Nikki Bella Talks Cena Debuting New Title Belt, Brie Talks Steph/SSlam

The following are highlights of a new E! Online interview with Nikki Bella:

Brie Bella on match vs. Stephanie McMahon at SummerSlam: “I am definitely looking forward to taking on Stephanie McMahon. Two years ago if you’d asked me what my dream match was, I would have said Stephanie, and here I am living out my dream. I think the biggest thing for me is that there’s so much going into this; everything she did to my husband Daniel Bryan to what she did to Nikki—I get to go in there with my boss. How many people would love to get into the ring with their boss and just shake them around? So I feel like I’m really living it up for everyone in the world.”

Nikki Bella on her boyfriend John Cena debuting the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Brock Lesnar: “I’m so excited for John but at the same time I’m very nervous for him because I have to say, Brock Lesnar is probably the toughest opponent you could have in WWE history. Brock is just the real deal; he is as tough as it gets, so I’m very excited for John but at the same time I’m like, ‘Please don’t hurt my baby!’ But I’ve got the nurse outfit in the car ready to go in case something happens.”

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  • Matt Boone

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    • MajorHeel

      So she’s married to Daniel Bryan AND dating John Cena? On top of that it sounds like she’s taking Brie’s place in the summerslam match

      • Sigma ?

        This is quite confusing indeed.

      • Guest

        “interview with Nikki Bella:”

      • FlawlessRKO

        The top quote is from Brie.

      • RynoJordan23

        Well, they are identical, so maybe the interviewer couldn’t tell them apart. Or he was blind and couldn’t see Nikki’s boobs.

      • Scott Dorian Dancer

        please read the article. the top statement is from brie. the bottom is nikki.

    • rudy

      LOL HILARIOUS! The first statement is obviously Bries haha

      And Nikki didnt even comment on the new championship that we might see tomorrow

    • mac888

      SES editor: Oooooops!! Unless Brie and Nikki are actually the same person and all this time they use effects to double them. Has anyone ever seen both Bella sisters live? Someone call TMZ we got a story here

      • Dale C Twigg

        I have seen them together. They stood 4 feet behind me at a house show. They had the same sized boobs back then.

    • essinodub

      What’s happening?

    • Josh Knepshield

      SEScoops just botched with this…

    • Chris Gaudet

      Face Brock in a fight, and get Nikki Bella in a nurse outfit afterwards? Yea sign me to a one week deal, you don’t even have to pay me LOL

      • Dixie Carter

        If she gets a promotion, she’d do it!

    • Capt.Dammit

      are we being punked dammit?!

    • Triple X

      I’m confused.

    • Mrs. Ambrose #MNW

      Team Brie.

    • Bad Boy

      That picture of Nikki Bella is sexy. I’d love to suck on that big nose and devour that tongue.

    • Dixie Carter

      Nikki has no confidence with her man. Always thinking he is cheating on her or up to no good. She is only with him for a promotion in WWE. Heck I wonder why Cena would not marry her. He knows she’d divorce his bxxty in a heartbeat and take him to the cleaners…but all in all she’s good for bending over!

      If Cena ever leaves you and Stephanie sacks your backside…you can join TNA. Darlin’ the door is open just like your front and backdoor!

    • brad

      Dam it sounds like Brie is getten freaky with ol Johnny boy.