Nuclear Heat On Brock Lesnar & Backstage News On His Future

For those wondering why there has been no mention of Brock Lesnar on WWE television over the last couple weeks, there is said to be “nuclear heat” on Lesnar, some of which stems his recent appearance at the UFC 146 pay-per-view.

When The Pain Returns: 5 Opponents For Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar visited the event and met with UFC President Dana White without the advance knowledge of Vince McMahon. Even before the UFC incident, Lesnar has been extremely difficult to deal with behind the scenes. Lesnar was high maintenance during his first run with the company nearly a decade ago. Now, he’s back, making much more money and working far fewer dates.

WWE has taken a few shots at Lesnar on television in recent weeks, including the Big Show’s promo talking about being a “fighter, not a sports entertainer” and Triple H’s taped promo on RAW where he was not wearing an arm brace to sell Lesnar’s recent attack.

WWE has had to deal with contract negotiations with megastars before (The Rock, Steve Austin), but Lesnar is a different animal because he does not like the wrestling business and has the option of going back to UFC to make huge money to fight a few more times.

Instead of keeping Brock Lesnar’s character on television through video packages or appearances by Paul Heyman, he’s now off the radar entirely until it’s time for WWE to start building towards his match against Triple H at SummerSlam.

After SummerSlam, Lesnar is not expected to make any more appearances for many months. It’s known that Lesnar’s contract requires very few appearances – and it’s now believed that the number of required dates is even fewer than previously reported. He is not scheduled to wrestle at Survivor Series and might not be back until 2013. It’s known whether he’ll even be at the Royal Rumble, so right now, the only events that are locked in are SummerSlam and WrestleMania 29.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias

  • Seth Bob

    Fuck Lesnar. Get rid of him.

    • DigitalWWE

      he should’ve never comeback

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      Thank you i’ve been saying that since he returned. he put on a good match with john cena but i wwe can survive without he not “must see” like the rock.

      I hate that guy.

    • Johnie

      You must be 12

      • NAYNAY

        I LOVE HIM

    • pwnez

      It looks like Lesnar’s return came back to bite them in the ass. Lesnar’s always been a douche backstage so this really isn’t surprising.

      • Donte Shoshona Gopual

        i agree. They should’ve learned their lesson from his first run.
        He’s still just punk ass Lesnar.

        • nico kensing

          lol at some of you fools, this is WWE’s fault for being so desparate, that is if this isn’t a work

      • ezeekaY

        LOL What happened to all those respect that you guys showed to him when he came back? Not that I’m complaining.

      • Andrew Campbell

        I wouldn’t call the guy a douche. He made many friends during his first run in the WWE, so he can’t be that bad a guy.

    • Andrew Campbell

      WWE dropped the ball on Lesnar big time. They’re paying him $5 million a year for only a handfull of appearances and they chose to waste some of those dates on a feud with Triple H that no one wants to see. His loss to Cena didn’t do his return any favours either.

      Don’t believe everything you read. I’m sure Lesnar is a cool guy. WWE doesn’t like it when stars become bigger than the corporate machine that created them and, as a result, they will do anything to try and paint you in a bad light.

      • tiran66

        Sorry Andrew, I know we agree on alot of things but your wrong about Lesnar. It’s well documented that he’s an anti-social asshole. He didn’t make alot of friends on his first run, he even admitted that there were very few guys in the locker room that he liked. It’s obvious that he was just using WWE to get rich quick and springboard himself into the spotlight.
        The fact he built his house out in the middle of nowhere is a clear indicication that he can’t stand to be around most people. Now I agree that losing to Cena was the wrong way to go but lets be honest here. WWE is paying him an extraordinary amount of money for the lightest possible schedule you can get. If they say lose to Cena then he should smile and say thank you. If they say lose to HHH then he should smile and say thank you. To then go and blatantly appear at a UFC event without permission from the company that has you under contract is the epitamy of living with a god complex.
        The guy’s a douche plain and simple. He almost crippled Cena in their match. A proffesional wrestler, even one who doesn’t like the business, does not take those kind of liberties. I for one couldn’t care less if I ever see Lesnar in a ring again.

        • nico kensing

          I love some of the holier than thou fans concerning Lesnar, “he this or that, not my kind of “standards” then some will turn around and defend Benoit. He didn’t almost cripple Cena, (probably Cena’s a** being funny acting self like Holly did) and who carew where he builds his house, hell you didn’t pay for it did you?

