Update On CM Punk Quitting WWE

As previously reported, CM Punk reportedly quit WWE on Monday after a meeting with Vince McMahon held prior to RAW from in Cleveland, Ohio.

WWE has since “unfollowed” CM Punk on Twitter and removed the “CM Punk: Best In The World” documentary from Netflix.

We noted that part of the reason for Punk’s departure was frustration over part-time wrestlers coming in and leap-frogging full-time talent and securing the main event positions in the company, especially for top events such as Batista and the upcoming WrestleMania XXX show.

According to various fan reports from Punk’s Q&A session at the Wizard World Comic Con event from Portland, Oregon last Friday, Punk said that even though he is friends with Batista, this is Daniel Bryan’s year and it’s ridiculous Bryan is not going to be part of the WrestleMania main event.

Punk also spoke about his in-ring work being reduced to “two moves per match” and commented, “I show up. Someone tells me what to do and I just go out do it and leave.”

During an interview with Ariel Helwani last week (view here), Punk said that his WWE contract expires this summer and noted that he probably wouldn’t even be a pro wrestling fan anymore if he wasn’t a WWE Superstar himself.

CM Punk has been the #1 worldwide trend on Twitter for most of the day. WWE has yet to acknowledge the situation.

Matt Boone

Matt Boone has been a huge wrestling fan since the Attitude Era. He writes for MMANews.com and 24Wrestling.com

  • PunkFan#1

    What does it mean that “his in-ring work being reduced to two moves per match”

    • pwnez

      It could be WWE officials telling Punk to tone it down in the ring. Pretty much they are limiting his moveset.

      It makes sense if you think about it. I remember one fan tweeted Punk about his match with Reigns on raw and Punk responded with “I thought it sucked.” Clearly Punk thinks he is being held back a lot.

      • Joshua Staten

        You mean they are trying to create Punks own “2 Moves of Doom” lol

        • AVPredator4985

          Basically he has his arm trap neckbreaker and GTS. Savage elbow when they let him land it.

          • Jay Strongbow

            Running knee to the corner.

          • Cujo999

            Springboard clothesline, bulldog, DDT, roundhouse kick….

      • AVPredator4985

        So many guys are. If they let Bryan, Punk, Ambrose, Rollins, and Cesaro use their full move-sets, we’d see a lot of awesome stuff that’s never been seen in WWE

      • lunchbox87

        But why limit him while trying to expand on Cena’s ,Cena is using more and more moves are they trying to make him look better by toning down others ?

        • raVen

          because it’s Cena.. same reason cena is always leached onto the current hot guy like ryder in the past or bryan now.

      • PunkFan#1

        ok, thanks man

    • raVen

      you have heard of the 5moves of doom? that’s what wwe main eventers do.
      Hogan, rock, Austin, cena, punk, bryan, orton, etc etc etc they have the same match every night. it makes sense you want to limit the risk of injury but for someone who has pride in their work it has to be frustrating.

      • PunkFan#1

        of course I’ve heard of the “5 moves of doom” and yes, it must be frustrating. at least for someone like Punk who is so commited to what he does and he’s a great talent as well.

  • pwnez

    I agree with Punk about what he said about Bryan. He certainly deserves the main event spot a lot more than Batista does. Bryan was able to grab the fans attention and he has busted his a** nonstop, especially after WrestleMania 28.

    • Bushwald Sexyface

      I mentioned this above and wanted to know what you think about it. Do you find it a little odd that WWE is making so many bold moves towards this in terms of unfollowing him on Twitter and removing him so quickly from it’s advertising the way they did? I mean it all happened so quickly and it’s usually spread out over a few days. Could all be a setup to something later on, I think.

      • pwnez

        I wouldn’t doubt it if this all turned out to be a work but at the same time I believe this could be 100% legit. Let me put it this way…knowing how Punk is, personality wise anyways, this is something he would do.

        • Bushwald Sexyface

          Oh yeah, definitely not outside Punk’s personality to up and leave. I just find the way WWE has cut all ties immediately a bit strange.

          • Nightmare

            agreed, now that i think about it they’ve never went that far before or that fast to cutting all ties to their wrestlers even on bad terms. Mabey this is a work, mabey Heyman and Punk are in on this work who knows. If it was a work Punk has to have some creative control over it, otherwise things would not happen as they did because WWE is too ignorant, especially with Big nose running around in a suit. Hopefully Punk, vince and who ever else is kicked back laughing saying it worked. A guy can hope can’t he?

