More On Lesnar’s New WWE Contract, WM29 World Hwt. Title Match, Punk vs. Ryback

– CM Punk vs. Ryback will be headlining several upcoming WWE live events. WWE Champion The Rock is not scheduled for any house shows and will only be working RAW, SmackDown and PPV shows.

– The current plan for the World Heavyweight title match at WrestleMania 29 is Randy Orton vs. Sheamus. Since neither man is currently champion, that means that Del Rio’s title reign will probably end at Elimination Chamber.

– As noted over the weekend, Brock Lesnar has signed a new 2-year deal with WWE that will keep him with the company through WrestleMania 31 in 2015. It’s believed that Lesnar will be required to work only 3 pay-per-view events per year. There is some talk that Lesnar actually signed the deal backstage before Monday’s RAW from Las Vegas.

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Brad Davis

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  • Sisisi!

    Basically the same deal I guess, I hope they use his Raw days better.

  • nightmare from hell

    Vince need to sign Goldberg next

    • HollywoodRonCorleone

      Fuck Goldberg

      • HollywoodRonCorleone

        Goldberg disliked my post lol

    • cappa37

      Goldberg is small now… he’s lost a lot of mussel and doesn’t look the same. IT would just hurt his legend.

      • HollywoodRonCorleone

        Hurt what legacy? His legacy for fucking up Bret Hart’s career? Goldberg doesnt give a shit about wrestling or its fans or its history.. Thats why he will never come back to wwe and that is why I say Fuck Goldberg….

        • Steve James

          Wait, Goldberg gave Bret a stroke back in the early 2000’s?! That sonofabitch!

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    I’m not sure who is more of a diva………. Brock or Rock. Like who is able to blow Vince the best and get their way?

    • RatingsGoUp4Stars

      Yeah because ratings would have been so much better with out Rock and Brock. With The Rock coming back you would have been seeing John Cena vs Alberto Del Rio XIX

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        I’m sick of this shit of Brock and Rock getting ratings. you people act like they (the ratings) skyrocket anytime those two are on TV.

        • Hershey Maxwell Barber


        • Stoops Nic

          They do. Not to mention retail sail. Those two bring in your casual fans. You are clearly a fan but you got to know that without these types of big name appearances the overall product suffers.

          • Superlative

            You are aware that Brock and Rock won’t be around forever, the company really should invest some more stock into guys like Ziggler who have all of the tangibles to be just as big of a draw as those two men.

        • df7215

          …Because they do go up, not to mention the PPV buy rates, merchandise sales and live attendance they bring. You’re delusional (ie trying to find a reason to be not like them) if you think they’re not legit “good for business.”

          • sdelfin

            he didn’t say the the ratings don’t go up because of them. He said they don’t skyrocket. I don’t know a lot about TV ratings. At first glance, it doesn’t looks like ratings or buys go up tremendously because of these two. But I don’t know what’s good or what the WWE expects. I’m not sure anyone else knows either.

          • df7215

            Last year’s Mania buys were the best they’ve had. This year probably won’t top it, but I bet it’ll be close and people are kidding themselves if they think Rock doesn’t have a large part in that.

        • Fighter

          400+ days CM Punk failed to do anything with the ratings, it was under him for three weeks straight Raw pulled in it’s lowest ratings in 15 years. I’m not forgetting back in 2011, when you fools claim CM Punk as WWE Champion will fix the ratings. Well when he did won the title and the ratings flopped, your argument was give him more time. Well he’s had over a year, longer than anyone on here believed would be and guess what? The ratings got worst under CM Punk. He was pulling in lower viewers, than The Big Show, Big Johnny and Cena and AJ Lee, when they was on television. CM Punk as WWE Champion is a ratings FLOP. And you’re sick of it because it’s the fucking truth and you and ever other CM Punk ass kisser knows it. When Rock went on television ratings went up. When Brock was on television ratings went up. When Cena and Rock headline WM, WM did it’s best buys since WM23, you know a time when Punk was not even relevant. It’s one thing to have idiots come on here day in and day out praising Punk and complaining about the likes of Cena, Rock and Lesnar. Then there is another thing when the man you praise can’t gain viewers, while the others you complain, makes more money for the company than Punk can even dream of. Punk was crappy WWE Champion, when it came down to the ratings. People 100.000s of them tuned out whenever Punk WWE Champion popped on television. Then one night Vince showed up and behold Punk actually had a time on television where the viewers actually tune in and you people (IWC idiots) are stupid enough to use that as an excuse that Punk is a draw. Vince was the draw, not Punk.

