonna win against rock,headline WM against taker and he might break the streak…now who’s talkin bitch…u r a minority who is just jealous of punk…go and please ur lady parts bcuz u can only do dat, lmao !!

  • itfactor

    I hope this is a wake up call for WWE to go back to the 2 hour format!

  • charlemange

    lmfao what if fans took Punks advise from the first segment and turned off RAW when he told them too the first segment, I mean Punk kind of has been a ratings killer for me lately

    • Swag Daddy

      As much as I hate to say it, AJ has been mine, over done.

    • SAM

      ratings killer?? ru kiddin me….PUNK is the reason if anybody watches raw…nobody watch raw for GAY CENA !!

  • KevinW

    Everyone was watching RG3 on MNF.

    • Peer Pressure

      I know I was. Thank god for DVR.

  • the_unknown

    I honestly don’t know why wwe worries so much about ratings. They’re getting over three million viewers for THREE HOURS every monday night. I think that’s pretty damn good, am i wrong in that assumption? am i missing something here?

  • Steven Harris

    Its nothing to do with the fact that Punk is the champion, its to do with the fact that the show sucks, its too long and some of the segmens are a struggle to get through. The comedy hasent been as prevelent as it used to be, sometimes you do need that comic relief. But, its slow paced and to be fair it not with the times. And plus, you cant expect poeple to come back in drove when three guys they have proberly never herd of before are trying to make an impact, this storyline will get better and poeple might take notice and viewship might return. But, these three hour long raw dont help the situation.

    • Fighter

      it is because Punk is champion. Ratings has been dropping in a major way since MITB 2011, exactly the time Punk won the title and ran off with it. When every IWC fan figured MITB 2011 should have done a massive rating, reality strikes. But suddenly the IWC has forgotten that and refuse to bring that up. Truth hurts yeah, it’s Punk’s fault. If Cena was in his shoes or anybody else that does not have the IWC seal of approval, the IWC would claiming it’s their fault.

      • Reality

        Are you kidding? You can say the exact same thing with Cena for the past years before Punk’s glory. Geez those spitting on Punk are so full of shit, can’t get an overall view at all. Analyse the past ten years to finally understand that it’s NOT Punk’s fault, or if you will: not only.

      • ITellitLikeitIS

        Dude, the iwc have always been full of shit. They are the most delusional, most arrogant, biased people you’d ever come across. That pathetic “elitist” attitude, and then when you see them in person, they look all shaggy and ungroomed as hell. They’re so f’n creepy it’s not even funny. They worship other men that they don’t even know personally, and fight to the death to defend their honor when someone dislikes them. These are the same weird ass dudes you see on the street that are socially awkward and can’t even talk to somebody without cussing at them, insulting them, or acting like a pretentious bastard. To hell with those people. I’ve seen plenty of them at ROH shows, and other indy shows like it. They’re creepy, gross, and their whole attitude is unappealing and straight up stinks. It wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t have many friends at all. Who the hell wants to be around their pretentious elitist punk asses.

  • Andrew Eisenhower

    could it possibly be because they are recycling the same crap from the nexus days ( with a few new bells and whistles of course ) punk isnt the problem … the product has gotten stale and predictable … there is no reason for people to tune in because they know they wont be surprised but the events on the show

  • Tennindo Tennison

    Punks long title run will ever be shadowed by the horrible viewer ratings making him the lowest rating, longest raining WWE Champion this generation. Darn shame too. cuz its just not all his fault

  • thebody

    Pretty much Deja-Vu, Nexus,,,, NWO,,,, D-Generation X,,,, Nation of Domination,,,, what ever Orton’s group a couple years ago,,,, whatever Triple H, Orton’s and Bastita’s group was called before that,,,, and too many more to mention,,, now we have now The Shield guess I’ll quit watching again till that experiment fails.

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    Breaking News: Only the USA Network, Vince, and some of you smark’s care about Nielsen ratings. The Neilsen ratings are severely outdated. They do not include DVR, HULU, YouTube, and the various other ways you can watch Raw every week that are not counted. As a fan, why would I care about a shift in ratings, or which segment draws 50,000 less viewers than another segment? Bottom line, just enjoy the show.

    • Lefty McRighty

      I have a reason why they care. Because when ratings are good, we know that we dont have to explain why we ‘watch that fake crap’. When ratings are good we can point to them and say ‘See?! Were not the only ones! MILLIONS of people watch it too!” Its paranoia from before and just after the Attitude boom.

  • WWE Universe

    We want TV-14 !!!

  • Vince Alvarado

    I love the hate “indy” guys get, since Cena became the face of the company, haven’t ratings slowly dwindled down and down and down all through the years

    • Nelson Carvalho

      what you just wrote was pure gold.

    • Fighter

      Actually the ratings started to spin out of control since MITB 2011. Ever since then it’s been a constant spiral with here and there a a spike in ratings. While Cena was champ, despite ratings did drop, it remained STABLE.

  • Late Train

    Monday Night Football and the fact that the product just isn’t as good as it used to be. Not a good combination for ratings.


    The moment Punk told everyone to change the channel. People have already been doing that anyway…

  • Trevor

    People like football more than wrestling. No big deal. Everybody involved is still making money.


    I don’t see CM Punk looking that strong heading in to face the Rock. When he became heel, he became a bitchmade coward. When he turned heel, they should have kept him a heel but not make him a coward. Like when Taker was a heel in ’02-’03. He didn’t need to get cheap fluke victories, he didn’t need to crawl like a worm like the way Punk did at Survivor Series to pick up the scraps, he didn’t run away mid match, and he didn’t curl up into a ball in the corner turn buckle like a straight up BITCH the way CM Punk did at RAW 1000 when Big Show interfered in his match. I’ll never forget the way Punk looked that night, that shit was embarassing to look at. When Taker was a heel and Stone Cold was a heel back in ’01 they were heels but they kept their cool and remained bad asses in the ring. So CM Punk now looks like a chump going up against the Rock instead of looking like a heel badass that could hold his own. That’s why his heel run sucks, because it took alot from his character and turned him into the cliche coward bitch heel that all the other past heels were. And to be honest I don’t know who’s writing Punk’s script, or if he’s going on the fly with some of his shit.. but he’s boring to the extreme! That dude says the same shit every week. And when he talks in the ring, he talks like a punk ass geek. He doesn’t talk hard, or badass at all. Taker/Rock/Austin didn’t waste time talking shit and trying to outwit people on the mic. What they said was short, sweet, and to the point and then delivered an asswhippin right after that. Everytime Punk gets on the mic and gives that boring ass 10 min diatribe, he reminds me of Matt striker and that’s not a good thing. I can’t wait till this Punk era is done man..

  • juan

    wwe is a joke with it’s dumb storylines, dumb PG shit and weak matches the old days wre better until the idiots choose to go to preschool level tv that’s what PG is

  • liljimmy

    Lets put ryback murdering a real chicken then cook it and eat it on live raw while the fans chants feeds us too feed us too.

  • jdbrown

    The featured players in those final two hours Vickie Guerrero and C.M. Punk. If Vickie wasn’t Eddie’s wife, she wouldn’t even have a job with this company. She’s even worse than when Stephanie McMahon used to be a heel authority figure. At least Steph, was easy on the eyes. After the tag team match Cena was involved in at the top of the second hour, the show went downhill from there. In other words, once Cena’s part was done, people started tuning out. For as much as the internet wrestling community likes to hype their indy fed heroes, they don’t draw worth a lick.

  • morrisonfanone

    Is anyone shocked? It just keeps going downhill.