    • QuiteFrankly2k

      I know this might sound a little off, but dude you have to admit. Bryan owes CM Punk a crap load. I mean the guy quit his job just to make a point. If Bryan doesn’t go over now, this entire thing will go over in vain.

      • pwnez

        Yeah but Punk didn’t quit WWE in order to help Bryan out, he did it because Punk didn’t like how he was being booked. He tried to make it sound like he did it for the wrestlers who are being held down but lets be real, Punk mainly did it because he didn’t like how creative was booking him.

        Bryan got over all by himself. The way I see it, WWE could purposely not put over Bryan just to take a jab at Punk.

        • CSSA

          I’d love to see them put Bryan over during this time. Punk has his time in the spotlight. It’s time for him to realize that it’s someone elses turn now. The fans love him anyway, isn’t that what really matters? Bryan earned his spot by showing off his wrestling ability, catchphrasing, and attitude.

  • Bryan

    This could have been avoided had Bryan won Rumble but now we may have lost Punk for a while anyway until Batista leaves maybe.

  • straight_edge

    i totally agree with punk im tired of part time wrestlers also

  • HeelDZ

    I knew this wasn’t all about Punk contrary to previous reports. He is spot on about Daniel Bryan and WWE know it. Batista does not deserve his spot in the Main Event.

  • AVPredator4985

    Punk was right. If anyone else had gotten the crowds attention as much as Bryan has the WWE would have been all over it. Punk and Bryan deserve the main event. That is just how it is. Match quality, work ethic, and now they have the star power as well. I see absolutely NO reason why they shouldn’t main event.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    My feelings towards part-time guys coming in for Wrestlemania are pretty close to Punk’s. But I also realize this Wrestlemania is different.

    However, sadly, I’m guessing since WWE is going to keep striving for the bigger buyrate every year, they’re going to continue to bring in part-timers until it stops bringing in the numbers and/or the new stars can pull the same numbers as the part-timers. Whichever comes first.

    I expect, at a minimum, 3-5 more years of part-timers for Wrestlemania.

    • raVen

      Mania SHOULD have some nostalgia guys in the mix but NOT have them in the WHC main events.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        True, but considering sources have reported that Batista has signed a two year contract and is going to be on the road most of the time. I don’t really consider him a part-timer.

        Taker, Rock, Jericho, Brock, RVD… They are more part time to me than Batista.

        And while I do believe Bryan is the face of the company and should be pushed to the main event of Wrestlemania. (And I’m sure this is unpopular) I still consider Batista to be a main event player and full time employee who is just as worthy since he’s back.

        • raVen

          we’ll discuss this further when batista injures himself and is out 6months after his 3rd match. but seriously the guy was in the rumble for two minutes and could barely stand up to celebrate. he’s making warrior look like a marathon runner. his crowd reactions don’t do much to make him feel like a main event guy either.

          • Forceton Banfodder

            No they aren’t very good. But I’d put more blame on Triple H and Stephanie ignoring the fans and their pisspoor timing. As I said to Pwnez the other day, If Batista had hit the rumble last year and won, he would’ve gone over great. But stubbornness from WWE execs and good ideas made at the wrong time have not only hurt the image of guys like Batista, but just about everyone else in the ring too.

            I keep on hoping that Triple H proves himself, but more and more I think his ego is running things, not reality or logic.

            Like I want to believe this is all some big storyline to put the Kliq or DX in a kayfabe leadership role, but even then I realize that if the Kliq or DX ran things we would probably have to relive the original NWO storyline all over again.

      • Abra Kadabra

        who cares about cm punk. what about raven?! he lived in the shadows long enough! when is it raven’s turn?!

  • Push_DrewMack

    The fact that Dwayne is in the main event of wrestlemainia next year and i’m not makes me sick. – CM punk.

    • Rex

      Cm Punk would never be The Rock. Stone Cold and many other says he earned his spot.

