Opening Video For Thursday’s Impact, Tara & Godderz In “Tainted Dreams”

– TNA announced on Tuesday that Tara and “Mr. PEC-tacular” Jessie Godderz have signed on to appear in a new scripted drama, “Tainted Dreams” –

“IMPACT WRESTLING” superstars Lisa Marie Varon, known as Tara, and five-time CBS “Big Brother” superstar, Jessie Godderz, known as Mr. PEC-Tacular, have signed on to join the cast of NYC Brand Production’s “Tainted Dreams.” This new, scripted “soap within a soap” is set to blow the lid off the behind-the-scenes comedy and drama of producing a daily soap opera. “Tainted Dreams” is a rare, realistic look at the interaction of actors, cast, and crew involved in producing a daily, scripted drama.

– TNA has released the following video, which will open Thursday’s live Impact Wrestling broadcast from Jonesboro, Arkansas:

Brad Davis

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  • Seth Bob

    Well that sounds retarded.

  • Jerichoholic4life

    jeff hardy vs bully ray again = YAWN

    • Kevin Lazar

      What you mean “yawn”? what are you stupid? Go watch Randy Orton vs Alberto Del Rio or somethin

      • Jerichoholic4life

        that rivalry ended months ago don’t talk about things u know nothing about. “yawn” means boring because jeff just lost the WHC so it’s obvious everybody knows who’s going to win

    • WWEFan4Life

      Sorry but in TNA today, there isnt a lot of choice for a wrestlers opponent so Hardy/Ray again is expectd.

    • Hudson

      It’s going to be Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray probably until Slammiversary. At Slammiversary “The icon” Stink will make sure to insert himself in a title match like he always does. And since Bully Ray betrayed Sting’s trust… it’s likely that it will be indeed that match. Another Slammiversary probably wasted away on the man known as Stink. Slammiversary VIII, IX, X and now possibly XI.

      • Hellaluyeah

        Slammiversary is in June. I sure hope that the Aces and Eights story will have evolved further than Bully Ray vs. Sting until then. I hope the Sting vs. Bully Ray match is going to be on some regular show soon. That feud/match doesn’t seem like something a promotion would want to headline their big main event with.

  • Vance

    Jesse stinks, put him in Aces n 8s with the rest of them Jabroni’s or release his punk ass.

    • Nicolai

      The dude is clueless. Painful to watch

      • Hellaluyeah

        You guys have no idea what you’re writing about. The guy is entertaining and not bad in the ring at all, especially for someone with a run as short as his has been so far. It’s not his fault all he does right now is play valet for Tara. He’s much better than The Miz was, when he first started out.

        • Nicolai

          Hahahahahahahahah are we watching the same guy!? Dude is completely LOST in that ring. And at least the miz is a lifelong fan and knows the business. Jessie did a interview and said “I started wrestling because after seeing the miz do it, I knew I could” he even went on to say he didn’t even watch wrestling until recently. Now who doesn’t know what their talking about!?

        • Nicolai

          And he has to be in the woman’s division because he’s only 5’0 tall and can’t move like the small guys in the x division.

        • Nicolai

          You should probably offer him gay for pay. Lord knows he needs the money, and you seem to be really “entertained” by him.

        • Nicolai