New TNA Knockout Set For Impact Debut: Gets New Name, Talks About Her Future

TNA has announced that independent female wrestler Santana Garrett will be using the name “Brittany.” The new TNA Knockout will be making her debut at this week’s Impact Wrestling show, which airs on Spike TV this Thursday.

Brittany recently spoke to the official TNA website about her future with the company:

“Thank you! I’ve worked hard to get to this moment…. I’m thankful someone finally gave me a chance. This is a huge opportunity and my journey starts this Thursday. I am very eager to step into the ring on Impact, to travel the world, be a part of division of women respected in the industry and be able to show what I’m really made of. For all of you who have followed me to this point, you have only seen the first chapter of my story… the pages are going to start turning very fast!”

Check out the complete interview at

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    • Jeremy-County Roberts

      i hope that is just a bad picture of her………other wise put a mask on her, name her Cane, and call her the big pink machine.

      • Fantasma Del Guapo

        *googles images of her see if it is a bad pic…*

        I’m afraid I have some BAD NEWS?
        (her face is like…long, man!)

      • yrabadi

        Can’t wait till reality smacks assclowns like you right in the face. Cheers.

        • Jeremy-County Roberts

          oh sure get butthurt. But if your super cena pwnez would of said it you would of been like OMG SO FUNNY LOL *JERKS OFF TO COMMENT*

          • Donte

            Wait!! Jeremy when did you turn Heel??

            • Jeremy-County Roberts

              yup. #heel me Vs yrabadi in battle of comment wars.

            • yrabadi

              Dude, I would step on you without even knowing.

            • Jeremy-County Roberts
          • yrabadi

            Yep. That is totally what I would have said.

    • morova

      Hope you enjoy that $400 a night deal

      • G.I.R.L.

        Sheesh, I could use $400 a night right now. That’s more than I’ve made in a week.