  • captaindaddy72

    Man doesn’t punk get it? Him leaving is giving wwe every reason 2 say “this is y you never main evented wrestlemania punk” cuz hes quitting on wwe before wrestlemania. And sadly (I’m not saying this is right) but wwe probably looks at daniel bryan like they see cm punk and punk just left cuz he feels entitled to a main event spot and he feels bryan is entitled 2 it when in reality no one is entitled 2 anything. This just looks bad for all parties involved

    • lunchbox87

      So he should just stay and take it ? they have had ample time to give him a mania main event match but chose to cater to the Rock

      • captaindaddy72

        yes. And he should be more greatful in my opinion. A year ago he was wwe champion for over a year, he fought taker at mania, they let him leave and come back and he was still given main event caliber matches. Hell only cena,bryan, and orton can say there careers are better right now in the entire world. And hes crying he ain’t main eventing wrestlemania? There are literally hundreds of wwe superstars who wish they were punk and millions around the world wish the same thing. But punk is ungrateful and hes quitting before wrestlemania for god sake. And about the rock, as much as you may not like it and punk may not like it these part timmers sell and bring ratings. And punk was never as big as rock in the first place. So I can’t blame wwe for trying 2 get a lil extra money and picking up these part timmers and catering to the rock and not punk. Come on that’s like comparing dwayne wade to micheal jordan. Dwayne is great and a champion and a future hall of famer but he ain’t micheal just like punk aint rock lol

        • lunchbox87

          Punk deserves his due and people keep bringing up that great title reign he had but even that was over shadowed and he didn’t even get to main event mania as champion and thats BS Rock had his time let the guys who bust their butts year round have theirs now,Rock ending that title reigns was the dumbest thing they could of done at the time it pretty much made his reign worthless not to mention the Rybotch part before hand and making Punk a coward and after losing the belt he went on to lose to freaking Brock yet another part timer. The WWE at this point would rather use nostalgia to sell than build new stars

          • Cujo999

            WWE is a business. If Punk vs. Cena could have or would have drawn as much money as Rock vs. Cena, then I’m sure the WWE would have forgone giving The Rock a huge payday to come back and main event. I like Punk’s work, and he appeals to a certain segment of the audience, but he is not a mainstream draw that can bring in casual viewers like The Rock, Brock Lesnar, or even Batista now that his movie career is taking off. As for other part timers, is anybody going to argue that guys like Undertaker and Sting don’t deserve top spots for WM, or that guys like RVD and Y2J don’t deserve pushes.

          • mika009

            What also made Punks reign worthless was after he lost to the Rock he was gone for three or four weeks. Just like after he lost to Taker at Mania, didn’t see him again for a few weeks. Seems like whenever he didn’t get to win a big match he took off for a while so all this stuff isn’t really surprising.

  • cooperpooper

    The bottom line is until WWE starts pushing younger guys on the roster CM Punk won’t be the last to feel the way he feels they may not go the extreme Punk has gone to and just leave but it certainly going to affect the locker room negatively

  • theEDGE

    That’s what the WWE has done to everybody wording for them.
    Reduce the moveert to signaturen, finisher and some random suplexes, kicks, chops etc.
    Maybe WWE think that bringing back somebody will Spike the ratings.
    Now when a so-called superstar returns people will sour on them,because every time somebody came back they were thrust in the main event.
    RVD,Lesnar,Rock and even Jericho got high profile matches.

    • MikeD44

      One real big difference…Jericho would put younger wrestlers over without making him look weak either.

  • Captain Jeff

    Good for punk. It’s bull crap that a lesser talent, both in the ring and on the mic, like Batista, came in and “took” punk/Bryan’s spot. Hell, I’d leave to if I got replaced at a big paying job by lesser competition.

  • Eric Zeigher

    Wrestling is gonna drop off my radar in 3…2…1. It’s a shame…I’ve been watching over 40 years,and between WWE and TNA…It’s NEVER been worse.

  • lunchbox87

    Sounds like it is a mix of Bryan and he sounds like he is losing passion because he cannot go out and give it his all so i don’t blame him .

  • Aaron Clarke

    LOL, WWE to release DVD the self destruction of CM Punk.

  • Stinson

    I don’t mind part timers… But for Batista to win the rumble his second tv night back is god awful.

  • Jason

    CM Punk is great when it comes down to performance. But he needs to remember, it’s a business and a business that’s is not his own. WWE is not the only wrestling company. The business will always come first before the wrestler. He can go somewhere else but as long as he works for someone’s Business and not his own, he has to deal with what ever the business decisions are and not cry about it. I’m a Big CM Punk fan myself but…come on man!

