New Generation WWE 2K14 WrestleMania Mode Matches Revealed, Confidential

– WWE is asking fans if the company should bring back the old Confidential TV show. There’s a new video playlist on spotlighting the show, which you can view here.

– 2K Sports has revealed even more “30 Years of WrestleMania” mode matches for the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game, featuring matches from the WWE “New Generation” era of the mid-1990’s. Here are the matches:

– WrestleMania X: Intercontinental Champion Razor Ramon vs. Shawn Michaels
– WrestleMania X: WWE Champion Yokozuna vs. Bret “Hit Man” Hart
– WrestleMania XI: Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy
– WrestleMania XI: WWE Champion Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels
– WrestleMania XII: Undertaker vs. Diesel
– WrestleMania XII: WWE Champion Bret “Hit Man” Hart vs. Shawn Michaels
– WrestleMania 13: Bret “Hit Man” Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Jeff Benken

    Which match for XX??? Taker/Kane but, what else…

    • Richard Johnson

      most certainly not chris benoit vs HHH vs shawn michaels thats for sure.

      • Pozessed

        A huge shame since that was a really good match.

        • Waylon Mercy

          Brock Vs Goldberg From wrestlemania 20 is on there

          • Pozessed

            I never really liked that match to be honest. I never have actually cared much about Goldberg.

    • Stranger

      Eddie vs. Angle? Doubtful, since Angle is in TNA. Knowing them, they’ll put Cena vs. Big Show.

      • Matthew Aaron Taylor

        Hogans in tna…

        • ChrisUK92

          he had a renewal option for wwe games which 2k used

    • The Devourer of Dimensions

      Goldberg/Lesnar is in too, the only excuse to have Goldberg in.

      • Job

        Goldberg being in makes this game a “MUST BUY!” for me. Too bad WWE didn’t use him right.

    • Job

      They should just to HHH/HBK 1 on 1. And then obviously Brock/Goldberg.

      • The Devourer of Dimensions

        It’s better to not have HHH/HBK 1v1 as everyone knows that didn’t go down like that… who would win? Neither did.

    • RuthlessRaj

      lol unfortunately XX is also the year we had the terrible Brock vs Goldberg match…We also had Eddie vs Kurt Angle and Evolution vs Rock n Sock connection

  • bri

    I don’t see the point of this “30 Years of WrestleMania” mode

    • Dan Kincaid

      to tie it into Wrestlemania 30 in 2014

    • ddp

      balls, its the only reason to buy the game

    • The Devourer of Dimensions

      I just hope 2K15 will be just a normal one with the whole roster. We haven’t had a normal one for like 3 years now, always some sort of catch to it.

      • Job

        The old-schools wrestlers are the best part!

        • brad

          No doubt they are the only reason I still buy the games.

    • John Styles

      At least it could be better than Road to Wrestlemaina.

    • John Styles

      At least it could be better than Road to Wrestlemaina.

  • raven

    wasn’t confidential, as good as it was sometimes, just a vehicle to re-introduce HBK?

  • Pozessed

    I have to admit, I do wish that they could have had Angle Vs HBK from Wrestlemania 21.

    • brad

      That’s what I was saying when I heard they were doing this mode. That is my all time favorite match.

      • Pozessed

        It is definitely one of my favourites but number 1 in my list has got to be Stone Cold Vs Bret Hart from Wrestlemania 13 which is thankfully in the game.

    • Progressed_Now

      the 13-man Hardcore battle royal from WM2000 would be much more fun. you get to play as Bradshaw LMFAO and make the trashcan-lid shots echo throughout the neighborhood.

  • Buzzard Follower

    Hart vs austin to bad you have to play as hart and do things like it happened. i would have loved to play as austin in that match

  • Frank

    That have WrestleMania XI: Undertaker vs. King Kong Bundy and No Undertaker vs. Sid for the WWE Champion at WrestleMania 13!? WTF!?