Nash Says Benoit and Guerrero As Champs Killed Pro Wrestling has published a lengthy article on the life and controversial wrestling career of Kevin Nash, who has begun to gain traction in Hollywood. A notable point in the article has the six-time world champion reiterating his stance on “Vanilla Midgets,” a dismissive term he used as booker in the late ’90s in World Championship Wrestling to describe small-statured, gifted technical wrestlers who didn’t project larger than life personalities but were beloved by fans, such as Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko.

“Big Sexy” feels the professional wrestling industry died in 2004 at WrestleMania XX when WWE’s “Super Bowl” concluded with the image of the under six-foot-tall grapplers reigning supreme as champions and emotionally celebrating. Even though the two wrestlers are now deceased, he still believes they never belonged in the main event scene due to their small stature.

UPDATE: Jericho Responds To Nash’s Remarks & Starts Twitter Fight

“When Benoit and Guerrero hugged [at the end of WrestleMania XX], that was the end of the business,” Nash says. “Has business been the same since that WrestleMania? Has it come close to the Austin era? Has it come close to the nWo or the Hogan era? You put two fucking guys that were great workers that were the same height as the fucking referees, and I’m sorry, man. Are you going to watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch dick? Even if you’re not gay, you will not watch a porno movie with a guy with a three-inch dick. That’s not the standard in porno films. So you put a 5-foot-7 guy as your world champion.”

Nash has the same problem with today’s “Internet heroes,” CM Punk and Daniel Bryan.

“They are not bigger than life,” he says. “I bet they could both walk through airports and not be noticed unless they have a gimmick shirt on and the belt.”

Nash also discussed how The Kliq shifted financial compensation in the wrestlers’ favor, how his 1995 heel turn inspired the “Attitude Era” and the subsequent ascent of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, cursing out Tom Cruise’s makeup artist on the set of Rock of Ages and more. The full article is available here.

Daniel Pena

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  • wwetnadudez

    Is Nash for real when he says Benoit and Eddie killed PW because they were smaller men or is he just kissing Vince’s ass and saying big men should be champs?

    • Cujo999

      Thing is,Vince has made the call to put the strap on many smaller guys throughout history,despite his known love for big men. He gave guys like Bret Hart,HBK,Jericho,Eddie,and Benoit the strap in the past,and recently smaller guys like Miz,CM Punk,Daniel Bryan,and Rey Rey. It’s harder for little guys to get opportunites in the WWE,but if you make the most out of them,then you can still be a champion. Really,WCW post-Crockett era was the promotion where you had to be roided out hulk to get anywhere.

      • wwetnadudez

        Well for one Hitman wasn’t really too small, and the rest of them just got loved to death by fans and Vince did the smart business move and put the strap on em.

  • Johnie

    Sorry Nash but you can’t wrestle for shit you are no where in the league of Beniot and Eddie they were real wrestlers that helped wrestling not killed it They were one of all time greats who wrestled so fuck you Nash you bitter Jealous old man Eddie and Chris in the Ring at Wm 20 will forever be my favorite moment ever Nash was a good “Entertainer” but no where in the league of these 2 guys R.I.P Chris and Eddie. You On the other hand Nash killed WCW with the NWO. I’m not defending Eddie And Chris because they were one of my favorites i’m just stating facts, the truth hurts Nash, Eddie and Chris may have been shorter and smaller then you but they had something that you didn’t and that’s Talent.

  • disqus_ms9i3Bpafz

    I prefer the statement “The nWo killed WCW.” Now that’s legit.

  • TheMar10


    • pwnez

      Benoit and Guerrero >>>>>>> Nash. Nash wasn’t good at anything back in the day and he still ain’t good.

    • Dan Kincaid

      Why are you all falling for this? This is the exact kind of reaction he was looking for when he said that

    • Justin Bruckman


    • Andrew Campbell

      Nash is a prick.

