New WrestleMania 29 Match Announced, Updated List Of Hall Of Fame Inductors & More

– WWE has officially announced that Brodus Clay, Tensai & The Funkadactyls will face Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins at WrestleMania 29.

– Here’s an updated look at the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Class and their inductors:

  • Bruno Sammartino (Arnold Schwarzenegger)
  • Mick Foley (Terry Funk)
  • Trish Stratus (Lita)
  • Bob Backlund (Maria Menounos)
  • Booker T (Stevie Ray)
  • Donald Trump (Inductor TBA)

– WWE will be encouraging fans to Tout videos from their WrestleMania 29 parties on April 7th, with some of the Tout videos to be featured on the air during the pay-per-view broadcast.

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Roger Penland

    Why the fuck is Maria Menounos inducting Bob Backlund? that’s like my fecal matter inducting ME into a HOF. they should have thought more about this. only reason why i can’t figure out why they didn’t have someone else induct him is probably because most that were around in his prime are now dead, or being inducted themselves. one word describes that Hall Of Fame induction to me, BULLSHIT.

    • askbillmitchell

      Could have had Kevin Nash do it. Hopefully the HOF induction would last longer than their MSG match did. I am pretty sure Nash can speak for longer than eight seconds.

    • vadertime33

      does it really matter?? prolly won’t be on the tv show anyway

    • Craig DeBoard

      They should have asked Angle.

      • Craig DeBoard

        Wow. Really? Thumbs down to the idea of Angle inducting Backlund. Really? A wrestler passed down his signature finishing hold to another wrestler, and somehow it’s a bad idea to have the younger wrestler induct the guy who gave him his signature move (crossface chickenwing). Makes total sense. So sick of the fucking children on this site who have no sense of history about wrestling.

  • Xykon

    I’m pretty sure Vincent will induct Trump… that would actually make sense…

  • Jordan Meeks

    Whatever happened to Cody’s push?

    • Feelmemore

      It was looking like they’d turn him face with that whole Kaitlyn thing and probably give him a push, but it seems they just let that go.

  • Stranger

    Maria Menounos inducting Bob Backlund is a head scratcher to say the least.

  • candykidjade

    Bret Hart or Iron Sheik should induct Bob Backlund. Then again, it’s WWE’s lack of logic.

  • Craig DeBoard

    Good call on Stevie Ray inducting Booker. Here are my mania predictions….

    **WWE Championship
    The Rock (c) vs. John Cena

    Cena wins this one. The two face last year and The Rock won. WWE would have to be ape-shit insane to have the guy who makes more money for the company than anyone else in the company, the face of their company (Cena) lose two wrestlemanias in a row, even if it is to The Rock. I’m predicting Cena to win and for THe Rock to ask for a rematch. The rematch will happen down the road at Summerslam (or even next year’s Wrestlemania) and Cena will win that tie-breaker as well and will do so by turning heel and cheating. This way bothguys come out on top. Cena wins more matches than The Rock but doesn’t do so in a “good guy” fashion, allowing The Rock to still come out of the feud looking strong.

    **World Heavyweight Championship
    Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Jack Swagger

    This one is easy. Swagger wins and Ziggler turns face when he cashes in his Money In The Bank Contract for his guarantted title shot and defeats Swagger for the title, thereby creating a three-way feud between Ziggler, Del Rio, and Swagger. By doing this WWE can push Ziggler toward being a baby-face (good guy) without pulling the trigger on the idea completely in case it doesn’t work because they’ll still have Del Rio in the feud.

    **The Undertaker (Undefeated at Wrestlemania) vs. CM Punk

    The Undertaker wins this one. WWE isn’t going to have CM Punk defeat Undertaker when they could just as easily book Cena or The Rock to do it in a year or two from now.

    **Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar (if Triple H loses he must retire).

    I can’t wait for this one. These two always put on a hell of a show. Since Brock defeated Triple H at this past August’s SummerSlam pay per view event, I’m going with Triple H winning this match to even things up. The two will have a third match at this year’s SummerSlam and Triple H will win and likely retire at NEXT YEAR’s Wrestlemania.

    **Intercontinetal Championship
    Wade Barrett (c) vs. The Miz

    The Miz wins this one. They’ve invested far to much money in The Miz’s character (a former WWE Champion) to just have him doing backstage segments and hosting “talk shows”.

    **United States Championship
    Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. ???

    I’m not really sure why they haven’t booked a match for this title yet. I hope they do. Cesaro is a great performer and it’s time he gets put into a lengthy feud. I suggest throwing him up against Kofi Kingston. This would also make a great opportunity to turn R-Truth heel since he and Kofi are friends and since he wasn’t able to defeat Cesaro. R-Truth can turn heel (bad guy) with the excuse of being jealous of Kofi having the US Championship.

    **WWE Diva’s Championship
    Kaitlyn vs. ???

    I’m not sure what they’re planning to do with the Diva’s Championship but with WWE re-filing for the trademark “Kharma” we may see Kharma return and destroy everything in her path.

    **WWE Tag Team Championship
    Team Hell No (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Big E. Langston

    The team of Kane and Daniel Bryan is hilarious. I’m predicting a win. The only reason this match is happening is to take fans’ thoughts off of the Money In The Bank Briefcase so it can be used later in the show on Del Rio or Swagger.

