More Details On Bruno Sammartino’s WWE Negotiations

More details are coming out regarding Bruno Sammartino’s decision to finally make peace with WWE and agree to join their Hall of Fame. Aside from Sammartino’s talks with Triple H regarding the various changes that have taken place both behind the scenes (WWE’s Wellness policy, far less drug use than in previous eras) and on television (less profanity & sexual content), a big component of the deal was money. Sammartino reportedly gave Triple H a price that he was looking for and told several friends that he did not expect Vince McMahon to agree.

Sammartino said during the negotiations that if the deal didn’t come together this year, he would never consider joining the Hall of Fame again. He even told his sons that they should never sign off on him being inducted after he passes away, if they were not able to reach a deal this year. Despite the high asking price, said to be approximately what a WWE main eventer would get for WrestleMania, Vince McMahon gave the okay.

Sammartino’s deal with WWE is for more than just a Hall of Fame induction. He is now part of the extended WWE family and will be taking part in future DVD projects, icnluding the 50th anniversary History of WWE release scheduled for late this year. There will also likely be a Bruno Sammartino DVD release and he is expected to take part in a documentary and do commentary over some of his classic matches. It’s also possible he will appear on the WWE Legends Round Table show on 24/7 Classics on Demand and could even appear on a future episode of RAW.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

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  • Forceton Banfodder

    It’s always about the money. Fact is, Sammartino will make far more money signing a legends deal with all the merchandising included than he’ll make for the HOF induction alone. Smart on both halves of this deal to move forward, for all of us.

    Bret Hart might not have anything nice to say about Triple H, but do you think Bret Hart would’ve been able to schmooze Sammartino to the negotiating table, much less agree?

    • kquickstillsucks

      No Bret would probably tell Bruno he is better than him over and over lol. Bret has never been about business its about Bret.

      • Progress_Now

        well, Bret did screw Bret, so obviously it’s always about Bret. I get the feeling he likes people feeling sorry for him. of course he’d never admit it.

    • Roger Penland

      who was the one in the comments of the breaking story on this site saying he heard it was up to 10$ million?

      and why bring Bret into this? he never did like triple h, but other than that, why would he even be in that position?

      • Forceton Banfodder

        If I have to connect the dots for you, it’s not worth the time.

    • tiran66

      Legend contracts are for keeping guys like SCSA and HBK at home and not showing up at TNA. Sammartino isn’t getting a legends contract, he hasn’t been seen near a wrestling promotion in any capacity for a very long time. And even if he did show up at TNA or an indy the money and hype he would generate wouldn’t be worth worrying enough about to put him under contract.

    • Croatian Country Boy

      Sure money is and always will be a main focus. However, Sammartino is exactly what the WWE needs to solidify some credibility which is desperately needed. I’m just curious if a storyline is being written? Will we see a brief Sammartino return to the ring? i.e. A possible SHIELD attack

      As far as Bret and HHH are concerned, I’m a Calgarian and know the Hart family well. Bret is one of more sane of the bunch. Had WWE asked Bret to negotiate with Sammartino, he would’ve done it quicker and more efficiently. Why?

      1. The Hart name is synonymous with wrestling… the Levesque name isn’t;
      2. Stu Hart trained and Bret wrestled the type of wrestling that is dear to Bruno’s heart… HHH didn’t;
      3. Bret’s style of wrestling is similar to Bruno’s… both were technicians;
      4. Neither played with drug enhancement;

      As far as HHH and Bret are concerned. I hold both in the highest regard… HOWEVER… alas, HHH will never be at the level and professionalism that Bret had and still has. Bret along with a handful of other wrestlers are have a natural gift for wrestling. You can see it in Bret, you can’t see it in HHH, and it’s a shame that Bret’s career ended the way it did.

      BTW… HHH outshines HBK

  • Peer Pressure

    Sammartino is way before my time, but Randy Savage is not. It would be awesome if he got inducted next. OOOOH YEAAA!

  • 7 year old boy

    Man I lost so much respect for him after seeing the greed he has for the money.

    • Randy James Crawford

      Why without Bruno they would have lost money in the past and if he does all that in the deal who cares, If Bruno is on a future episode of Raw it could be with CM Punk.

  • Progress_Now

    Bruno is a whore, nothing more. and a fuckin ugly one at that. and seriously let’s face it, how much REAL wrestling skill did he really have in his prime? did anyone? they keep talkin about him like he’s a wrestling god……I’ve seen matches of his and others’, they’re friggin snoozefests. it’s like geriatric wrestling.

    don’t even get me started on the Steamboat/Savage match that everyone praises. it’s something I’d make my young niece watch to put her to sleep.

    • KobesFro

      You sound mad, hit a blunt; hop off the net and read a book

    • leno

      Get away from the rassling websites, go outside, get some air, take a break…..take a break.

    • aj2345

      Same thing I say about Ric Flair. Snoozefests.

    • Bob Paglione

      Why, because after all the years of lining the McMahon’s pockets with money he wanted some at the end. If not for him there would never had been a WWE, WWF, WWWF. Boy some of you youngsters are so stupid it’s not funny. It’s sad!

  • Craig DeBoard

    Say what you will about Triple H, but the guy seems to be doing really well in his new behind the scenes role (i.e. signing Sin Cara and Kharma (hopefully she returns one day), re-signing Jericho, a year long Punk title reign and now this. I’m really digging how the company is evolving.

    • Backstreet Bungalow

      Kharma was a bust and Sin Cara isn’t as big of draw as everyone hoped he would be. HHH has a role backstage but I still don’t think he has that much say yet without approval. I would say Jericho and CM Punk’s title reign are thanks to Vince. He even had to approve Bruno’s request to be inducted.

      • Bob Paglione

        Show’s you how much you know. They have been after Bruno for more years then you’ve been alive

    • Progress_Now

      lolwut? Kharma wasn’t around long enough to become a draw and SinCara…….well, he’s only considered a draw in Santino’s tea party land. frankly he sucks and there’s absolutely nothing interesting about him in the slightest. he’s a waste of roster space.