New Jersey Town Allegedly Bans Professional Wrestling

Eric Tapout of Pro Wrestling Syndicate has sent in the following this week about a town in New Jersey banning professional wrestling

Eric here, and here is the deal:

The township of Metuchen NJ has banned all professional wrestling and MMA events forcing PWS to relocate scheduled events.

We always believe in being very straight up and honest with you guys so we’re going to share what we know:

At PWS Super Card we were greeted by a “zoning officer” whom was snooping around the Sports Plex trying to find any wrong doing. He found nothing. He returned the following night for a repeat performance.

Who sent this guy ? Where did he come from? We can highly speculate which two brainiac wrestling promoters were behind I’m sure a lot of you can as well (keep weekend in question in mind here).

There was no wrong doing at Super Card . We hired police officers in addition to our security & parking attendants. Metuchen Fire were also present to ensure all exits were clear and we were not over capacity. The fire marshal even stopped by both nights of Super Card and everything was up to code.

Moving along.

Pat and I were informed via The Sports Plex GM that the township of Metuchen would be requiring all promoters running live wrestling or mixed martial events to obtain a permit.

Glad you asked…

The state of NJ does not have an athletic commission as some states do. In this case the township wanted us to provide a permit. The purpose of the permit is highly unclear but struck us as just an obstacle. To obtain the permit we needed to put up a $10,000 bond and a revised insurance policy with certain specs. We agreed. The MMA promoter agreed as well.

When the township was informed about promoters obtaining the permit they rapidly changed their tune from “get the permit and you’re fine” to “nahh even with the permit you cant run shows”.

Now keep in mind, the privately owned Sports Plex is in favor of all these events taking place. It is highly unclear as to what the jurisdiction of the township is over this privately owned venue.

This makes absolutely zero sense all around. The end all be all is that all scheduled wrestling & mma events in Metuchen NJ are not being permitted to take place. Ironically this also takes work away from Metuchen Police and Metuchen Fire whom are required to be hired & paid by PWS at these events. This also takes away 1,000+ people coming into Metuchen and bringing business to the local businesses in the area.

Therefore, as PWS refuses to cancel events .. we are relocating all of our events which were scheduled to take place at The Sports Plex in Metuchen to other suitable locations. The first instance of this was the May 11th Bombshell Ladies Of Wrestling event being moved to The Iselin Knights Of Columbus.

It will take a lot more than a jealous promoter and a “zoning officer” to slow down Pro Wrestling Syndicate.

We thank you guys for your understanding and continued support of PWS. We will provide you with updates as we get them.


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Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Asshole City Counselors. The tiniest bit of power goes to their head and if anything offends them, they’ll do everything they can to squash it. I’ve seen this same kind of shit before, not wrestling per se, but with music and art performances.

    I don’t know why some people feel the need to crush the talent of others.

    • Reality

      yeah, I really don’t get it… Asshole is the word that came to my mind first too.

  • WWEFan4Life

    One question – Why? No reason, no need. Remind me NEVER to visit New Jersey.

    • Reality

      It’s only Metuchen… not the entire NJ… sigh

      • WWEFan4Life

        Fine, let me fix that. *Sigh* So many people complaining over little small things…

        • Reality

          well I never complained, I just corrected a detail in what I would consider to be a stupid claim.

          • WWEFan4Life

            A stupid claim? Nevermind.


    Hey everybody – this article is a lie. The building PWS was operating in was not zoned for live wrestling. They showed up, did a live event anyway, and during a hardcore match light tubes were smashed around the crowd, causing shards of glass to embed themselves in the skin of fans – including children. Lawsuits have been filed. Trust us, we were at the show. It was a horror show and these are a bunch of lies and excuses being spread by the writer.

    Don’t believe everything you read.

    • Steve Demain

      That all seems HIGHLY confusing to me. I 100% believe you, but why the hell were they allowed to continue in the first place? How did this get past the zoning commission? More questions than answers here. I hope you and whoever you were with were not injured.

  • WilliamWhite

    I have never been too good at reading between the lines, but it he suggesting that WWE and/or TNA are jealous about his 1,000 fan promotion?
    If so, I hardly think so. WWE has nothing to be jealous over. They have been profiling TNA guys this year. PWS is insignificant to them right now. And TNA would not be shutting them down for getting 1,000 fans… TNA would be asking for advice, lol.