          • Jeremy-County Roberts

            I’m sick of you ass clowns blaming punk for the low ratings. Punk does not write the fucking script. Punk does not make the storylines. You want to blame anyone…………..blame Vince. Look at last night. That whole show was a joke till the very end.

          • Thomas Wing

            Yet you watch it. If Punk is on TV and the ratings either stay the same or go low……THEN THAT IS ON PUNK! Your logic is beyond me. First you say: I’m sick of Rock & Brock getting ratings. Why do they get ratings? Because people don’t get to see the all the time and people want to see them. If the ratings are bottoming out or hitting a platuea then that means that Punk is just not as popular or just overexposed. I’m leaning on overexposed.

          • Jeremy-County Roberts

            i never said “I’m sick of Brock and rock getting ratings” lmfao. I said I’m sick of you clowns thinking these two draw in allllllllllllllllllllll the damn viewers and send the ratings to some new level.

          • Plans

            He raided you

          • Steve James

            PER SESCOOPS.COM:
            The ratings are in for Monday’s RAW – and WWE has reason to feel very confident about the state of the company’s flagship show headed into WrestleMania season.

            Monday’s 1/28 post-Royal Rumble edition of WWE RAW drew a 3.7 rating with 5.02 million viewers, the best performance (and the first time the show has cracked 5 million viewers) since RAW went to 3 hours back on July 23rd, 20112 for the RAW 1,000 special.

            Here is the hourly viewership data:

            Hour 1: 4,860,000
            Hour 2: 5,270,000
            Hour 3: 4,930,000

            Yes, RAW lost viewers in the final hour again, which has been the trend of the 3-hour RAW era. However, that third hour nearly broke 5 million viewers, so there’s really not much to complain about. Overall, it’s a strong indication of The Rock’s drawing power and fan interest coming out of the Royal Rumble.

          • dabuz

            The Rock and Punks segment started the third hour so technically they lost viewership.

          • pwnez

            It’s ashame that no one (and i’m not just talking about you) has mentiond anything about the horrible, predictable, crappy and childish product WWE is giving us. Do all of you honestly think that has NOTHING to do with why ratings suck? How many of us channel flip during raw, honestly. The product is not what it use to be and I swear the AE marks have no yet realized this. Their is never just one reason as to why the ratings are low, never.

            Now before you go bashing me for being a Punk mark let me say that I do agree with you that he didn’t pop ratings. He helped a little back in the summer of 2011 and when he was facing Jericho (as a face) but besides that the numbers were down. I will also say that it’s not just his fault. I remember not too long ago Miz lost over 700,000 viewers during one of his segments, the numbers drop when Cena cuts terrible promos like the one he did a week ago and hell, Sheamus, Big Show, ADR, and alot of other “top” talent isn’t helping the situation any. Put all this together and you’re going to get weak ratings.

            Yeah, you’re right, Rock can draw and only an idiot would argue that. He brought in numbers when he returned because once again, the AE die-hard fans love seeing him because they cannot get over the fact that the AE is done with. Now, if you look at the numbers as of late and the viewership, you’ll see that even Rock hasn’t helped the ratings THAT much. We’re getting 3.0 numbers which is what WWE use to do regularly if not higher (in the 3.2+) If the storylines suck, if these fans are getting tired of the childish, kiddie storylines you can bank on the ratings being the way they are for a long time.

        • ahndaewoong

          WWE feels that way because when Rock came back last year, there were times when RAW gained over 1,000,000 viewers for his segments. It’s those numbers that are used to gain sponsors and get more money to pay people in WWE even when Rock and Brock aren’t around.

          All of the wrestlers complaining about Rock and Brock coming back are some of the same ones complaining that they didn’t come back. Bottom line is they had the whole year to make an impact and failed to do so. It’s not like Cena or Punk would be wrestling one of them if Rock wasn’t there.