    • cenasucks

      I know. Benoit and Eddie are easily one of the best wrestlers to ever set foot in WWE. It’s funny how Kevin “i just tore my quad” Nash says THEY killed wrestling when he’s pretty crap himself

  • Vince Alvarado

    lol isnt nash the one thats constantly talked about as a killer of business, fool was a money vaccum in 94, and pretty much drove WCW into the ground

  • benoitisgarbo

    no man has ever spoke this much truth nash is 100% correct

  • Randall Flagg

    Let’s see Kevin Nash’s record. He had the least successful WWF/E title reign in the history of the company. He was involved in the angle that helped to begin the fall of WCW, a company that was one-uping the WWF at the time. And then as a booker, helped to kill the rest of it. I really want to hear what he has to say.

  • AngelFlow

    Epic Facepalm -.- He drove WCW to the ground and he is talking about killing wrestling.

  • BrahmaBullRKO

    Uhhhhh wut? Wasn’t this guy just putting Punk over on Twitter a couple months ago? What the hell happened? And no, your size isn’t what makes you “larger than life,” it’s your overall character and charisma that makes you “larger than life.”

    • felixrt

      I think he’s referring more to height than physique. Punk’s far less muscular than the roided-up Benoit and Guerrero, but he’s a good deal taller than both of them as well.

    • InfiniteRTG

      Yes but size does have something to do with it in WWE only. “Larger than life” has to do with BOTH charisma and physical size. Keep in mind that during the BEST eras of WWE, the attitude and ruthless aggression era NOBODY was small and considered to be a top guy (except HBK in the ruthless aggression era due to his injuries. He was bigger in the attitude era though). So saying size has nothing to do with being larger than life is a complete contradiction to the best eras of WWE. If they did have small guys then those small guys were used for the cuiserweight title and secondary titles. WWE should have never got rid of those titles.

      But i did like Eddie and Benoit as champion. They were not that small. I can remember that Eddie was actually pretty HUGE (as in ‘buff’ not ‘tall’). So fuck Kevin Nash! Stupid prick! I never liked his dumbass self!

      (NOTE: Anybody who wants to admit they are wrong and wants to live in denial of the FACTS above, then by all means hit the dislike button. The ORIGINAL, FACTUAL, and LONG-TERM wrestling fans need to keep a tally of how many geeky internet ignorant kids are on this site who think they know something when its a FACT that they dont. Which im sure is most users on this site. Unless, you can come up with a counter argument which im sure u kids cant, or even know what that means.)

      • BrahmaBullRKO

        Just because the top guys of wrestling history haven’t been small guys doesn’t mean you can’t be small and still be larger than life. If you have charisma, a likable character, and the ability to get the crowd on your side, you can be a top guy. Size has nothing to do with it.Sure, being big can help, because most of these wrestlers you see are big, but that still doesn’t mean a smaller guy can’t be a top guy.

        • InfiniteRTG

          Yes you are exactly right. My point was that the “larger than life” thing goes both ways. My other point was that they should bring back the cruiserweight title so smaller guys can have that title instead. I always considered that title to be just as good as any heavyweight title. Too bad WWE doesnt think that same. Plus I love the old cruiserweight action! lol!

  • guest

    Either Nash is horrendously out of touch with wrestling or he is taking the piss. It is ridiculous to say Benoit and Guerrero killed wrestling. I hope in his mind that he doesn’t consider Bryan or Punk “Vanillia Midgets”. Both have proved that they have tons of charisma.

  • Shannon Harris

    Hypocritical ass Nash begging for Punk to bring the nWo back…

  • Lone Wolf

    Nash and his analogies smh

  • Truth is….

    He’s probably just mad because they shot down his new NWO idea….

  • Marcus Naredo

    I bet Vince McMahon did the Teddy Long dance to this article.

    • JamieEvsxx

      just imagining that makes me lol…xD

  • Bigbadguns02

    No matter how stupid Nash sounds right now and how many retards on this site who think they know wrestling, the fact of the matter is that Nash along with Hall were pioneers in professional wrestling. Long term contracts and deals would not exist without the help of Kevin Nash. Even though now he sounds like an idiot, he was very important to the financial security of professional wrestlers today.

