New WWE Network Logo, Kane’s Return, Muppets-WWE

New Logo for the WWE Network

– WWE unveiled a new WWE Network logo during Tuesday’s NXT episode.

The logo is a variation of the “Attitude Era” WWE logo – with one W on top of the other (still no E) and a a futuristic metallic look. The red stripe below the W remains, but has been restyled.

No word yet on whether WWE will be updating the official company logo to this new look – but hit the comments below and tell us if you think this is an improvement over the “Attitude Era” logo.

– The current plan is for Kane to return at the Royal Rumble in January 2012. Kane was written off television back in July after a brutal beatdown at the hands of World Heavyweight champion Mark Henry. At the time, WWE said Kane would be out for “at least 3 months” – but he’s been enjoying some much needed time off, which has helped sell the injury angle.

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– WWE star Hornswoggle will be attending the premiere of the new Muppets movie this weekend. After the WWE crew had such a great time when the Muppets guest starred on RAW several weeks back, the feeling within WWE is that the Muppets will be back in the future for occasional cameos at events like WrestleMania.