Mysterio Comments On Absence, NXT Stars Backstage At RAW, Backstage Fallout

– NXT stars Corey Graves and Conor O’Brian were backstage at last night’s RAW from Nashville, according to Both men worked this past weekend’s WWE live events and are expected to be called up to the main roster soon.

– Rey Mysterio, who has been pulled from Sunday’s Elimination Chamber PPV to sell the effects of Mark Henry’s attack last week, tweeted the following during RAW:

– Here’s the latest edition of WWE’s Backstage Fallout:

In the Raw edition of “Backstage Fallout,” Chris Jericho tells the WWE Universe why he’s going to have an epic night in the Chamber. Plus, what does Jack Swagger have to say to his critics?

Brad Davis

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  • dubh3124

    “Jack Swagger… is in… the lemonation chamber” – Booker T

  • Adam Michael

    Rey Mysterio should just call it a day, there is litterally no point to him being around anymore, he leaves for like 6 months, comes back, has 2 or 3 matches, then leaves again, mostly due to injury in his knee again…. he needs to just hang it up, his time is over.

    • The Guest

      Yeah, except all the money they are giving him. Fuck money and common sense thoug, Rey, just leave.

    • Peer Pressure

      I want to see him fight Cara before he hangs it up. They both suck, but they are still two legends of Lucha Libre.

      • Adam Michael

        There is no real point to them fighting now… how would they make us care? Mysterio is never there long enough to build any kind of storyline anymore and Sin Cara doesn’t talk… there isn’t much for them to go on or much of a way to build it and make us care, someone has to turn heel surely if they was to have a feud? Does Mysterio want to put him over? Apparently Mysterio has a problem with putting anyone over much less another luchadore

        • Peer Pressure

          You make a good point amigo. Rey vs Cara is like Manny vs Floyd, a dream match that’s never gonna happen. I heard Rey doesn’t like putting people over also, but Daniel Bryan made him tap two weeks ago, so maybe he changed.

    • SonofSheik81

      I agree. I never much cared for Mysterio anyway. His personality never engaged me and the 619 is one of the crappiest finishing moves ever.