MVP Done With NJPW & Says He Would Work For WWE Or TNA

Former WWE Superstar MVP announced that he’s done wrestling for New Japan Pro Wrestling. He tweeted on Tuesday morning:

“I would like to thank New Japan for allowing me to realize a dream! I LOVE Japan & will forever be grateful! I left on good terms as always.”

“I WILL return to wrestling eventually. The door is open for a return to WWE, NJPW & even TNA. However my focus now is developing my TV show.”

MVP has been wrestling for New Japan since 2011 and wrestled his final match for the promotion on January 4th at the Tokyo Dome. He also tweeted the following about his new TV project and says he’s currently a free agent:

“I’m currently working on a TV project with Lionsgate TV. I’ll release more details soon. But right now I’m not affiliated with ANY company. And for the record my show has NOTHING to do with wrestling. I’m excited about it. The people at Lionsgate TV have been awesome!”

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    and the newest member of aces and eights is……………..*drum roll*……MVP. Kidding. Come back to wwe. I miss hearing that theme song of his.

    • nightmare from hell

      that’s an insult to MVP.

    • Shut your pie hole

      Youtube or iTunes is where you can find the song if you miss it that much. MVP has already stated he will never use that song again. And agreed about that being an insult to the man as well.

    • jccox01

      ): you beat me to that comment.

  • cenasucks

    It’d be nice to see him return. A good roster member for Smackdown maybe.

  • WWEfanboy

    Thumbs Up if MVP is better than John Cena, Randy Orton, Sheamus and Ryback

    • TrueFan

      Have you been smoking pot with Swagger again?

      • Randy James Crawford

        MVP is better then Ryback, Ryback is just boring and he is more technical then Sheamus.

        • TrueFan

          Ryback is only boring cause he doesn’t have good opponents. I’ll agree to a degree and say I’m bored of Sheamus. But I wasn’t ever really a fan of MVP. His music was sweet, but that’s as far as I’ll go

          • The Truth

            Uhhhh, I guess you didn’t see Ziggler jobbing for Ryback last night. I’m not even a fan of Ziggler, but he’s the best IN-RING PERFORMER on television. He makes ANYONE look good. I take that back, Ziggler is the 2nd best. Austin Aries is by far the best IN-RING PERFORMER at the moment.

          • TrueFan

            Ziggler didn’t “job” to Ryback, it was actually a great match. But take in consideration, the “undefeated” point. Zigglers not gonna beat Ryback without cheating, just yet.

            People need to understand the difference between jobbing and just being scripted to lose.

          • Shut your pie hole

            Until Ryback can carry a match and not be carried through one, I will agree with your assessment. Until then, no.

          • The Truth

            Scripted to lose… WOW. Ok, so where does the script go from now since “Zigglers not gonna beat Ryback without cheating”. They are STILL trying to get Ryback over. (i.e.: Goldberg chants) All they are doing is seeting up Ryback vs E. Langston. That’s OBVIOUS. So yes, Ziggler jobbed to make Ryback look good & get him over. And NO, he’s NOT over with the crowd yet. IDC how many times they chant feed me more. He’s not over.

          • TrueFan

            Are you glue and gasoline?! Ok, even if they were setting Ryback and Big E up for a feud, WHO out of the two needs to get over more? Ryback has been over since his feud with Punk, possibly a little bit before.. a chipmunk could see that. The crowd always chanting “feed me more” does mean he’s over, the crowd popping when his music hits, does mean he’s over. If a crowd one night boos Cena out of the arena, does that mean he has to “get over” again? Many are booing Punk with so much heat, so with they way you make it sound, looks like Punk has to get over again with the crowd. How long have you been studying what wrestling really is? no lying. lol

          • The Truth

            Well, I can tell that you’ve never played college sports, or probably even high school for that matter,, if you think Punk is coordinated. NOT INJURING PEOPLE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH COORDINATION. LMFAO. Yes Punk is uncoordinated. And people are SUPPOSED to boo Punk because he’s a heel. He’s comes out talks shit! Lol. People chant feed me more because it’s catchy. Not because they like Ryback. Would you rather watch a Shaemus/Ryback match? Or a Ziggler/Aries match? Not biased at all, just stating facts. Articulation doesn’t make you good on the mic! LMAO If a wrestler can get my EMOTIONS involved, through a promo, then THAT is what makes a good promo. Now get up & go to school. Daddy has to go to work.

          • Jervaughn Stewart

            Cm Punk

          • The Truth

            CM Punk is the best on the mic WITHOUT question. In the ring, he’s slow & obviously uncoordinated. (watch how he runs. UNCOORDINATED) Putting people in submissions/holds & calling it “technical” doesn’t make you the best IN-RING performer. All that being said, he’s my favorite wrestler as a whole. But not based soley on his in-ring ability.

          • TrueFan

            I’m sick of your bs posts! your opinions are so irrelevant its not even funny! Punk is not the best on the mic, he is just very fluent with speaking with grammar that surpasses much of the locker room, he always has been a great speaker. But the best on the mic is anyone who can cut a good promo without much pause or stumbling (Austin, Rock, HHH, Cena, Ziggler, Punk, hell we can even include Heyman as “bests” on the mic)

            Punk is an outstanding in-ring performer, he is not at all uncoordinated. How can I be so sure of this? Because when was the last time you heard of Punk injuring someone or putting someone at risk? He is a great performer – Ziggler is Ziggler, he’s very fit with great stamina, but is he the best? no. Some could argue that Orton is the best in-ring performer, Orton is amazingly smooth with his performances, and not many people give him that praise. Again, there is not ONE best, the best in-ring performer, are two athletes with chemistry giving us a damn great match and who can keep up from the opening bell to the end of the three count. You bias pampas turd!

  • wwetnadudez

    Wouldn’t mind seeing him back in the WWE, I don’t think would really have anything for him except Ace’s. WWE could really use him on SD as a upper-mid card guy, he could come back when he’s done with his show and return with a angle already there for him..

    If he returns as a face: Cesaro is bashing America and he returns to shut him up or Wade is beating the shit out of someone who he is affiliated with and he comes out to make a rescue

    If he returns as a heel: Christian makes his return and is given a big feel return like they announce it and he comes out and is like Captain Charisma is back and thank you so much for a special return and out comes MVP saying WWE knew he was coming back and it was after years and he doesn’t getting anything special but Christian is out a few months and is treated like a hero (complete on the spot ideas but could easily get him into a good position.

  • DigitalWWE

    MVP vs Antonio Cesaro. I would love it

  • Late Train

    Definitely would like to see MVP back in WWE, preferably as a heel.

  • WillyWimp

    MVP was like my favourite wrestler as a heel (or one of them) and his match with Benoit at Wrestlemania was gold. I hope he returns but not as a babyface. I want him with a “Swagger” push … but without the DUI and Weed.

  • king of the octagon

    MVP vs Cody Rhodes that’s a match i would love to see

  • Just FYI

    MVP would have to reintroduce himself, because most do not remember or care about this man.