New SmackDown Feud Starting Soon, Superstars Matches Taped

— As reported recently, WWE creative have brainstormed a program between Booker T and Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes. Plans are now in place for an angle between the two that would lead to the former World Heavyweight Champion’s return match. That angle may kick off as early as tonight’s SmackDown taping in Houston, Texas, Booker T’s hometown.

Part of the reason WWE is doing the feud is to promote their upcoming The Best of King of the Ring DVD set, which Booker T is hosting.

— Matches taped Monday in Austin, Texas for this week’s episode of WWE Superstars were Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston vs. JTG and Primo; Eve and Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella and Nikki Bella.

— Sin Cara beat Michael McGillicutty in a dark match prior to Monday’s television tapings.


Daniel Pena

Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

  • Shannon Harris

    Ehhh, KOTR lost it’s prestige when it stopped being recognized as a PPV. Not sure I want this DVD set. And I wasn’t a fan of the King Booker angle…glad he eventually became a 6X 6X 6X 6X 6X 6X champion, but thought it could have be done differently. 

  • Anonymous

    I hope Booker snaps and just starts beating the shit out of cole then after he’s almost dead with a broken windpipe and torn vocal cords Cody slowly comes to his aid and that’s how the feud starts maybe he could break coles nose too and that could be the reason he saves him.

  • pwnez

    Booker-T still has it so this could be a good mini feud. I’m hoping for Booker to put over Cody and make him look stronger. I have a feeling these two will give us a couple of good matches. This is a good thing for smackdown.

    • Anonymous

      It has to be Booker, seeing as how you’re guaranteed to not go over if you’re feuding with Orton.

  • death note

    in my o in my opinion booker t coming back to the ring is the best thing for wwe because the superstars need to b taught to have additude once again if wwe is to remain the dominate wrestling organization

  • Anonymous

    If the whole point of bookers return is to hype a King of the Ring DVD then I hope to god he doesn’t come out as “King Booker” that persona sucked kaboodle.

  • CandyBottocks

    Booker putting over Cody would be good for the Dashing one if not for the fact it would springboard him down the card after a lost feud with Orton. Additionally, this probably means Orton will once again be slottet against Mark Henry…

    • Tiran66

      Why do people assume that a loss automatically drops you down the card.  Cody didn’t lose any steam whatsoever by losing to Randy.  Randy is the number 2 guy in the company, the match at Vengence was a good give and take match, Cody wasn’t carried in any way he held up his end, and he got pinned after a “surprise” RKO.  No shame in that for anyone climbing the ladder.

      If I had to bet I’d say Cody was thankful to Orton for the rub considering in Orton’s eyes this match was a step away for him after losing 2 title matches in a row.

      This match did exactly what it was supposed to do.  It proved to everyone that Cody can hang with the big boys and he’s almost there.  And Orton winning showed everyone that his losses to Henry were to build Henry not to take Orton down. 

      • Myob52

        Orton’s & Rhodes’s match at Vengance sucked!

  • Stephen Snelgrove

    They’ve been setting this up each and every week when Cody and his bag boys come to the ring. The bag boys hand Booker a bag each time and each week he’s been getting more and more pissed. It should be a great way to even further Rhodes push into The Main Event status.

    • Noneofyourf-kinbusiness

      no its actually been setting up all the guys in wwe to go along with stupid lameassed garbage like these so called matches they’re doing. and they want to hype gimmick matches with cena whoever they’re told to instead of thinking for themselves and not going along with that garbage and wasteful crap.

  • Valzevo9327

    Orton, Rhodes, Booker T, Cole and everything so far in WWE sucks rottenly!
    Orton’s Apex Predator gimmick/character/merch sucks!
    Orton’s longer haircut, facial hair, F**KING SUCKS!!!
    Feeling betrayed, sad, disappointed, discouraged, hopeless, and unhappy MOTHERF**KING SUCKS BEYOND AWFULLY BAD & WORSE THAN DETESTABLY LOUSY!!!!
    Orton being married to Samantha Speno, having a 3 yr. old daughter Alanna, him having to be doing things I and others don’t like, want or enjoy anymore f**king sucks beyond worse than awful and him having to not be allowed to marry a Skinhead chick and them not being allowed/able to live together in his home in Missouri and do fun things together, them both traveling on the road together, them not falling asleep in one another’s arms/embrace every night sucks terribly awful and badly!!

  • Anonymous

    cool now can you dig that? SUCKA!!!