    **Mark Henry vs. Ryback

    I can’t wait for this match! Sadly Mark henry had an injury scare this past week. Hopefully he’ll still be able to be a part of the show. Especially since he just returned from injury. I’m going with Ryback on this one. WWE is trying to build him up to be the next big main event guy and there’s no better way to do it than to have him go over a former World Heavyweight Champion like Henry.

    **The Shield vs. Sheamus, Randy Orton, Big Show

    I’m predicting either an Orton turn in which he becomes heel and joins The Shield or Sheamus, Orton, and Big Show implode and turn on each other and The Shield wins.

    **Chris Jericho vs. Fandango

    Fandango wins. I love Jericho. The guy is so good about putting over new talent and making new guys look strong that I think he’s going to “do the job” and lose to Fandango, helping to push him and get him over.

    April 7th. I can’t wait! Wrestlemania 29!!!

    • Craig DeBoard

      JUST ANNOUNCED: Brodus Clay & Tensai & The Funkadactyls vs. Team Rhodes Scholars & The Bella Twins.

      I’m predicting Rhodes Scholars win this one.

    • WWEFan4Life

      Dont forget that Fandango does not necesarily have to win for Jericho to put him over. Putting other wrestlers over does not always mean that they have to win.
      In fact, I remember in Jerichos bok, Around The World In Spandex, he was wrestling in Japan and he was wrestling someone from over there (I cannot remember his name) and the other guy won but put Jericho over big time with the japanease fans and I think Jericho has learned from this.
      So, this match could go either way, really!

    • Jj Vaness

      this was not a post about your predictions, i read the 1st line of your thread and had to post this…. we dont really care here duderino

      • Craig DeBoard

        I don’t really care if you care. It’s a big internet. Go somewhere else if you don’t like it dickbag. It’s for fun conversation. I don’t pay my internet bill every month to worry about what you “care about”. I pay for it to enjoy myself and if me posting my mania predictions is me enjoying myself, well you sir can get the fuck over it, now can’t you? Now go make me a sandwich you sleezy little shit ball.

        • Jj Vaness

          haha still, no one cares kid

    • robert18

      my prediction are :1. Rock vs Cena , i still think rocky will win again i hope cena fucking sucks 2.y2j vs fandango , y2j for sure 3.orton big show sheamus vs the shield, orton turning heel,shield gets the victory 4. mark henry vs ryback ryback will win 5.kane daniel bryan will beat ziggler and b.e langston A.J lee Face Turn 6.Barrett still I.C Champion 7.Del rio vs Swagger,Del Rio will won and Ziggler will cashing in the money in the bank 8.Sorry Triple H i think this will be his last match on wwe so Brock Lesnar wil be the winner wwe Hof 2014 for Triple H 9.Tensai Clay and his 2 girls vs Bella and Rhodes Scolars , Cody Rhodes will pick up the win 10.I Dont Know for Cesaro if he will have a match probably agains Kofi R-thuth and why not Sin Cara winner and still U.S Champion Cesaro 11.Taker vs CM PUNK Match of the year 2013 , i want Cm Punk to win but Taker will Won 21-0 at Wrestlemania

      • Craig DeBoard

        I just read Sin Cara still isn’t cleared to compete from his concussion and it’s been over a week now. That’s not good. We may not see him at Mania at all.

  • WWEFan4Life

    Wtf has Maria got to do with Bauckland? Should have at least been someone thats even worked with Bob before… like Bret Hart.

  • Feelmemore

    Lol at the random link to Rock’s girl. Very good Hall Of Fame everyone on there deserves it.

  • JamieEvsxx

    unless they’ve fucked or something I don’t really understand why Maria Menounos is inducting Bob Backlund…=S…maybe there will be an explanation at the HOF ceremony or something will show up on here soon…=/

    • Craig DeBoard

      I’m betting this is why Cena inducted William The Refrigerator Perry.

      • JamieEvsxx

        probably…and I really don’t know why but after reading your comment I’ve got Peter Griffin’s Cowboy song stuck in my head now…xD

  • Truth Hurts Don’t it?

    Why is it that we’re ok with Old timers coming back and doing nothing all year to dominate the Wrestlemania card? Does Taker have to go 21-0 after the last great couple of years Punk has given us and the company? Does Rock have to be holding the title? Triple H over Brock when Triple H already tapped out to him? C’mon guys. I hate to be the one that says this but the Attitude Era is dead. Let it freaking die already. All three of those dudes should lose and let the new generation take over. And for anyone who says that the new generation is weak compared to those guys, well your right. CUZ WE KEEP LETTING THEM WIN! Until u step aside for the current superstars than we’ll always have this stupid shit happening. What are we gonna have next year? Flair, HBK, and Austin come back? It’s not 1999! How awesome is it to watch old basterds who cant even move put on a show? For those watching WM for free I salute you cuz I wouldnt pay what they’re asking to see guys who wrestled in the 90’s. Sorry guys. I saw those guys in their prime already. I hate Cena but I cant believe I’m rooting for him of all people to come out on top. And whats sad, he’s the only one that prolly will