    Anyways, I thought just a week ago Nash was praising Punk and saying he wanted a nWo comeback with Punk as the leader. Make up your mind NASH

    • Craig DeBoard

      Bull. Hogan and Savage were doing long term contracts and deals when Nash was still in puberty. The only reason Nash is even remembered by anyone is his relationship to HBK in the 90s, then his relationship to Hogan in WCW, and his relationship to Triple H now. The guy hasn’t done shit on his own.

  • The Franchise

    Yea, Eddie and Benoit hugging at WM XX is what ended WWE. Not like a certain “fingerpoke” shortly after WCW’s “Superbowl” show!

  • Ace

    its official Nash’s grey hair has fucked up his mind, for kevin couldn’t tie a shoe let alone perform a wrestling tie up

  • JeffHardy4Life

    fuck the nwo or hogan era. fuck nash

  • Disco Inferno

    Nash is just trying to stay relevant. His begging for WWE to use him didn’t come off, so now he’s doing what all washed-up wrestlers who no longer matter do — trashing everybody except himself and his buddies.

  • Scottie Rock

    Wow… This is A LOT of a revisionist’s history. Does he really not remember the “Finger-Poke-Of-Doom” or David Arquette holding the belt? Nash is just bitter because Guerrero and Benoit actually knew how to carry a match. He’s also jealous that Punk and Bryan got over by themselves, without Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, or Hulk Hogan.

  • charlemange

    lol I LOVE how they said Nash is “gaining traction” in Hollywood I only remember him in two movie being in the first Punisher for what 3 minutes and the SMALL role he had in Magic Mike yeah he was there but only had about 3 minutes of talking time there’s a reason he was gone for two weeks to film the movie

  • qwertyboy619

    I’m 5’4″ and I agree with him. The ‘wow’ factor simply isn’t present. Not only did they lose something by going with shorter guys, they lost it with the wellness policy and limiting steroid use. I want to see larger-than-life freak shows. It’s what attracted us Brits to the glam of American wrestling over our Saturday afternoon British wrestling with technical specialists. It’s uninspiring when I know I could kick the ass of both current champs.

  • aziz

    wow Nash is stupid

  • lou

    yeah nash, u did wonders as champion. dumb fuck.

  • KangarooMaan

    Is Nash trying to piss people off purposely?

  • Dan Kincaid

    Why are people giving him the exact reaction that he was looking for?

  • Tennindo Tennison

    The PG era killed Wrestling. Naming Wrestlers as Superstars Killed Wrestling. Kevin Nash and the nWo Killed Wrestling.
    Nash you had no influence on the Attitude era.
    Better yet, Nash you kill wrestling more and more every time you try and step into a Ring again.
    Eddie and Benoit where damn good. FAR better then Nash could ever be.

    • felixrt

      “Naming Wrestlers as Superstars Killed Wrestling.”

      Wrestlers have been called superstars since the ’80s, maybe even before that. What a stupid thing to stay.

  • Swagger is a jobber

    The last time that I checked, huge men have never been the standard champions in professional wrestling. Jack Brisco, Buddy Rogers, Harley Race, Ric Flair, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Larry Zbysco, Nick Bockwinle, Verne Gange, Lou Thesz, Jerry Lawler, Bob Backlund, Bruno Sammartino… the list goes on. All of these men could flat out go. Clearly Nash doesn’t have a clue… Ricky Morton had it right, he was lucky to be at the right place and the right time. “Kevin Nash couldn’t draw flies to shit!”, he said lol. Nash is a flat out embarassment to the sport that doesn’t know a wrist lock from a wrist watch.

  • Chris

    Austin = 6’1″
    CM Punk = 6’1″

    • felixrt

      Punk’s billed at 6’2. And what does Punk have to do with any of this? Nash didn’t mention him here.

      • felixrt

        Never mind, didn’t read the part about Punk and Bryan. My bad.

  • Jahwan D Wishardt

    Somebody’s jealous that he hasn’t main evented in 10 years…

  • Count_Da_Money

    FUCK Nash. Both Eddie and Benoit could out wrestle him on their worst day.

  • jmsvlstrs

    So if Giant Gonzales and The Great Khali won the world titles at Wrestlemania XX, the business would be flourishing??

