Panic Over RAW’s 2.7 Rating, Zack Ryder’s Latest Show & More

– As you can imagine, there was panic in WWE this week over RAW’s 2.7 rating. Even though Monday was Memorial Day, WWE’s flagship show is entering dangerous territory with that low number, especially with RAW about to go 3 hours next month.

– Personal trainer Joe DeFranco has published part 2 of his article describing Triple H’s personalized workouts.

– The official theme song for WWE’s No Way Out pay-per-view is “Unstoppable” by the band Charm City Devils.

– Former WWF announcer Sean Mooney is now the co-anchor for NBC Tucson, Arizona affiliate KVOA. Mooney lives in Arizona also runs a production company in the area.

– Mr. Long Island Iced Z is back with another installment of the Z! True Long Island Story:

Brad Davis

Brad Davis is the editor of and He's been hooked on pro wrestling since 1989 and has attended 8 WrestleManias


    Im happy they’re panicing. Maybe it’ll wake wwe’s ass up and put on a show worth watching. I know this passed monday I tuned out during big show’s promo. And only tuned back in to see punk vs bryan.

    • pwnez

      Hiiiiighly doubt it. WWE will never learn from their past mistakes.

  • Forceton Banfodder

    Lets look at what happened on Monday. The Hatfields & McCoys miniseries premiered. I don’t know a single person who didn’t tune in to watch that. Plus yeah, Memorial day, so anyone not watching Hatfields & McCoys was probably out, you know, enjoying their vacation. It will be back to its normal low numbers next monday.

    • pwnez

      Hatfields and McCoys was a good miniseries. The last episode was just ok though.

      • Forceton Banfodder

        It was highly anticipated. I’m sorry, but WWE officials must be living in a dream world if they didn’t see that coming from a mile away. Like I said, they’ll be back up to their meager 3.0 rating next monday.

  • Roger Penland

    lol even Zack Ryder can’t catch a break on Sescoops.

  • tlsxoxo

    I think WWE is REALLY losing ratings besides the miniseries/holiday , the week before their ratings were down. The product is at an all-time low , and Big Show closed the show… no thanks , if this was the attitude era RAW would have still pulled a 3. Something.

    • DigitalWWE

      Attitude era is not coming back. Get over it, stop mentioning it.

      • tlsxoxo

        Now that you’ve spoken , no one will ever speak of it again…psshh , gtfooh

    • Andrew Campbell

      In the Attitude Era, RAW was pulling ratings within the 5 and 6 range with over 8 million viewers. WWE won’t be seeing those numbers again anytime soon, most likely never.

  • gabe

    Triple H`s favorite exercise is probably Heavy Sledgehammer Tire Chops: 4 x 8 each side with a custom-made 35lb. sledgehammer.

  • Andrew Campbell

    2.7 is not a good number regardless of the stiff competition and it being memorial day. 2.7 is the type of number WCW Nitro was pulling weekly right before the company died.

    • SOBI

      they need to have atleast 1 extreme rules match every raw either tag team or singles i wouldnot mind seeing Truth& kofi vs Epico&primo in a TLC match for the tag titles

      • Jmc60

        I dont see how this gets 5 down votes its a good idea every week have 1 match eitheir steel cage, hiac, extreme rules etc RAW would get better ratings it would be a good business move for them

        • Andrew Campbell

          I think showing them every week would make the match stipulations become stale.

          WWE should just eliminate gimmick PPV’s and surprise us with cage matches, HIAC and extreme rules matches every now and then.

  • SOBI

    thats what you get if you start the show with a Big Show Promo of more then 10 minutes.
    this week’s Smackdown was better in my opinion specially the kane and punk match and ziggler VS sheamus match

  • Team Awesome

    The Hatfields & McCoys, The Play-Offs (Which I was watching) for the NBA, & vacation time since it was Memorial Day were probably the reasons ratings tanked. I would add Chris Jericho mentioning that the show would be about Big Show too, but i doubt it. It will be back to 3.0 or 3.1 by next week maybe.

