New WWE Network Special, L.A. Times/Total Divas, RVD Interview, Piper’s Pit

– On Wednesday, WWE will premiere their special, “The Shield: Journey to SummerSlam” on the WWE Network.

– The Los Angeles Times website currently features an interview with the cast of Total Divas. You can check that out at

– The official WWE website has a new “ Exclusive” video interview with Rob Van Dam where he talks about his recent string of good luck. You can check that out at

– “Rowdy” Roddy Piper discusses his experience at last week’s RAW in Portland and also interviews “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan on the latest edition of his “Piper’s Pit” podcast. You can check that out at

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  • Matt Boone

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    • Jeff

      Can’t wait to see The Shield special!

      • Ace

        that’s probably the only good thing that will pop up on that network since it started

        • Bully FU

          Really? Have you even seen the content on there? You either are a brand new fan or just someone who thinks it’s cool to bash WWE, probably both.

          • Ace

            You’re either a grown man who hasn’t grown up with a cartoon character for a pic, or some lil’ kid who likes to stir up $hit…. see.. anybody can do that. don’t act like you know me…

            The content stinks, plenty are already saying it. If you don’t believe it.. Idc.. lmao

            • Bully FU

              So you can’t back up what you said so you try to get personal? That’s real mature. So is trying to cheat your way past a profanity filter because you can’t express an opinion without cursing, then to top it all off you “lmao” at your own stupid comment which had absolutely no humor in it. Thanks for letting me know that you’re most likely 12 years old, if you aren’t a pre-teen you have the mentality of one, either way thank you for letting me know I can ignore all comments by you in the future.

        • Gotstodobetter

          Apparently you like Totally Divas tho lol

          • Ace

            the show stinks … I watch it to see the Bellas , and sexy Naomi

        • Jeff

          Really?What about NXT and all the old school footage?

    • Ace

      They need to replace Natalya with Layla on that total divas show.. Natalya is boring , and people don’t care about her relationship with Tyson Kidd and that dog… And Replace Eva Marie with a chick that has personality and isn’t like watching paint dry. I wish AJ Lee would replace her… but she wants nothing to do with that show..

      • Name

        So… you’re saying you watch the show.

        • Ace

          No.. I made everything I said up out of thin air

      • Jacob

        Its actually a cat… Not that I watch the show…

        • Ace

          LMAO that’s true… it is a cat my mistake

    • brad

      Rvd’s on a roll.