More On RAW’s Low Rating, Video From After RAW Of CM Punk Getting Carried Out

– As noted earlier, Monday’s RAW had just 3.44 million million viewers. The show did a 2.55 overall rating, down from last week’s 2.72. This was the lowest number for RAW in nearly 15 years for a non-holiday show.

– Reader Dave Wilson posted the following video on Youtube of what happened after Monday’s WWE RAW went off the air. CM Punk gets carried out of the ring after getting beat down by Ryback at the end of the show:

* Backstage Reaction To CM PUNK’s Emergency Surgery & The Latest On RYBACK’s Rumored WrestleMania Opponent

Brad Davis

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  • Jeff

    WWE Seriously has to come up with a way to stop losing viewers.Let’s be honest,it’s not the 3 hours that’s causing the bad ratings,It’s the fact that the show doesn’t have much star power and people are getting tired of seeing the same faces everyweek

    • siberian_skies

      Don’t forget the countless replays. And I thought a lie detector test as the last segment was weak.

    • Rational Response

      agreed, it also has to do with not resolving storylines, fans invest there time in storylines to have them forgotten about or have lackluster endings. wrestling fans dont forget, you can only have so many ‘hornswoggle was the anon GM’ moments before people throw their hands up and stop tuning in,

      • RampageDeluxe

        Before I begin a watching a new TV series on Netflix, I find out if the show ran its course and had finality or closure. If the show didn’t, then I wont watch it. Thats what has happened with me and the WWE, they left me hanging too many times.

    • Forceton Banfodder

      I’ve all but stopped watching RAW… it just gets painful to see some of the crap they’re coming up with to fill 3 hours.

      I will continue to blame Vince McMahon for trying to homogenize wrestling and killing any legitimate markets that he could’ve pooled wrestlers from. The shows lack of any main characters is the main drive downhill. I heard the crowd cheering for Cena constantly during what little of Raw I did watch so apparently he really is the only draw they have which sucks for the rest of us who are tired of seeing him float the entire show.

      • Soda Popinsko

        “All but stopped”. Really? Really?…Really…? Dude you watch quit lying. What else do you have to live for masturbation? How are you gonna say u dont watch dont care yet you comment on every article. I call bullshit.

        • Forceton Banfodder

          Do my words confuse you? Have you never heard this phrase uttered before? Yes I still tune in but I’ve quit caring, quit paying much attention to the storylines, and quit caring about the future of the product, I do however still tune in on Monday hoping something will make it palatable to watch, but then some horrible plan for the show is announced like a lie detector test and I know without even watching it that it is going to be a horrible segment of bad acting instead of wrestling. Then I get to the horrible Cena/Sheamus tag team match and decide fuck this, I’ll play WWE13 instead because at least in the game I can see some cool matches. So I have all but stopped watching. Get it? Does this phrase make sense to you now?

          As far as commenting on every article? Have you seen me around much in the last couple weeks? Ask some of the regulars or check my history, I haven’t been paying much mind to this site either. As in, All but stopped coming here. As in, I still come here every now and then, thumb up a few posts, thumb down retarded posts like yours. If I feel like making a comment I do, then I go on about my merry fucking way because I’ve just really stopped giving much of a shit lately.

          At least here, I can at get an overview of what the WWE is fucking all up to hell, and then I don’t feel so bad for not tuning in for Smackdown anymore or not finishing watching an entire episode of RAW for the last month. The fucked up part for this fan is I don’t feel the slightest bit of remorse deleting the Raw without finishing it, or deleting Smackdown without even watching it.

  • Haters Gonna Hate

    Ryback is a liability in the ring, and he’s going to continue hurting people if he isn’t more careful. FEED HIM…WRESTLING LESSONS!

    • Rational Response

      except he’s not a liability, he hasnt hurt one person. he didnt injure punk here

    • pwnez

      Just think if he botches the shellshock on someone and ends up injuring them. This is why if they plan on having him face Big Show he needs to practice picking him up.

  • jccox01

    They could go back to actually calling the wrestling moves during matches instead of talking about twitter and what’s on kim kardashian’s ass.

