Multiple WWE Superstars Lose Their Luggage After Flying To Toronto For RAW

According to one source, multiple WWE Superstars had their luggage lost during their flight to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for Monday’s live edition of WWE RAW.

This was evident on the actual show this week, as WWE RAW commentator and Hall Of Famer Jerry “The King” Lawler was wearing a green WWE t-shirt, instead of his usual “King” gear, as the airlines lost his luggage.

There is no word on who else was a victim of their luggage being lost on the flight, other than it was multiple Superstars within the company.

UPDATE: Who Else Lost Their Luggage On Monday? [FIND OUT HERE >>]


Matt Boone

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  • jccox01

    “selling divas bottoms- 15 bucks per bottom” – lol, they get their stuff “lost” a lot.

  • Stayphokus

    Money Money!
    YEA YEA!

    • Seachai Chan

      Cryme Tyme did it.

  • Buzzard Follower

    IM JUST SYAING ABOUT F**KING TIME DANIEL BRYAN ENDS UP ON TOP. hope the superstars get their stuff back or at least reimbursed

  • brad

    I was wondering why king was wearing a wwe polo looking shirt, He usually wears those Xavier shirts, or those cool king shirts.

  • God’s Diamond

    Blame Canada. …blame canada

  • Seth Bob

    Another reason to never go to Canada again.

  • ballz

    ebay anyone?