  • g6effect

    publicity stunt. he took on the big names in the past and present so people like the one who commented below would start talking about him. trust me, he needs all the publicity he can get. good or bad. kevin should really watch his mouth about eddie guerrero. kevin nash’s so called best friend and triple h father in law really respect that guy.

  • omega riddler

    and there is one of the reason’s why wcw is no more. he is living in the past.

  • God’s Diamond, the Reignmaker

    yea like kevin nash trying to resurrect nwo in 02 and taking a few steps and busting his leg was heroic, more like pathetic…speaking of which, i remember when hbk went to the nwo in 02 and he said that the fans leaving him and going to austin were like prostitutes going to a millionaire or some crap, kind of reminds me of how just a few weeks ago nash was on cm’s di*k and now he’s trashing him smh…

  • God’s Diamond, the Reignmaker

    and why of all the analogies nash could have come up with he comes up with some gay $h!+??? NOW WE KNOW WHY YOU WERE IN MAGIC MIKE NASH, CRUISING FOR SOME @$$!!! not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • heterosexual

      nash has always been open about being pro-gay, no need to get angry because he didn’t say something about two straight girls doing lesbian porn because it pays more.

      the guy with a small dick can always get fucked if that’s the problem, strap-ons exist, g-spot’s up your arsehole boys, have at it~

  • Mr 561

    The finger poke of doom sure didn’t help the business

    • askbillmitchell

      No but it did help garner a lot of page views on YouTube for the WWE when Josh Matthews and the D-O-Double G critiqued it, and by critiquing it I mean they tore it a part.

  • Vic Diaz

    Nash….just….you need to…just shut…..just shut up, dude. Your time has come and gone. Your last hurrah was getting your head beaten in by HHH’s sledgehammer. Just stop, for the love of all things good in wrestling, just…..stop.

  • Beaunerx

    Nash 4 lifetime champ plz

  • Angel DeCamp

    What a douche!

  • jeff

    i argee on parts of it like cm punk and bryan thay both suck But i do belive orton comes close to the attidue era Cena maybe but other than those two it true wwe dosnt have the talent it did back than

  • Loren Daak

    When did Nash start gaining any traction in Hollywood? Has he had any memorable movie roles? And also, if not for Hogan, HHH, or HBK, Nash wouldn’t have done shit in wrestling.

    • felixrt

      To be fair, Nash’s first WWF Championship reign took place when HHH was just a midcarder.

  • Brian Clark

    Someone is an attention whore. I would tell Nash to sit down but I don’t want him to blow his knees out.

  • Pacman1755

    Nash is a master to get heat. This is a good example.

  • olbaiD4283

    Wow Nash’s logic just blew my mind…. xD what a jackass

  • FUnash

    lets see the nash beat an old ass man to win the wwf belt then had to taser goldberg to win the wcw one. hmmm shut the f up nash take your old ass buckling legs and dyed hair back under the bridge you came from

  • Scott Kinnard

    Ricky Morton said it best. Kevin Nash couldn’t draw flies in a shit factory. Kevin Nash had one good match and that was with Shawn Michaels who could make anyone look good. Kevin Nash was boring and never belonged in the main event. Punk and Bryan may not be giants but I bet in a real fight, they would kick Kevin Nash’s ass.

  • Vishal Joshi

    Nash is only saying this to get recognised again, like an angry fan on youtube to get votes on their comments, the less attention you show to this dick the better. Don’t throw a dog a bone, he’ll go barking elsewhere.

  • Macdad

    Nash has been, and always be a bully and a jerk. Wish Eddie or Benoit were still alive today to do what you do to bullies; punch them in the mouth, then stand here and watch them run away.

  • COFFEY1981


  • Carlito8

    Nash jus kill yourself….

  • Stranger

    Idiot. He needs to realize it’s no longer the 1990s. He also needs to respect (at least) one legend, Eddie Guerrero. Steve Austin was 6 ft. 1… not the biggest guy either compared to a dinosaur like Nash. Eddie was 5’8… not a huge difference at all. And CM Punk is taller than both! and Bryan is 5’10.