  • Jbabyface218

    smackdown was boring blah sin cara was awsome n the ring cant say the same for the others tna was kinda good last night lol

  • fan

    omg. They pull a 2.7 one night and it is being compared to WCW before they died? WCW pulled many weeks of low ratings like that. And memorial day and stiff competition ARE good reasons for it. damn

  • KING

    They need to do something. This iz bs, the main reason for WWE downward sprial period. Its becuz of this PG Era shit. Not to mention they keep depending on ppl who arent even full time wrestlers. They need to use the talent they have. And kill this PG shit.

    • LupineMP3j

      It has very little to do with PG and almost everything to do with the fact that week after week, the shows just get crappier and crapppier. EAll we get is poorlly-written idiocy. Thay should not be surprised that people are tuning out.

      • LupineMP3j

        Apologies for all the typoes. My keyboard for my iPad is going a little… well… stupid.

  • Steven Harris

    Everyone keeps blaming PG, its nothing to do really with the pg rating, they can still go a little bit edgy if they wanted to, they can still do something really exciting with even a pg rating, they just choose not to, they do silly in ring promo and continue to push crap down poeples throats. There not building that many stars, they cant build the entire roster no, but they do need to build the mid card and atleast make the titles mean something, the brand split means nothing and they keep trying to make out it does, just end it unify the world titles, not everyone in the company needs to hold a world champ to be considerd a top guy. Thats all they need to do, but they wont because there lazy, its nothing to do with pg its just lazy storylines and not making anything mean something, everyone enjoys the comedy, but to much crap is to much crap.

  • Shane

    Well its obviously low cos half of its not what people want to see, need pg13

  • TVR

    PG is not the problem. Having Cena fued with Big Johnny and Big Show is the problem. Raw doesnt have that “I need to keep watching” feeling anymore. I think I actually watched more Impact last night then I did Raw. I had no desire to watch the Raw main event. I really hate to say this but id much rather have Cena back in the title picture than have him fuck around with Big Johnny and Big Show

  • Bushwald Sexyface

    It was MEMORIAL DAY WWE. Jesus christ. Stop panicking about the rating and start panicking about VInce’s inability to lead a global corporation anymore.

  • Charles Thomas Vaughan

    need to bring back golberg

  • Jasiu

    Ffs they need lesnar start the fued with him and hhh already lesnar “breaking” his arm and then a couple week pause what the hell

  • dae

    As I said before, the Supershow concept has watered down the shows. Also, if there isn’t enough talent in the pool, then maybe Raw goes 3 hours and SmackDown gets shut down (since there really isn’t two separate rosters at this time, anyway). A three hour Raw doesn’t seem like its feasible at this time.

  • Fez437

    I remember when RAW was the show to watch……. No matter how bad smack down is RAW Was great now I dvr RAW and fast forward to the end because that’s usually the only part even close to being worth watching

  • InfiniteRTG

    I blame it ALL on Linda’s stupid campaign. That stupid thing is limiting the WWE entirely as well as the wrestlers within it. That is the ONLY reason why WWE is so worried about their so called, “image”. With a violent company being ran by Linda then it gives her opponents something to use against her. So they made their product PG and did some stupid bullying thing to make up for the violence. Now it is a LIMITED “child show”. I hope she doesn’t win because if you think it’s bad now…just wait if she wins…HOLY CRAP!!!


    sooooo what happens the day iMPACT and RAW pull the same terribly low rating….

  • m8h3r

    What do they expect when they put out a show that was as bad as last weeks raw. Quite frankly I’m surprised it managed a 2.7. If I was WWE I’d be giving myself a pat on the back for pulling such high figures with such a shocking show.

  • Mikey

    no cena, lesnar, triple H. Brotus clay in the main event ? well duh of course it will be under 3

  • WWF Attitude

    if you want ratings I’ve got four words for ya Bring Back The Attitude

    • naynay

      they need to cause this aint right

  • Mr_DJ

    get better writers
    stop doing so many squash matches

  • naynay

    its not the wwf anymore they cant expect the rating they use to get at the rate they going