Movie Poster For GI Joe 2 Featuring the Rock

WWE star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is featured on the new movie poster for the upcoming summer blockbuster, “G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation”

The Rock tweeted the following movie poster on Wednesday, which features him in-character as “Roadblock” holding a machine gun.

Rock tweeted a slogan: “The world ain’t saving itself.”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Anonymous18

    Like a boss!

  • The_Councilman

    Cena and Triple H wishes that were them in the poster…..

    • Henry Miz Afari

       i wonder why Triple H wishes that

      • Andrew Campbell

        Because he’s always been jelous of The Rock. He never liked the fact that Vince handpicked Rock as the future of WWE and, not to mention, a son-like figure long before he accepted HHH as one.

        Also, I think the key reason Taker vs HHH is taking place in a Hell in a Cell this year is because HHH doesn’t want to be overshadowed by The Rock IMO.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          I’m not so sure Hunter was ever jealous of Rock. From everything I’ve seen and/or read, they are pretty damn good friends and have been for a long, long time. Their matches/feud through the Attitude Era were some of the best in that time. 

          The word that’s been around for years is that Hunter actually had a chance to go to Hollywood and act but chose to wrestle instead. Seeing how he will inherit WWE, I can’t really blame him.

          • Stephen

            Its been noted a few times that HHH has tried to hold back the Rocks career and that e was jealous of him and his fame.

          • Henry Miz Afari

            it wasnt HHH, it was Shawn being mad at The Rock

          • Andrew Campbell

            Yeah, I heard about the Hollywood thing recently aswell. Triple H said a few months ago in an interview that Vince pulled Rock and HHH aside one day and asked them both to sign with an agent because he wanted them to start starring in movies and the rest is history.

            Early on when they were rising through the ranks there was a bit of tension between Rock and HHH. Apparently Shawn tried to use his backstage politics to hold down The Rock because he wanted his buddy Triple H in that spot instead. Bret wrote about it in his book.

            But you’re right, Triple H and Rock had an amazing feud with each other and I think they eventually became cool with each other when they realised they had chemistry in the ring. But their not best buds or anything like that.

          • WCWPunk

            Good job Andrew. I totally agree 

        • Henry Miz Afari

          HE was never jealous of Rock, vince told HHH and Rock that they can have careers in Hollywood and HHH said” so youre saying you want me to leave”  But Rock accepted, so HHH and Rock have different path, go do research on Thedxchick on youtube, they’ve been friends during the attitude era and now.

          • Andrew Campbell

            I’ve seen the video you’re talking about a while ago. As Triple H himself said, they are “buds” but not close buds.

    • Timmer82

      I think both of them are level headed enough to know that that is never gonna be them

  • Andrew Campbell

    Rock looks badass in this poster. The first G.I. Joe movie sucked, this one looks awesome though.

  • herman

    no other superstar has transcended the business like the rock.including austin,hogan and cena

  • Guest

    Since the marine and all his other films failed cenas anthem is not my time is now, its your time is over