Official Preview For Next Week’s Impact Wrestling – Jeff Hardy Returns, Lethal Lockdown Teams, Hulk Hogan

TNA has announced that World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Hardy will return on next week’s episode of Impact Wrestling to confront Bully Ray. The official preview is as follows:

Next Thursday on IMPACT: Jeff Hardy returns, plus the Lethal Lockdown teams

Preview Thursday’s huge IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c, as the road to the “Lockdown” event continues!

– What will be the fallout from the Aces and 8s attack on Hulk Hogan? What is Hogan’s condition? Tune in for a major update on Thursday’s IMPACT!

– World Heavyweight Champion “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy makes his return to IMPACT! What will happen when Hardy is face-to-face with Bully Ray, the superstar that will challenge him for the title at Lockdown?

– Also on Thursday, “The Icon” Sting and Devon will both reveal their teams for the Lethal Lockdown match! Who will join Sting as part of Team TNA – and who will backup Devon from the Aces and 8s? Find out on Thursday!


  • Daniel Pena

    Daniel Pena is a longtime wrestling news reporter and the webmaster of

    • RespectTheSwag

      Jeff Hardy should be returning to the WWE and not TNA

      • Andrew Outlaw

        I agree but he signed a two year contract

        • RespectTheSwag

          That literally damn near tool the wind outta my sails. Trust me, I AM THE BIGGEST JEFF HARDY FAN ON EARTH!!! Ive been hoping, waiting, and anticipating a Jeff Hardy WWE return for what feels an eternity and he signs with TNA. Knowing that Hardy wont potentially return to WWE for another 600 plus days is depressing. After all these speculations, rumors, and high hopes I was really devastated.

          • 2muchfire

            DrizzyDrake is that you ? Drizzy is the biggest Hardy fan.

          • Andrew Outlaw

            He is my favorite wrestler of all time…if I wasn’t a big fan of his I would have been a big kane fan

      • Steve

        i believe Hardy will never eeeeeever be back in WWE again

    • Rawwrds

      Goldberg should go to tna n let bishoff make him a star again

    • Fabian6sic6s

      Jeff Hardy isn’t the World Heavyweight Champion, he’s the TNA World Champion.