Official Dates For All Of WWE 2014 Pay-Per-View Events Revealed

According to the new 2014 WWE Superstar calendar being sold on their official website, the following are the dates listed for the company’s 2014 pay-per-view events:

-January 26th
-February 23rd
-April 6th
-May 4th
-June 1st
-June 29th
-July 20th
-August 17th
-September 21st
-October 26th
-November 23rd
-December 14th

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Matt Boone

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  • bayarea08

    This doesn’t have any real info on it… just dates.

    We need PPVs and locations.

  • pwnez

    Although these are just dates I dislike how we may see two PPVs in June. WWE should reduce the amount of PPVs per year; it’s way too many.

    • Guest

      LOL. Do you ever quit complaining?

      • pwnez

        A ‘guest’ complaining about another guy complaining. Ironic!

        • pvvnez

          Im just really opinonated, about the most insignificant stuff on the planet. Plus its litterally the only thing I have even a thimble full of knowledge on. I work in a grocery store remember.

          • pwnez

            Literally* Learn how to spell, pVVnez!

          • pvvnez

            As oppossed to learning how to spell figuratively?

          • pwnez

            If you’re going to troll around and stuff, you may want to spell correctly so you don’t make yourself look even more foolish then you already do. Hey, just trying to give you some advice, pVVnez! RYTURTLE RULEZ!!1!!!1!11

      • pvvnez

        Never. Im just lonely. Know any girls?

    • heterosexual

      it’s still “only” 12 ppv’s a year. when you look at how many weeks they stretch between elimination chamber and wrestlemania, you should be grateful they’re not putting one 3 weeks after WM like they did in the past.

    • deedz

      There is a 4 week difference tho, just like most ppvs

    • Fighter

      Unbelievable. When the WWE had 14 ppvs a year, you complained. Fine! Then they brought it down to 13 ppvs a year, you still complain about that fine. It’s back to the regular Attitude Era 12 ppvs a year and here you are complaining, because apparently they have 2 ppvs in one month, mind you there is a 4 week build up between them.

      I have never seen you argue that March does not have any ppvs. Which is awesome because it usually gives a 5 to 6 week build up to Wrestlemania. WWE will never go down to 11 ppvs a year and with no ppv events in March they have to place a two ppv events in a month. And it’s not like it’s the first time they are doing so. It’s just that it’s the first time they planned it out and set up the dates pretty darn good, rather than having two ppv events within a couple weeks.

      • pwnez

        Why would March not having a PPV be a bad thing? WrestleMania is in April so that would give you an entire month to build up your biggest PPV. I complained because it’s too many PPVs, simple as that. One PPV a month (not including March,) would be more than enough. Why would you have two PPVs in one month? WWE’s product isn’t interesting enough as to where you’re going to have huge buyrates for PPVs that are 3 weeks apart.

        “It’s back to the regular Attitude Era 12 ppvs a year.” Um, no it’s not. WWE rarely ever does 4 weeks in between PPVs anymore. It’s usually 3 weeks if that.

        • pvvnez

          Im too smart to work at a grocery store who wants to start an efed with me!!!???

    • Tucker944

      theres 12, one a month, thats pretty damn good lol its normally a start or a finish to a story line and its the normal amount if they reduced it, raw would be pretty boring

  • Buzzard Follower

    Royal rumble – Pittsburg
    elimination chamber- Minnesota
    wrestlemania 30 – New orleans
    Extreme rules- Tba january
    Payback or Tba- tba february
    payback or Tba- february
    Money in the bank- tba march
    summerslam- Los Angeles
    night of champions- tba may
    tba- tba june
    survivor series- tba june
    Tlc- tba july
    Madison square garden is seeking a ppv event now that renovations are done
    Chicago also seeking ppv as they get a ton of cash on wwe ppv’s
    Detroit might get one of the junes ppv’s

  • The Devourer of Dimensions

    Yay! They finally cut out October having two PPVs in two weeks!

  • Coltcabunny

    Ha! Extreme Rules is on national Star Wars day….

  • captaindaddy72

    I don’t like ppvs in the same month it just doesn’t work, so I don’t care for two ppvs in june, bute atleast one is super early and the other one is super late.

    • Fighter

      March does not have no ppvs, and WWE will never go down to an 11 ppv a year schedule. So yeah they had to place two ppv events in one month and quite frankly they set up pretty darn good, unlike the two weeks before another ppv like they done this year and previous years.

  • Name

    Bring a PPV to Toronto and we’ll sell it out in no time and blow the roof off!