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Samoa Joe Calls Out Wrestling News Sites For False Reporting

Samoa Joe vents about wrestling news websites

Kevin Nash Responds To Rumors That TNA Suspended Him

Nash made some "shoot" comments at a recent iMPACT! taping after seeing how the company handled a blown spot that almost killed Chris Sabin

TNA iMPACT! Preview For Tonight: Hulkamania Era Begins

A preview for tonight's iMPACT! - PLUS a link to *SPOILERS*

*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results For 11/12

Complete results for next week's TNA iMPACT! on Spike

*Spoiler* 2 Familiar Names Backstage For iMPACT! Taping

Find out what late-80's/early-90's WWF tag champion will be appearing on next week's iMPACT!

*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT! Tapings Results For Thursday

Complete spoiler results for this week's edition of TNA iMPACT! on SpikeTV

TNA iMPACT Rating Breakdown: Hogan Draws Lowest Numbers

TNA iMPACT's rating was up, but The Hulkster drew the lowest numbers of the evening

Sting’s Future, Cornette On Hogan-Bischoff, ODB Re-signs

Jim Cornette explains why Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff signing with TNA is exactly why he hates "corporate wrestling." Plus, Sting's future in TNA & more

TNA Founder Comments On Hogan & Bischoff Signing With TNA

What does Jerry Jarrett think about Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff signing with TNA?

TNA Star Asks For His Release, Styles & Russo Clash Backstage

A frustrated TNA wrestler asked for his release from the company at the last set of television tapings

Hogan Has TNA Worried, Will Bischoff Show Up In Orlando?

Hulk Hogan already has some of the higher-ups in TNA worried

Will Hogan Show Up In Orlando This Week?, BFG Attendance

Will the wrestling legend be appearing in the Impact! Zone this week?

TNA Officials Disappointed In Rating For Hulk Hogan’s Debut

The iMPACT! rating for Hulk Hogan's TNA debut was not quite as high as the company had hoped

Hulk Hogan Rips Vince McMahon & Hypes His Return

Hulk Hogan says he's coming to TNA to compete with Vince and answers critics who say he's too old and broken down to still wrestle

Carter Asks Fans Who They Want To See More Of On Impact

The TNA President has asked fans who they want to see more of on iMPACT!.

Spooky Sound Off 88: The Orange Goblin Has Come To TNA!

HALLOWEEN EDITION with lots of candy corn and chocolate bars with razor blades!

DDP Says Whether He’s Interested In Joining TNA Wrestling

Diamond Dallas Page comments on whether he will go to TNA, working with Undertaker, who he would like to have his last match with, and more

TNA iMPACT! Rating: Did The Hulk Hogan Buzz Help?

Did the news of Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff partnering with TNA Wrestling help this week's iMPACT! rating?

Hogan Explains Why He Chose TNA Over WWE & His Goals

Hulk Hogan explains how the industry has changed dramatically since the 1980s

Kong Dresses Lacey Von Erich Down, Amazing Red Speaks Out

Details on Lacey Von Erich's recent run-in with Awesome Kong

Awesome Kong Comments On Hulk Hogan Joining TNA

Two former world champions meet

Recap Of Hulk Hogan On Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon

Recap of Hulk Hogan on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - October 27, 2009

Hulk Hogan The New Head Writer & “Boss” Of TNA Wrestling?

A close friend says Hogan is the new "boss" of TNA .. "He is the Booker. Period. Saw it in his contract ... Terry and Eric won't make the same mistakes that they made at wcw."

Jim Ross Comments On Hulk Hogan Signing With TNA

Jim Ross calls Hogan the ultimate self promoter and you can't argue with him on that one

VIDEO: Hulk Hogan & TNA Wrestling MSG Press Conference

You've read the reports - now watch the actual press conference from MSG

TNA & Spike TV Meeting Today About A Monday Night Show

Could we be on the verge of a second Monday Night War ?!

Hulk On Larry King: TNA, His Son Wrestling?, Suicide, More

Recap of Hulk Hogan on Larry King Live - October 27, 2009

WWE’s Upcoming Hulk Hogan DVD Release, New WWE Storyline

In a first, WWE will be releasing a DVD on a wrestler in TNA

Could Ric Flair Be Following Hulk Hogan To TNA Wrestling?

"The Nature Boy" may be following Hulk Hogan to TNA

Samoa Joe Reacts To TNA Signing Hulk Hogan, More TNA Notes

"The Samoan Submission Machine" reacts to TNA signing the legendary wrestler

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