      • Jmc60

        It was dumb him losing to Cena if he won its another thing but since he lost, well ya know

      • Dominic Licocci

        well said. vince is a bitch and bitches about every1. ive herd people discribe the wwe organization as corrupt and vince is like a dictator. he sucks and hes the reason why every1 wants to leave the wwe. vince thinks hes bigger than not only every wrestler in the wwe but bigger than the whole wwe… in his sick twisted mind he thinks all the people watch for him. and they are all there for him. he proved that by tryn to wrestle years back… the whole act of the wwe is sad and pathetic.

    • WWEFAN1995

      Lets see, who would we rather see on PPV, someone who doesn’t give a shit about the product or the company and is never there, or someone that works there ass off every month. Vote up if you agree!

  • Flare Demon

    Yeah screw Lesnar. I was hype about his return but man i dont like his style.

  • therockisback

    Give us Lesnar vs HHH, Punk, Cena II, Rock II, Taker, Orton, Kane, Jericho, Batista, HBK & Austin and then let him get his ass kicked in the UFC for the rest of his life.

  • tlsxoxo

    How can anyone be mad at Lesnar ? Its your fault WWE for giving this guy that type of money. Everywhere he’s been after college he’s failed except for SCRITPED stuff.
    The Minniesota Viking = fail
    UFC= fail ( he should have lost to Carwin , it should have been stopped )
    Married old ass Sable = fail
    On top of all of that he doesn’t like to travel… we’re not talking house shows , we’re talking RAW on four a month. I say Fuck you WWE for bringing him back instead of building NEW stars with guys who love wrestling , not hired mercenaries.

    • Donte Shoshona Gopual

      shut up dude.

      • tlsxoxo

        Man , fuck you

    • Beanhead

      Your spelling of Minnesota=Fail!!

      • tlsxoxo

        You have the right name , BEANHEAD… no one ever makes mistakes while their typing on message boards… do you really think I meant to put an ” I ” there ? The damn edit button doesn’t work idiot. Stick to the subject or don’t comment.

        • Beanhead’s Bro

          “mistakes while their typing…”
          “mistakes while THEY’RE typing…”

          • fireworks Ts

            Aye Beanhead’s bitch , you and your bro go be grammer police somewhere else. Fucking geeks , do you think anyone cares ? I swear you fucking skidmarks on this board kill me.

  • TheresProgressNow

    that’s a shame, I loved seeing him again. alligning him with Laryngitis was the on-screen downfall. they ruined what was potentially one of the biggest WWE returns. I wanted to see him neutral. not really a babyface, but not the standard heel either.

    enjoyed seeing him rip Cena apart, and would’ve loved seeing him turn on Laryngitis, being alligned with noone but himself, and then adding Heyman to the mix, just like the old great times

  • Jayden53092

    Don’t blame Lesnar. He just can’t make up his mind because he loved the UFC. But, he is basically getting a lot of money for nothing really except two PPV matches and he is taking advantage of it and disrespecting Vince all the way. Honestly, it was not worth it one bit to bring him back. just my input on it.

  • siberian_skies

    Good, this is what you get WWE, for bringing him back. He’s over-rated, hates wrestling, traveling, and the fans.

  • David M Waters

    Lesnar is so not the wrestler he use to be so bring back Kurt Angle and let him whoop Brock one last time!

  • Guest

    I loved Lesnar back in the Ruthless Aggression days. His fueds with Undertaker and Kurt Angle were awesome. Then he came back, and I was initially glad, but it quickly became obvious that his time in UFC had made his already shitty attitude even worse. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that someone who spent the last few years hanging out with Dana White, turned into a huge douchebag.
    So Lesnar can “get the ‘F’ out”, just like he did last time.. We got a good Cena match out of him, and a couple of good promos, but paying twice the money and getting half the work isn’t fair to the fans or the other Superstars. In fact, I don’t really care who he is supposed to face at whatever PPV, not even WM. Cena wanted to give Rock shit for just showing up to collect a check, well- Lesnar IS there ONLY to collect a check. (bet you’re sorry you wasted a yearlong promo on the wrong guy, huh Cena?) So do I really want to see somebody who doesn’t give a shit about wrestling, show up and take up a prime spot at WM? Hell no.
    My only hope is that the WWE crowds begin a “Fuck you Lesnar” chant everytime he shows up, til Wrestlemania.
    Say what you will about Cena, Triple H, or Bryan, but at least those guys love wrestling, and actually WANT to be there everyday.