    He’s just doing what he always does and is talking a bunch of crap to stir up some drama. If he’s serious, he’s out of his mind.

  • jccox01

    He was hacked.

  • K. Fabian

    He’s right, I am gonna quit watching wrestling now. Thank the wrestling gods for giving us such a brilliant mind. Kevin Nash you have shown me the light, now I can move on with my life.

  • Valo

    fuck kevin nash. they were better they he could ever dream of being

  • tobacco grower#1

    pretty much every one said it for me,, whats the height of shawn micheals ? oh ya hes not deseaced yet doesnt look good nash hbk not quite as short you get the picture

  • Kelly Goodling

    Sorry Nash I have to disagree with you.Your size has nothing to do with being a great champion.Let me throw some names out Randy”Macho Man” Savage, Rowdy Rowdy Piper,Steve Austin,The Rock, CM Punk.These men all have one thing in common and it’s called CHARISMA you either got it or you don’t it’s that simple.

  • theERICrichmond

    It is no secret that Nash feels this way and favors big men in wrestling, similar to Vince in the 90s or Triple H today but a lot of you makes sense bringing up greats like Larry Zybesko, Verne or Jerry Lawler but to be truthful they never held WWE gold. I also think if Hogan was not filming TV or left for WCW then we probably would not seen Shawn or Bret in that area (not that I agree with Nash just showing his point is very old school).

  • Subayer Got Swaggi

    i just lost what little respect i had for nash R.I.P eddie and chris we love u and miss u

  • getcarter

    Fuck you super shredder !!!!

  • TheKillingMoon

    Nash is and has always been trash. A garbage wrestler and a sore loser who perhaps shares alot of similarities with the not so great Khali. I hope he tears both his quads and never walks again.

  • Shannon Harris

    Y2J just tweeted: ” Funny how @realkevinnash says
    wrestling “died” when Benoit and Guerrero were champs-Yet the worst year for WWE biz was 95 when he was on top.”


  • Justin Bruckman

    Nash, your skills are backyard at best. You couldn’t hold Eddie’s jock. STFU.

  • justrockit

    when triple h started main eventing wrestlemanias THAT killed wrestling lol jk…but seriously his boy hunter has been in so many manias specifically when things turned to crap but heaven forbid he puts blame on him or says “you know what…maybe hunter should have sit out one or 2 and midcarded that year etc.”

  • DragonofDarknessXIII

    No pro wrestling died when Benoit and Guerrero died.

  • jon

    how about kevin nash gets back in the ring for a triple threat match against daniel bryan and cm punk. and lets make this a table ladders and chairs match.

  • JaffaJoose

    I now officially have no respect at all for Kevin Nash.

  • 5er

    What a lame attempt to draw heat. No one wants to see you back in the ring. Kevin nash is the very definition of “vanilla”.

  • hashtagnashisaprick

    Wrestlemania 21 ruined pro wrestling actually. When Cena became WWE champ and Batista won the world.

  • MegaAgent69

    Fuck Kevin Nash. I’m gna just sit here and enjoy the backlash he gets from this. Not to mention he’s a fucking fag stick. RIP to Eddie & Benoit.

  • satishwarne708

    What a self centered crazy s.o.b.

  • Reality

    The last reason everyone needed to really stop giving attention to this giant whore

  • PLG

    Nash, I don’t watch wrestling for tall guys, I watch it for wrestling.
    Granted, there is something wrong about when like Rey Mysterio goes over Big Show cleanly, but nothing wrong with guys like Punk beating John Cena or Triple H.
    Get your head out of your ass.

  • rudypoo32

    he must really be looking for attention, because ,as his whole career was, he is easily forgettable. what asinine remarks

  • Marty Schmuck

    First off, Kevin Nash was nowhere near as skilled as Eddie and Chris. Second, who cares about the size of the champion’s height?? remember when Rey Mysterio was WHC? Exactly! And lastly, Nash seems pretty concerned about 3-inch dicks! Just go blow chodes Nash!!

  • Shockmaster

    So, what does that mean for Shawn Michaels?