  • GoGoJoe83

    This is very disheartening as I have been a fan of Punk since he debuted with WWE and that caused me to go look up his ROH and Indy matches online. He is one of the best overall wrestlers and talkers in the business. So him leaving WWE is a major blow at least to this fan and I assume to many others. WWE has booked him horribly over the last 12 months and while his title reign was epic in terms of length he almost always was placed under carded to Cena. Then he had to put over Rock twice, put over Cena on Raw and put into a lackluster feud with Heyman and co. Granted he had stellar matches with Taker and Lesnar, but I just never felt that he was being utilized properly. Also he is 100% correct, this is Daniel Bryan’s year. Bryan should have been in the rumble and should be headlining Wrestlemania. But on the plus side he could take a few years off, come back part time and finally get to headline a Wrestlemania. Just like those he has complained about over the last few years.

    • lunchbox87

      pretty much nailed my feelings,It was like after they gave him his title run they just didn’t have anything else for him and went strait back to Cena

  • Naichur Boi

    Steve Austin did it once and now CM Punk. Sometimes walking away from a poisonous situation is the only answer.

    • Yuppers

      Yea but Austin regrets it to this day. It’s the one mistake he’s ever made in his life and wishes he could take it back. Guarantee Punk will regret it as well and will come back eventually to main event status.

      • Summer Rae Dudley

        Well Wreastlemania 17 was another.

      • http://blog.crimsonflames.com Daniel Fletcher

        He doesn’t regret beating his wife???

    • partsunknownresident

      One difference (among many) between the two situations, Austin didn’t even tell Vince he was done which, according to Heyman, is among the top ways you can seriously piss Vince off. He just decided not to show up to work one day and went home and never gave Vince a chance to talk him out of leaving. At least Punk talked to Vince to let him know what was up. So, in some ways, Punk may have left the right way.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    i love cm punk, but as a fan i kinda feel like he turned his back on us and left us to die on the sinking ship known as WWE. I really wish he would of cut some shoot on raw before leaving tho. One last goodbye while giving the big FU to Vince and family.

    • Scott Dorian Dancer

      im sure hes going to rip them a new asshole online. the hell with raw. that would help them and hes tried of doing that. cm punk is far from a tool. thats going to be one epic rant.

  • Cujo999

    Sad day, obviously. Punk often rubbed me the wrong way with his constant complaining, but I’ve really enjoyed his work since watching him debut in WWECW. I think most of us saw this coming, and I think it’s fair to say that Punk’s been mailing it in since last WM. I do feel that he’s being a hypocrite, if it’s indeed true that he’s leaving because of the part timers. Punk took time off after WM last year, and he took time off at the beginning of his record title reign. He takes time off to go to movie premiers and UFC fights. He had honestly become a part timer himself. I’m also a little ticked about his supposed reason for leaving. We heard him talk for months about quitting from being burned out from the road and complaining about his g/f being disciplined. He seems to be using Bryan as an excuse to quit, which is garbage. If he doesn’t want to wrestle anymore, fine. If he doesn’t want to work for WWE anymore, fine. Punk doesn’t owe us anything, however for him to try to use Daniel Bryan to martyr himself instead of just saying, “I’m burned out from the road and I’m done,” is a little sad.

    • superturbo

      I feel the same about Punk at times myself, but we all know he’s no idiot and he’s said those things because he doesn’t want too many fights on his hands for obvious reasons.

      “however for him to try to use Daniel Bryan to martyr himself instead of
      just saying, “I’m burned out from the road and I’m done,” is a little

      ^No its isn’t sad, as sometimes too much of the truth is a very bad thing that puts you in even more trouble than simply coming out with all your frustrations. He can play up storylines in the ring if its “a work” but if its “a shoot” instead, and he want to actually leave the company for real while still under contract to perform? Then he has to be far more careful in what he truthfully says naturally, as his comments wouldn’t be considered a pipebomb in the media if he’s speaking out against his bosses regardless of his personal disagreements with them behind closed doors, if comes out and mentions stuff business related things about WWE which he shouldn’t.

