Saturday, January 20, 2018


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Bram Talks TNA Backstage Atmosphere, NXT vs. TNA, Magnus & More

Highlights of a new interview with TNA wrestler Bram.

WWE Diva Emma Has Much More Opportunity in NXT

WWE Diva Emma has a lot more opportunities to succeed in the developmental system known as NXT. The title picture is crowded on the main roster, while NXT could use another strong babyface diva.

WWE Releases Two NXT Wrestlers, More Coming Later Today?

Two NXT talents released from WWE today.

Inspiration For Hideo Itami’s Name, Lead Writer For NXT Revealed, More

Find out why KENTA picked the name "Hideo Itami" and who the main NXT writer is.

Details On Next Live NXT Special, Brock Lesnar/Night Of Champions Note

NXT Takeover 3 in December? Plus, Lesnar/N.O.C. PPV note.

The Rock’s Cousin Gets Her NXT Name, Top 10 Moments From RAW (Video)

Lina Fanene gets her NXT name and WWE highlights the top 10 RAW moments.

NXT Preview For Tonight: Hideo Itami Debuts

Preview for tonight's episode of NXT on the WWE Network

Sin Cara Finally Finds Success as WWE NXT Tag Team Champion

The Sin Cara character has not always been successful in WWE. However, with a new man portraying Sin Cara, the character is now one half of the NXT Tag Team Champions alongside Kalisto.

Backstage Reason NXT Stars Didn’t Work WWE TV This Week

Find out why the top NXT stars didn't work TV or dark matches this week.

Coverage Of Final Issue Of WWE Magazine, NXT Preview For Thursday (Video)

Article on the end of WWE Magazine and video preview for Thursday's NXT TV.

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