    • tiran66

      Agreed. Another issue I finally figured out on Monday has to do with Cole. We all know JR is better then Cole, and it actually has little to do with his unbearable heel character. Cole can actually be fairly good when given the leeway but I noticed something on this past Raw, when Cole counts near falls you can really tell that he knows it isn’t going to go to 3. I realized that I’m able to tell if a fall is going to happen or not as soon as Cole says 1. He obviously knows when the finish to matches are going to happen but he doesn’t try to mask his foreknowledge in his voice. That’s something JR did better then anyone.
      If you want to know what I’m talking about go watch the Jeff Hardy/Undertaker championship ladder match. Everyone and their dog knew Taker wasn’t dropping the belt to Hardy but listening to JR screaming; “Come on kid! Climb your ass off!”
      made you think maybe, just maybe he was going to do it. That’s one of the biggest problems on Raw, Cole just doesn’t know how to make the audience suspend their disbelief and really get emotionally involved in the matches.

      • jccox01

        Cole isn’t bad if they let Cole announce like he did back with Tazz. They just shoved Cole down our throats for months and now no one can really stand listening to him.

        • tiran66

          It’s not about the base job of announcing a match that is the problem, it’s Cole’s seeming inability to make the listeners get emotionally involved in a match. You can just tell Cole is reading from a script so to say. When you listen to JR announce, weather it’s a bottom card match or the Wrestlemania main event, he can make you feel like the match means something and the guys involved are important. JR knows when the finish is coming, just as Cole does, but he will still get excited when calling a near fall after a big move. Cole just phones it in, killing the drama since you can tell as soon as he says 1 that the guy is going to kick out before he does. If he isn’t too busy telling us what’s trending on Twitter atm to actually call a near fall that is. There’s a reason wrestlers such as Stone Cold and HHH and Undertaker demand that JR announce their matches, they understand the importance of fans not only getting into the physical part of the match but also the importance of hearing the drama behind it as it unfolds.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Hasn’t punk been seen limping around for a while now? This could all have been a set up for him to go to surgery and use it in the storyline.

  • Two Cents

    Highlight of the night was an appearance of VKM and a lie detector test, of course Raw’s ratings were that low. Besides seeing how pissed Punk looked to be paired off with Miz (not the segment, just his looking to explode any moment), The Shield, and the fatal four way, Raw sucked.

    • Dan Kincaid

      The VKM segment with Vicki? That blew dude

  • Austin316

    as much as Vince wants to ignore it….this is still a wrestling show, you can’t call it World “WRESTLING” Entertainment and have such boring segments of Sandow out looking for a apprentice for 10 minutes and then you have Vicky out there the past 3 weeks trying to keep the AJ/Cena scandal when clearly no one cares, and you end the show with a lie detector test. I hope RAW continues to lose ratings so maybe Vince can wake up and realize the show needs better writers and the show needs to be a little more edgy I think to keep the 13+ year old viewers interested.

  • Aparpak

    WWE, lose the small faction group attacks approach. We get it, they attack and people get hurt. That’s old news even before you guys decide to put it to TV.

    Hell, bring the cruiserweights back. Something to fill up your 3 hours with WRESTLING, not with TNA ripoff storylines or backstage vignettes.

  • dae

    Watched Raw on the DVR in 2 hours. First time in a long time I’ve taken that long. Only had to fast forward through Punk’s whining. That tag match in the third hour that Teddy Long changed into a title match was a great move. Holla! Long for Raw GM!

  • synkara

    I was just watching WCW Battlebowl 1991 and 1992 tag matches and battle royal plus other matches with Muta and Windham and Dustin Rhodes. GREAT matches, not over-rehearsed video-game-like routines. These old matches went 22-28 minutes, with LLOOOOOOONNNNGG headlocks and armbars and other wrestling moves. Currently, if a wrestler holds a headlock for more than 15 seconds the crowd starts chanting Boring.
    What dumbasses ! ! ! Its supposed to be wrestling and 22 years ago in WCW, there WAS wrestling ! ! !