More On The Changes To WWE’s Creative Team & Paul Heyman’s Role

As noted earlier, former WWE creative team member Court Bauer revealed on Twitter that David Kreizman, who started with WWE several months ago, is now a WWE head writer.

Kreizman is a former soap opera writer (“All My Children”) and has won several Daytime Emmy Awards. Kreizman fills the void left by Eric Pankowski, who left the company earlier this month.

WWE is looking to hire more former soap opera writers, according to

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz, who writes most of The Rock’s material, has also been stepping up on the creative side. There is still no real push for Paul Heyman to join the creative team, although he does work with various wrestlers who seek his advice.

Brad Davis

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  • Andrew Campbell

    Paul Heyman would be a great asset to the WWE’s creative team. It seems like a waste not to utilize him. Smackdown was an incredible show, not to mention the ‘A’ show, in 2003 when Heyman was on the creative team.

    • Pozessed

      I agree. Heyman outshined Raw when writing Smackdown and if given the chance I reckon he could turn Smackdown relevant again in about 3 months or maybe less.

      • Andrew Campbell

        Yeah definitely. IMO Smackdown is already the better show right now, but Raw doesn’t exactly set the bar very high these days tbh.

    • Guest

      Well in the def of’s not hard to make anything better to watch than Evolution dominating for two hours.

  • AVPredator4985

    Did anyone see the wrestling episode of South Park? Nuff said.

    • RyanStewart2007

      They Tuk His Gurl, AND they tuk his Jerb?

  • bigsmooth

    one of the dirt sheets biggest problems is reporting things that aren’t newsworthy with misleading headlines. “paul heymans role” implies he is somehow involved, yet the report essentially reported absolutely nothing beyond what we know already. c’mon.

    • Sisisi!

      That’s how they get hits -> money, in reality most people would do the same.

  • moody1


  • MissyH316

    Soap opera writers, with that qualification alone, are NOT qualified to write for professional wrestling!! They NEED guys like Heyman who KNOW the business! It’s NOT the same thing!

    Wrestling angles used to (and I think still should) stretch on for several weeks, even months on end for a big, satisfying payoff. But most soap opera episodes, if in fact this is still the case, have a new episode each weekday! No wonder storylines and such now change at the drop of a hat and “big” decisions (like Punk getting to wrestle Undertaker via a fatal 4-way match) are put off until the very last minute!

    This is one reason their product has sucked – that and their phony “PG” world. Vince & Co. can spew all they want to about WWE being “Sports Entertainment” when fans REALLY want Pro Wrestling! I know *I* sure do!!

  • kquickstillsucks

    “WWE is looking to hire more former soap opera writers”…..great……

  • Reality

    crappy product stays crappy, sadly

  • Ares

    I really don’t have too strong of an opinion about the whole soap writer thing. We don’t know if they are wrestling fans or not. Paul Heyman should be doing something behind the scenes in some capacity.