      And since he’s already long complained about how WWE runs its business operation practices and how he was already misused in the past, i’d say no he isn’t martyring himself by bringing up Daniel Bryan’s recent treatment by WWE ignoring his massive hype and not putting him in main event matches like the 30-man Royal Rumble 2014, considering he’s already been in Daniel’s place multiple times and speaks from his own experiences on his ongoing situations presently and why his disappointments have finally led to him possibly wanting to leave now? If this was somehow; “a work” though on his part, i’d credit him again for getting folks interested in wrestling from all angles and what folks think of his current dilemmas and whatnot.

      • Cujo999

        When Lance Storm asked for his release from WWE, he stated the reasons being that he was banged up and not receiving a push. He straight up said that if he was being pushed, he could continue to work through it, but since he wasn’t, it wasn’t worth it to him to work the schedule. Punk could have done the same, easily, but instead decided to give us a BS reason.
        I’ve been a Bryan fan since his days in RoH. However, how in the world is he mistreated? In 4 years with company, he’s been WWE Champion twice, WHC once, US Champion, and a tag team champion. He’s main evented numerous PPV’s the past couple of years. Sure, I would love it if WWE gave him a long run with the Unified title, but I’m going to enjoy his work regardless. Bryan doesn’t NEED the title to “make him.” Honestly, I remember years ago when internet fans were wanting the rockets strapped to the backs of guys like Cena and Orton, and now look how bored they are with these guys and how they complain about them being “rammed down our throats.” Is this the wrestling business that we want to see? The WWE ridiculously pushes our current favorite until we get sick of him, then discards him completely and tries to find the next one?
        Punk’s complaints are pretty much that the guys that draw the most money shouldn’t be in the main event picture because they’re not great wrestlers, that his schedule is too tough, and that his g/f can’t do any little thing her heart desires without getting in trouble. Seriously, what does Punk have to complain about with booking? He’s the fastest man in WWE history to win the Triple Crown. They gave him the MitB for the second time, making him the only two-time MitB winner in history, when he really failed to get over as champion the first time. They gave him the Pipebomb, put the WWE title on him for a record run, and paid royalties for him to use “Cult of Personality” as his theme to keep him from leaving. Yeah, he’s been in some bad angles…JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER LONG TIME WWE SUPERSTAR. He had to work with Ryback and Axel. Oh well. Did he have to do the job in a Hog Pen match like HHH did? Did he have to let Great Khali pin him with his foot after a punch like Undertaker did? Did he have to work guys like Vladimir Kozlov and Heidenreich like those two did? Did he have to work that atrocious Katie Vick storyline? Now that I mention it, how many god awful angles has Kane been put in through the years? That’s part of the business. You’re not going to be handed gold on a silver platter every time.

  • Joshua Bonds

    Punk’s right. This all started with The Rock’s return in 2011. Coming back very part time, then getting the main event in mania preventing guys like Ziggler & Daniel Bryan from being the big draws, which they COULD be, but the WWE is too stupid to realize that. Yes, we get pumped when The Rock, Brock, & batista came back. But no, we DON’T want to see them get main event spots over guys like Punk, Ziggler & Bryan. Those guys can draw money!!!! I mean think, Bob Backlund wasn’t getting main event bids over The Rock, Austin, & HBK, so why is it different now??? Stupid WWE.

    • Cujo999

      Ziggler doesn’t have the charisma or mike skills to be a main event draw. He’s a great worker when he’s “on”, but seems like he’s mailing it in at times. For him to become a main event caliber performer, he needs to bring it every night, like Bryan does. FYI, Bob Backlund main evented Survivor Series in 1994, beating Bret Hart for the WWF title. Hulk Hogan has returned for numerous runs on top, as well.

    • mika009

      One big difference is Bob Backland didn’t keep WWE and Vince from getting put out of business by Ted Turner/Eric Bischoff and WCW. Guys like Austin, The Rock, HBK, and yes even HHH/DX did. WWE wouldn’t be here at all if it wasn’t for the guys from that generation.

  • Scott Dorian Dancer

    i am sure alot of talent wishes they could do what punk just did. he is lucky enough to have made good money. im sure he will go back to the indys for a little while.

  • https://twitter.com/MyNational88 NWO4Life

    I’m gonna be pissed if WWE copyrighted the CM Punk name. Hopefully Heyman got it where Punk could keep his name if he decides to go elsewhere & it won’t turn into another Dudley Boyz situation.

