More On WWE Cancelling Intercontinental Cup, Post-WM29 RAW Tickets & More

– WWE’s decision to pull the plug on the Intercontinental Cup tournament idea less than 24 hours after promoting on RAW is just another example of the creative team changing direction on the fly. Wade Barrett will continue his feud with WWE newcomer Bo Dallas. WWE decided late last week to hold the NXT tournament at the Royal Rumble fan fest and picked Bo Dallas to win it and begin a program with Barrett.

– The USA Network won the cable TV prime time ratings race this past week, averaging 2.87 million viewers. USA beat out Disney (2.44 million) and TBS (2.17) million. to 2.44 million for Disney and 2.17 million for TBS. FX was No. 67 at 1.65 million. Last week’s 3 hours of RAW ranked 4, 5 and 9 as the most-watched hours of cable TV, which certainly helped USA.

– Tickets for the WWE RAW the night after WrestleMania 29 from the IZOD Center in East Rutherford, NJ will go on sale Saturday, February 9th. As usual, there will be an online sale a few days prior to the general ticket release.

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Brad Davis

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  • Johrdann Miller

    fucking pointless idea anyway..

  • AngelFlow

    Why don’t put Bo Dallas in the Intercontinental Cup instead? I found it stupid by them to cancel the Cup just to continue the feud between Dallas and Barrett where they could find another solution to the problem. WWE logic in its finest.

    • Superlative

      In their defence they did just make Barrett look weak agains that rookie, so to turn around and sell him as someone who could actually beat the winner of the tournament would be difficult. But this could have been prevented had they just not jumped the gun on Bo Dallas.

      • Steve

        really they could let Barett angrily take out one of the participants in the tournament and then announce that Bo Dallas will be in that wrestlers place. let him win the tournament somehow (maybe due to outside interfierence). this would be a solid few week buildup. Give them both a minute or two each week on the mic and you will have a solid match for EC ppv…

      • WWEFan4Life

        I dont agree, Wade still has a lot to learn, yes, hes learned most of it but not all, so maybe its just his natrual skill tht made him look weak, or Bo Dallas is just awesome and wwe are giving him a big push, i dont know and neither do you

    • pwnez

      WWE was going to do something good and then kills it off at the last moment. Typical WWE.

  • Late Train

    Should have been Richie Steamboat.

  • GodsLoyalSon

    Is there a website that can tell me when WWE would be in Miami? I love going to see the show live and I seriously want to take my niece for some bonding time so if anyone has one then I seriously appreciate it

    • AVPredator4985

      Other than, I would just check really quickly on Ticketmaster

  • Rick Yuhnke

    They need to do a tournament similar to the Wrestling Challenge they ran in 1985. Great event, would be an awesome ppv plus it would be a great way to give someone a huge push!

  • HRMA

    “Hey, you guys, I have an idea. Let’s have Bo Dallas get a spot in the tournament since he eliminated Wade from the Rumble. Then he can work his way up through the ranks on TV and people can see how skilled he is, and we can build to a match between him and Barret at the Elimination Chamber!”

    “Lol fuck that stupid noob, FEUD THEM NOW CANCEL THE TOURNAMENT!!!”

    Welcome to WWE logic, 24/7.