    • Beanhead

      Geez, nice novel.

    • siberian_skies

      @Stunt McNugget: Very well said.

  • your mom

    Lesnar is a tool… agreed fuck that guy…

  • cmpunksliljimmie

    Brock is a tool. I bet he picked on Lil Jimmie in high school and banged Kelly Kelly under the bleachers.

  • Jbabyface218

    meh brock is lame somtimes life dnt turn out the way u want it to just die lasnar ur worthless

  • charlemange

    Watch Lesnar job in all his matches

  • GreatRedBeard

    I’m not sure why people are so upset. Brock Lesnar is a primadonna who doesn’t like to work a full-time schedule. This has been known since his first run in the company. They brought him back and gave him his sweet contract because not too long ago he was the biggest PPV draw in the world. Its a bit late to be having buyer’s remorse.

  • AngelFlow

    It is WWE fault that this is happening. I was happy for his return and I enjoyed his fight with Cena, but he don’t love wrestling like every other superstar loves it. He is only in the WWE for the money and anything else. He even hates traveling. WWE give this man to much money for his appearances. So is WWE’s fault that this is happening.

  • brainlazer

    I’m not going to say anything that everyone else hasn’st already said. Just let the guy go back to getting his ass kicked by everyone in UFC. That’s all he ever did there anyway.

  • brainlazer


  • Rodrigo Ceballos

    Stop whinning about Lesnar WWE knew what they got when they gave him his contract He’s just a guy to come in the main PPV shows and draw money for them like the Rock or Stone Cold if he would come back I’m happy he won’t make that many dates that way it won’t totally take that much time away from up and coming stars

  • Scott Kinnard

    Well it looks like that’s 5 million well spent… What a disgrace. Same with his UFC career. 5-3 and some view him as one of the best of all time- what a slap in the face to guys like Gracie, Shamrock, Coture ect. He is not even close to being in their league. I wonder down the road how many talent are going to get cut to free up the money Brock is getting paid. I was at the Raw in Dayton and everyone HATED Lesnar. Believe me, he is a real douche in person

    • siberian_skies

      @Scott Kinnard: You speak true about Lesnar being a douche. We have relatives in common, and only one of them has anything good to say about him. And even that person told me that Lesnar hates the fans.

      • nico kensing

        for real, so who are your folks (yeah I’m nosy but you don’t have to disclose) that knows him, you all from the same area and/or have other stories to tell????

        • siberian_skies

          @nico kensing: You know the deal, my first cousin’s ex-husband is a second cousin of Lesnar’s. He grew up around Webster, SD, and I have alot of folks up there. I was told by a couple of cousins that Lesnar is “dumber than a box of rocks”. He cheated on Sable. He was Very scrawny as a teenager. After he didn’t make it in football he wanted back in the WWE, but they wouldn’t have him at that time. And the real dealbreaker for me (I used to be a huge fan of Lesnar’s) he hates the fans, even his own fans.

  • Franky Haro™

    did Batista mention what his big announcement ever was?

    • siberian_skies

      If he did, I missed it.

  • wwetnadudez

    Bullshit let him go, there wasting money on a guy who has been a complete diva, doesn’t care for WWE just it’s money and isn’t making as big of a spike in ratings like SCSA or Rock.

  • Nightmare

    Get rid of Lesnar hell id rather see Ric Flair come back and fight and get his ass whooped at the age he is now… At least he is entertaining and yea I just dissed lesnar.

  • cm2012

    Some things never change… shame. Brock has no idea how much he is worth… and he’s flushing that worth down the drain with a pissy attitude, and continuous bullshit. If I were Vince, I would’ve signed him to a deal that allows WWE every right to withdraw, take back the money for the dates he didn’t work yet, and release him. Just cut bait and tell him to go screw.

    Then I’d watch and laugh as Bork Laser has nothing to do with his life but fight Frank Mir…

  • Krismystery

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him go back to the UFC. He was by far the most talented punching bag in the entire UFC his last 2 fights.