    • cappa37

      you are an idiot. Blow Vince? Buddy, Lesnar has Vince on a leash. $5 million for 3 ppvs a year, which means 3 matches per year… u call that blowing Vince?? lol. You must be one of those losers that like watching 190 pound indy rejects like Cm Punk and Daniel Bryan 24/7. GTFO.

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        those “rejects” could break you in half in a matter of seconds.

        • Fighter

          Those rejects, can’t save the company. Punk held that title for 0ver 400 days and he failed to bring up ratings and you sit there all delusional with the other IWC CM Punk followers claiming he’s the best thing ever and actually cry that Rock end his reign. Punk did absolutely nothing for the company as WWE Champion. You tell me what exactly he accomplished, because for 3 weeks straight under CM Punk WWE ratings dropped to it’s lowest in 15 years. That means Khali brought in better ratings than CM Punk. But you sit like the hypocrite you are and claim they can actually do something. Well guess what? They can’t! WWE went on decades without them and they sure as hell can go on with out them or you idiots as well. If the IWC was such a force to be reckon with then Punk would have at least one day as champion where he did not lose viewers. Not even counting when Vince showed up, because ALL credit goes to Vince when he’s on television and ratings go up. You actually think Punk would be a ratings draw at Mania? If hje can’t do it on Raw or Smackdown or on PPV, then he sure as hell can’t pull it off at WM. But you’re too stupid to realize that. Idiotic Wrestling Community.

      • pwnez

        To be fair, Punk isn’t a reject since he just had a 400+ day title reign. Bryan is over and the fans love him. Reject isn’t the word to describe either guy. Punk still has a big fanbase whether his haters want to admit that or not. Believe it or not, some (some being the keyword) indy wrestlers actually have talent.

        • Fighter

          If they are so over, show much the ratings, when they are on television. Oh yeah they stopped showing them on here ever since the almighty Punk became champion. Well if you look it up, you will see both Daniel and Punk is rating killers. Matter of fact after Mania, it was Cena, Big Show, AJ Lee, and Johnny who was pulling in the ratings for Raw. Not the WWE Champion, not Daniel Bryan. but of course, Sescoops and their bias reporting will never report that, because their guys was the so called top dogs. LOL

          • pwnez

            Wrestlezone doesn’t show them anymore either. You can’t put the blame on one guy, that’s just stupid. Rock hasn’t popped ratings that much. Wasn’t it last week where the third hour dropped in ratings even though that’s when Punk AND Rock did their promos? The numbers is still 3.0 which is low for this time of year.

            DVR is hurting numbers, football (and don’t say that’s bullcrap because you know it’s true,) and how about the simple fact that raw sucks? Who is going to sit through the entire show without changing channels? Only the real die-hard fans will and their isn’t many. You can use Punk as a reason to bash ratings but in the end you know that’s invalid. I through facts your way, I suggest you do more research and get some common sense. BTW, Miz, ADR, Cena and Sheamus didn’t help ratings when they were champions. The numbers kept bouncing up and down. Look it up.

      • 2muchfire

        Lmao !!! The truth you speak sir. CM Punk sucks and DB is stale.

    • SimpleLogic

      How much of a retard are you? You do realise that Cena will of only agreed to lose to Rock if he had his petty rematch this year for the WWE Championship. Its Cena who blows Vince more than anyone. Putting the WWE Championship on Rock is not because he wants his own way, its because they need Rock Cena 2 but this time for the Title.

  • joeychizez

    So as of right now it is going to be Rock vs. Cena for the WWE Title (Face vs. Face) and Sheamus vs. Orton for the World Title (Face vs. Face). Personally I don’t like that but what the hell am I going to do about it? I would rather see Ziggler vs. Bryan for the World Title but that isn’t gonna happen.

    • mrchopper

      Yeah, but the amount of hate for both and Cena and Rock means everybody be cheering the lesser of two evils.

      • WWWYKI

        Rock doesn’t have a lot of hate. Those people were crazy in Las Vegas and Arizona for The Rock. Wrestlemania will be just a bunch of rematches but they will most likely put on an even better match than before.

        • mrchopper

          Maybe I move in the wrong circles, but I’ve seen a lot of dislike for old Rocky.

