More On Bruno Sammartino Movie In The Works, New SmackDown Theme

– Friday’s SmackDown saw the debut of a new theme song for the show, which is “Born 2 Run” by the band 7Lions.

– With back in the fold with WWE, talks have intensified between WWE Studios’ Muchael Luisi and movie producers for theplanned feature film.

While no deal has been finalized, a script, written by Scott Rosenfelt and Paul Guay, has already been completed that spans Bruno’s life from 1943 when the Nazis took over Pizaferato, Italy through 1995.

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  • WWEFan4Life

    Good theme for smackdown.

  • Kyle Verge

    i bieleve that was the song for smackdown for a while now at least it was here in canada

    • Kyle Verge


  • qwertyboy619

    Santino Marella for the lead role.

  • Word

    I hate Green Day and their cheesy music for SmackDown!, it sounded like a damn kids bop song, or song from a sitcom, with the Characters smiling at you as they’re introduced… cue Sheamus *grin* ugh so stupid.