  • Lorddarkstar

    The most over fucking rated champion of all time,(side note:Only reason you got the belt was because of sean michaels begging Vince to give it to you) has the nerve to question only two of the greatest grapplers of all time…look in the mirror fucker you killed wrestling.

  • BMPunk

    I feel jealousy here. I mean clearly Eddie and Benoit were both one the greatest champions to ever live. Especially Eddie.

  • xellix

    WTF nash youre talking about to dead legends, and comparing them to dicks WTF!

  • GMpunk

    Nash has lost it! Officially he has lost his damn mind! So these guys going out everynight and putting on awesome matches (entertainment) killed wrestling? I’m sure the “finger poke of death” really did wonders for the sport. I bet Nash tore a quad writing this article.

  • Mustafa

    This shitfaced “ILLUMINATI PUPPET” wanted to bring freemasonary back in WWE. And when he failed to get what he wanted, he started giving his meaingless & useless opinions.. what a strategy!

    • Reality

      fuck off with your retarded “illuminati” shits, we don’t want those muslim conspirations theories here, please.

  • Shaun Perez

    Nash has always done and said things like things to get attention. On the other hand just last week, he praised CM Punk as champ. This is character of him as he was probably high or drunk when he ranted. I understand what he says to a point but “BIG SEXY” shouldn’t be the one to say it with all the BS he pulled in his career. I loved Guerrero and Benoit, they were down to earth and were excellent wrestlers. I see though that having a WWE/WCW World Heavyweight champion shouldnt be 200 lbs no matter how good they are. Is Rey Mysterio a believable champion? Do u think he can really defeat HHH or The Big Show. It was exciting by all means but not believable. That is what I guarantee he meant by his statement but he has never been good vocally saying things the correct way without turning heads.

  • G.I.R.L.

    LOL what an elitist. CB and EG killed wrestling because they were actually good at wrestling and had a following and because their story of waiting almost 2 decades to become champs came true? Or because they weren’t Hogan or HHH’s best friends?

    I guess Nash forgot about the fingerpoke of doom. That was the start of the death of WCW. And comparing a porno stars penis to the physical size and athletic prowess of two great champs is not only a ludicrous analogy but it is awful as well. Nash needs to realize that the era of 7ft tall no talent champs has been nearly finished for over a decade.

    Such extraordinary selfishness.

  • XM607Nick

    Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit = True Wrestling Legends! Kevin Nash = FAIL! That 6ft’ 7 prat couldn’t even put a good promo together & he pretty much botched all of his stuff at the end of the day he’s just after more money & cant stand it that Eddie & Chris had more of a career than him!

  • jamael

    Toward the end of their life here Eddie and Chris had move sets fit for (Champions) not middle card. Go watch Eddie vs Brock for the title and you will see why Eddie became champion. And im sorry but Chris proved he was championship material when he first came to the wwe when he went up against triple h in the main event. To me that was a great match. so kevin get your foot out of your ass my good brother.

  • nafant

    agreed nash cant move never could…his finisher is dangerous as hell, he only has one act and the whole im nash im better than everyone stuff was old back in the day get rid of this loser…has beens stirring up the pot is not frontpage news …DAMN!

  • JamieEvsxx

    this guy is fucking delusional…-_-…quite curious as to what he thought of the Finger Poke Of Doom then…=/

  • Aidan Grover

    gee kevin, daniel bryan has only been in wwe for a short 2 years and is already way better than you ever were, and cm punk has held the title for 8 months, which is something you never did in your thousand year long career

  • lbarker9169

    What Nash fails to see is that the business has changed. After he and his buddies destroyed WCW they should have been banned from wrestling. The smaller more technical guys are what most want to see. A 10 minute match with little or no technical wrestling by guys like Hogan and Nash are not what the fans of wrestling want to see. Nash is simply running his mouth to try and be relevant because he knows his time is up.
    Guys like Eddie and Chris were real wrestlers who traveled the world and mastered all styles of wrestling. They deserved their spot more than anyone because they earned it. Nash had to surround himself with more talented guys like HBK, Hall, and HHH to get over.

  • MisterE

    In a REAL fight Benoit or Guerrero would thrash Nash thoroughly!