          • Bro88

            No you are in the right circles if you ask me.

    • BEASTziggler

      They are going to turn Randy Orton heel. Don’t know about Rock vs Cena but the reality is that Cena will always be face and Rock is getting old and they don’t want him to retire as a heel so yeah. Probably will be face vs face

  • Rub

    I think his return is pointless. He is not important any more and irrelevant. His returns arent even excited knowing the fact that he isn’t going to wrestle any time soon

  • pwnez

    It sucks for those who are going to these house shows expecting to see their WWE champion. As for Lesnar, they should have made it 4 or 5 PPVs a year or to at least make more raw appearances.

  • chris keller

    i think they should team up, call it “Rock Lesnar” or Brock N Rock connection…

  • Fido Riko

    Wrestlemania 29 is shaping up to be the worst WM of all time. It’s all about the rematches. Brock/HHH 2, Rock/Cena 2, Sheamus/Randy 3. That right there sucks. I still have hope of Punk/Taker at Mania, even though we have seen the match several times before.

  • Smith

    Punk vs Rock vs Cena at Mania would be pretty cool, it’s that or put Punk with Taker.

  • Holliezboy5711

    People like Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler and many others, work the a$$’s off and get half of what Brock gets for working only 3 matches a year. This is why people ask for releases.

    • Bro88

      Half is way overestimating what upper mid carders get, they are probably making 5-10% of what he makes if theyre lucky.

  • SOBI

    lolx The Son In Law to the Rescue
    HHH will be all mad at Brock and once again the wwe universe will have to forget all the intense encounters b/w VKM and HHH in the Past

  • WWEFan4Life

    Is it just me or is everyone getting tired of the Ryback/Punk feud?
    A good opponent for Ryback would at least be another wrestler who botches pretty bad…

    • Bro88

      It was tired before it even started.

    • Steve James


  • genericWWEfan

    i dont understand why people like Brock at all. And i really dont understand why WWE is dumping millions on this guy to make a few appearances a year. Thats such a waste of money. They have so many other great superstars on their roster that have potential. Ziggler is an obvious one. Theres Kofi, Sin Cara, Tyson Kidd, Justin Gabriel, PTP could be a pretty good tag team if they get the chance. Put Bryan or Kane or Miz back in the spot light. But instead, WWE once again babys Cena to have a rematch at WM with the Rock, which after reading tweets and other message boards NO ONE wants to see let alone a Sheamus vs Orton rematch. Im sick of always seeing Cena/Big Show/Brock in the main event. I didnt list the Rock cause he does a pretty good job. Same with Punk. Punks gimmick has been kind of stale lately but hes still a great performer both wrestling and mic skills. Hell, i get more excited when 3MB comes out than Cena.

  • Rashad Jackson

    so with the EC coming up in 3 weeks i guess and take it that we wont see undertaker until AFTER the EC ppv..which makes sense…punk will lose again vs. the rock at EC..then the next night on raw he will come out n bitch how hes still the best in the world and how his streak for holding the title is the best ever then taker comes back…i hope..
    cuz i was hoping for him to come back last night or at RR but didnt so it only make sense to do it after EC

  • Thomas-24/7 (Mutascale)

    Well, the Internet fully speculated that The Rock vs John Cena would happen, and it did. So I would not be surprise if Randy faced Sheamous-hopefully one of them turns heel- for the World Heavyweight Championship. As for Brock Lesnar, there are several possibilities for between now and 2015.

  • mike c

    I thought ziggler could be a good headliner, but hes just a good in ring performer. he has not enteratinment value at all. his promos are boring as hell, all it is his him sayin hes so good in the ring, he has no direction to take his image. he will go on a long list of wwe elite in ring performers who had to take a back seat to the hogans, cenas and rocks. rick rude, bulldog, endless guys never got top dues. eveeryone hates on the babyfaces but they draw people, get people wanting to buy tickets to see them in the flesh, cm punk is good at promos, especially shoot promos but face to face in the ring with the rock, he lookslike he shouldnt be there and i could never believe his midget karate kickin ass could stop a beast like rocky or lesnar, sorry indy fags

  • Hairzy1990

    Well the only good thing I guess is that Brock Lesnar is now with the WWE til 2015 at least!