  • dpsrkpguy

    bottom line, wwe signing brock was an EPIC FAIL

  • Superlative

    Please don’t tell me you guys are surprised by this LOLOL

  • KING

    Everybody dick rides Lesnar. Hes a good fighter or whatever. But truth iz he acts like a whiny lil bitch.

  • ennis63

    Lesnar vs Sin Cara for the WWE title at Wrestlemania 29! You Gotta Love It!

  • Roy Cuffee

    Well lesnar DOESN’T love wrestling you can pretty much tell from the past and this most recent event i dont even think he respects the business either and i just cant wait to see the undertaker woop his ass at wrestlemania!

  • big fat ruby

    Vince has screwed countless wrestlers. I hope Lesnar drives him nuts and bleeds him dry.

    • nico kensing

      exactly aren’t we all forgetting how many great wrestlers he let go in order to get his typical “big oily man” steeze on?

  • makaveli

    Fuck WWE, this shit is for kids. I want Lesnar back in UFC, when real shit happens, not that comedian kids crap, which WWE became.

  • Satishwarne

    He is gonna win the Rumble after a six month gap or something when wwe universe least expect him and lose at WM29 and quit for good?

  • Dominic Licocci

    fake wrestling sucks any way. for kids and retards. MMA is real fighting and wwe isnt even entertainment any more. about as much entertainment as kid shows. ya’ll are sad… payn money to see steroid induced grown men wearing speedo’s and trying to act… hilarious..

    • Dr. Gonzo

      Says the guy who reads an article about somebody he knows is working for WWE currently.

  • Stephen N Pipkin

    Bring in lashley for summerslam and let them have an mma bout as main event that will bring in big bucks for wwe

  • lipanitech

    He ” he does not like the wrestling business” and we the fans of the wrestling business don’t like him. Dump him and bring in good wrestlers who deserve and love the business.

  • Reality

    They did a lot of things to get Lesnar back, and just when he is, they change their mind about how to use him and decide to use him to push others. I’d be fucking pissed. Pushing Cena? Ok, he’s the face of the company. But still, Cena making the promo at the end of E.Rules was too much. And now HHH wants to bury him. I mean come on. That’s why am not buying any WWE products. WWE piss me off. Last thing I bought’s Money in the Bank 2011 DVD…

  • alan

    why do you guys care what hes like behind the scenes, bottom line, the guys great to watch.

  • Crystal

    Send his jack ass back to the UFC everyone hates him he is a complete douche I would want my kids learning how to ask from this idiot. The Rock was a huge super star but never acted like this he came out almost every RAW to wrestle or talk and sometimes sing but he was there and you could look up to him… Steve Austin was the man he raised hell showed up every night some times in different vehicles to piss McMahon off for instance the beer truck and took the hose and soaked Vince and I believe Shane also. Lets face it your either here because you want to entertain the fan like Hogan,Andre,Mcfoley, Road Warrior, The Ultimate Warrior, Randy Savage with Miss Elizabeth, The Hardy Boys, Owen Heart(RIP) The Whole Heart Family, The Undertaker, HBK Shawn Michael, China, HHH, John Cena, The ROCK STEVE AUSTIN. All came in did there job was there every night made the crowd love them or hate them but did….If I was getting paid what Brock gets paid and only has to make a few appearances, The other guys who come out and fight every night get hurt ever night should walk in to the Presidents office who ever it is today and say I want a raise I do way more the brock I put my body on the line for this company give me a BIG RAISE or we will STRIKE….How do you like them apples… Get rid of Brock and pay attention to the real talent you have here or are scouting to be up and comers thats what this company needs to do it would be no love lose if brock gone he doesnt want to fight anyway get rid of the POS!!

  • buck bullet

    bro they need brock lesnar in ufc to get more views more sold out arenas but in WWE yeah they should get rid of him

  • B_LESNAR_F5_CapsLock


  • Brian Boccia

    This is all a STORYLINE people, dont be so damn naieve…Good god, why do you think Triple H knows Lesnar will be at SS, lucky guessing? NO b/c he is under contract, PERIOD. The UFC thing was STAGED

  • kssmith65668

    Sounds to me like Vinnie Mack should cut his losses, pay Brock off, and be rid of this arrogant, selfish, self-centered, egotistical, maniacal FREAK. Let Dana White have him.

  • Clare Houghey

    sack hm