    • mika009

      You really think Heyman gives a crap? He’s the one that kept telling the Dudleys that the name was theirs so they never looked into it, until they were gone and told to stop using them because they didn’t own them.

    • Mike Farris

      punk copyrighted it long before he got to the WWE punk owns the copywriter not the wwe

  • MohammadAbulawi

    I cant help but feel cm punk felt left out with fans ONLY focusing basically on d bry

    • G.I.R.L.

      That’s def not the case. He supports DBry thoroughly.

  • lazarus87

    IMO neither Batista or Orton deserve that spot at mania, especially Batista who just waltzed back into the company, Bryan has busted a$$ for the last several years on his own and all wwe did was push him aside, agree with punk wholeheartedly

  • ElectrikNYCfunk

    Boycott Wrestlemania and send a message!!!

  • http://www.rabidpictures.com yrabadi

    Wow… I wonder if WWE is just not going to acknowledge him at all… I can totally see them just pretending he never existed. It would only give him more of a voice and presence if they started talking about him leaving on RAW.

    Fans should keep chanting for CM Punk and Bryan. Punk leaving might actually ignite change, the one thing he claims he always wanted to do

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    The more and more reports that come out that WWE has done this and done that, the more and more I lean towards this being, at least, a partial work.

    • MachoViper

      I was thinking the same. Maybe he will be the one to fued with Sting? Costing Sting his first victory or interrupting his debut would be great.

  • ballz

    i not sure but i think this a work to get a surprise fued with him vs either danielson or batista. just a hunch

  • Louis Salera

    Send a message: DONT BY THE WWE NETWORK!!

  • Buzzard Follower
  • X

    Long story short: One of the hire ups asked him to do sexxual favors on
    him to get that push/promotion so to speak….and get ahead, (yes this
    does happen) he got upset, offended, refused and left. It’s not
    really taboo in the entertainment industry. Ironically Eve Torres and
    Kaitlyn left abruptly as well around the same time period. Road to WM
    time… maybe this is the magical time of year where the hire ups get
    frisky with the employees to give them that big WM pay off. :-X
    Ive heard strange stories in that company from the old days. Ask
    Superstar Billy Graham, Jim Hellwig, Rick Rude (if he was alive), Bobby
    Heenan, Jimmy Snuka, Dic Flair (when he’s drunk) etc… if weird sh*t
    didn’t take place backstage. These guys were there and are known to not
    be afraid to say what’s on their mind. It’s not always as innocent as
    you think…

  • nelson916

    this next monday the crowd will boo the hell out of batista.

  • Jeff

    Need the arenas at all the events to boo everything and every match excepts Bryan’s matches. And extremely loud cm punk chants every night

    • Jeff

      Turn every night into a night like the royal rumble

      • PatrickEwing

        Because we’ve seen what rejecting the product does. A solid tactic to that affect would to not watch the program, not buy ppvs, not buy tickets to a product you know you’ll hate, and not buy merchandise. Using Phil’s own ideology “Don’t feed the corporate machine.” By even raising television ratings you’re effectively becoming in some respects a “yes” man…. And no not the AmDrag kind of “Yes” man

  • FOLEY_is_GOD

    I cant be the only one that’s crazy thinking the fans had all the part to do with CM Punk leaving. If the reaction to the Royal Rumble wasn’t as harsh as it was then I’d imagine Punk wouldn’t have made such a bold move. I could be retarded tho.

  • Real Shane Walsh

    I’m sure on RAW we’ll hear, PUNK screwed PUNK

  • randomhero


  • PatrickEwing

    The one thing I can’t stand about “modern” pro wrestling… The complete disregard for Kayfabe on the workers and promotions end.

    • superturbo

      ^How true, well stated and very much agreed upon PatrickEwing. Naysayers and rude critics have always mocked Professional wrestling for many generations at a time; saying its “fake” yet its always maintained and had a massive worldwide appeal because people believed in the “kayfabe” as folks had a far better suspension of disbelief in whatever they were watching.

      Once its not there wrestling isn’t the same nor as interesting is it? How ironic most fans and naysayers would crave for the days when less was known about wrestling, and we all thought they were killing each other in violent matches and whatnot.

      • PatrickEwing

        Indeed, Mainstream (I hate using that word, makes me feel like a hipster) Pro Wrestling nowadays has the feel of a action-soap opera drama with a hint of a sports feel when workers discus their contracts and even product direction via news outlets. Doesn’t really garner interest when we all know what is going to happen.

