Part Two Of Austin’s Interview With Tommy Dreamer, Lana Bikini Photo Shoot (Video)

– The latest edition of Steve Austin’s “Steve Austin Show” podcast, which features part two of an interview with Tommy Dreamer, is now available. The official description for the show reads as follows:

SASu – EP134 – Tommy Dreamer Pt 2

“The Tommy Dreamer is back! This time – why he left WWE, how he became “The Innovator of Violence,” tag teaming with Terry Funk, drinking human blood, his feud with Dixie Carter, Sandman’s OD, the House of Hardcore, and his one big regret.”

You can download the show right now at

– WWE recently added the following video to their official YouTube channel, which shows a behind-the-scenes look at Lana’s recent bikini photo shoot:

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    • PunkFanboy

      You reverse the name Lana and it becomes :D

      • Chris Savage

        that’s not PG XD

        • TheBear

          Can be sometimes, depends on the parents!

    • raVen

      ..she looks better in the skirt suit.

    • Pozessed

      She sold this article to me and I think pretty much all of us who have viewed? xD

    • Name

      At the house in Toronto a few weeks back during the match with Rusev and Ziggler the fans started chanting “Let’s Go Lana!” It was awesome. She was really into her character and looked incredible as always.

      • brad

        When does she not look incredible.

    • Darkfear

      Well I’ll be DAMN