More On New Tag-Teams In WWE, Sin Cara Update, WWE Not Signing NFL Star

– Despite not working lately, word is that the official Sin Cara WWE t-shirts sold well among kids at the recent WWE European tour.

– Apparently WWE will not be offering former NFL star Shawne Merriman a contract. Merriman, who had a WWE tryout a few weeks ago, reportedly wasn’t that impressive in the ring and apparently got tired very fast.

– As previously reported, WWE and Triple H in particular are starting to focus heavily on their tag-team division. Triple H has reportedly been pushing the idea to have more tag-teams on the main roster as a way to bring up developmental talents who might not have otherwise gotten the call. In fact, WWE is talking about doing a three-day tryout camp next years exclusively for tag-teams.

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    [Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter]

  • Matt Boone

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    • Daniel

      Awesome idea. If it wasn’t for the Shield Im not sure if I would of been a big fan of Roman Reigns as I am now.

      • matthew

        I agree with you Daniel

      • Universe

        Reigns is a future!

      • SOBI

        Yeah nobody appreciates HHH for his good ideas but if he does something non popular then everybody loses their minds

    • Bad News Buzzard Follower

      edge, booker t, christian, shawn michaels, bubba dudley, steve austin names of guys who became world champions after being apart of successful tag teams. i’m all for the push many more i know feel free to put down ones i miss i hope no one to obvious.

      • JaffaJoose

        Jeff Hardy and JBL spring to mind.

        • Kris Mystery

          Didn’t JBL start off as a singles competitor? Justin Hawk Bradshaw if my memory serves.

          • RUSSO

            Yeah, but when you say Bradshaw the first big memory is about APA and The Acolytes, and after that JBL as a single wrestler.

            • Progressed_Now

              actually the first memory would be Justin Hawk Bradshaw :)

          • JaffaJoose

            Oh. I actually didn’t know that. I’ll be shutting up now, haha!

    • Matt Gallagher

      Obviously merriman got tired so fast. They play one down every like 5 minutes, and run for like 11 seconds at a time

    • Trevor

      Good news on the tag team front.

    • mrchopper

      Zayn and Neville would make a great impact together if they got called up even now. The biggest problem with tag teams is that it’s often two guys that aren’t that great or just not getting over get lumped together – sometimes that works wonders for either or both, but a lot of the time it just means there’s two kinda crappy guys in a kinda crappy team together.

      If they’re down on Ryback, just pair him with one of the other muscleheads like Ryan and somebody like Breeze. That would absolutely infuriate people. Breeze giving it all that, whilst nobody can touch him because of his two bouncers. They can do tag matches together where Breeze refuses to tag in until the pin is there for the taking. Drive people nuts.

    • Mr 561

      WWE is doing a great job building the tag team division .. It would be good to see each team get more character development and interview time

    • Dixie Carter

      HHH leave WWE and get on the Dixie Train before you fail with WWE. You can work as my personal assistant of the AMAZING FABULOUS Dixie Carter. You can escort the brains of business, myself to the ring each week.

      • Randy James Crawford

        Why don’t you hire me Dixie?

        • Dixie Carter

          I can’t afford you with all these lower card talent getting paid 3months late.

    • raven

      ever since hhh started to get some stroke this report has been popping up. we have seen some great changes take place in the tag team focus. it’s just common sense to me. You give guys a chance to shine, you have a built in storyline, you can get multiple storylines off tag teams.. why not use them?

    • Rick Yuhnke

      All for tag teams.

    • William Martin

      Tag Team Money In The Bank Ladder Match

    • Franco 007

      I’m glad they want to pick up Tag Teams again. Maybe someday we’ll have our beloved TLC matches between 3 tag teams or Tornado Tag Team matches.