        For instance, in my opinion it would be much more exciting to weekly wonder what happened to Punk rather than to hit up twitter and be like “Oh he’s leaving”.

        This “modern” age is really sucking the fun out of wrestling.

  • Uguysareidiots

    My buddy told me about this so I had to come see it for myself. This is such a story… Wwe finally made a story believeable and it’s awesome cuz u guys that read this and ruin story lines are so fooled it’s not funny. So punk stayed in and wrestled for 45+ mins in the rumble to job to a guy he all of a sudden is mad came back to main event? Yea ok good story but no way punk leaves forever as the guy that didn’t get his way… Beautiful job Vince and creators!

  • CSSA

    I told you guys Punk only has 5 moves of doom now. It happens to all the popular wrestlers. Cena,Sheamus,Orton,ADR

  • FTV

    The CM Punk DVD was removed the day after the WWE Network was announced. People need to research a bit harder.

  • Skay

    If u so called wresteling fans were fans you’d love it no matter wut. It was ok in the attitude era 2 beef 4 months on end, but now u want the next thing so fast. I’m a rock fan and I loved him coming back. Batista deserved his spot, dnt 4 get these part time wrestlers paved the way 4 these guys. All of u fake fans are horrible. I’m 27 and been watching 4 25yrs. Yea some raws are terrible, but we still watch. Stop bitching and enjoy

  • elizabeth

    Batista came back after 4 The Rock was back within 7 not only did headline one WM. He Headlined two against the same guy John Cena! In the process He is the one that Punk should be more Pissed at because he stole his title thanks to Vince coming out and restarting their match! As Far as Daniel Bryan goes he was supposed to still be with the Wyatts and turn on Bray right before WM leading up to their match. But that storyline got scraped because of a bunch of Jackasses from Michigan ST. who started a YES chant that went Viral, which caused them to compete against each other at the Royal Rumble. Now if you want to believe that load of B.S about how he asked to be in the Rumble be my guest. The only reason why he had to say that was because they changed the storyline after the negative response about the Rumble. Now what did they do they made sure he got into the Elimination Chamber with Cena and Sheamus who OMG after a year of being out he comes back and gets a spot at a PPV, who the hell does he think he is. He did one PPV the Rumble and what he’s great now and they give him a bone and put him in the Chamber WHY? I’ll tell you why because John Cena will always be Vince’s golden boy his meal ticket. You either like or hate doesn’t matter. It was in another article Vince stated “CENA has to Main event WM because he puts food on are table”. So if CM Punk wants to bail that’s Fine but don’t Dare say this is Daniel Bryan’s Year because in the last Ten Year’s this company has never revolved around anyone but Super Cena . So don’t get your hopes up about the Chamber because I no I’m not. And I’m not a fan of any of Chamber superstars . But I will tell you this Talk about injustice why wasn’t Brock Lesnar or Big Show in the Rumble, just as much as Daniel Bryan.

  • y2jayalmighty

    I may be a bit off here, but doesnt the main event have two wrestlers in it? Couldnt it be Batista vs Bryan? Its not gonna be Batista vs Batista is it? Its only logical to me that the story line would be for HHHs boy to squash Bryan for the authority at Wrestlemania. Seems like he didnt quit for Bryan, he quit because he is not in the main event. He quit because he is not champion for 700 or so straight days. If this is all true, it sounds like hes being a crybaby. I know this is gonna get a lot of negative response, but I wont miss him. CM Punk has bored me with his lame best in the world promos for quite some time now. Randy Ortons promos have been far better than CM Punks lately and everyone on here bashes Randy Borton. I didnt even notice he wasnt on Raw until I read this story.

  • satishwarne708

    So Punk one most popular WWe ‘superstar” is gone and Bryan may be thinking the same….I think WWE will finally realize what went wrong.

    • Reality

      Bryan isn’t thinking the same. First: he doesn’t have the amount of money Punk has been saving for years. Second: his rise just started.

  • Noach

    This seems like a big work to me. It really parallels the Stone Cold taking his ball and going home thing. Why would WWE take down an intellectual property that it owns when it could still be making money off it? The unfollowed Punk on Twitter, but his WWE official Facebook page is still up. Stone Cold must have agreed to work Wrestlemania and wrestle Punk.