Paul Bearer Suffered Blood Clot Before Death, Recent Video Of HIm reports that just three days before William Moody (Paul Bearer) passed away, he was having trouble breathing, was hospitalized and diagnosed with a blood clot.

“Cowboy” Bob Kelly, president of the Cauliflower Alley Club, says he saw Paul Bearer over the weekend and the legendary WWE manager was in bad health with a severe breathing problem. He was reportedly telling people people he was going to seek treatment for what he called “respiratory issues,” which turned out to be complications from the blood clot.

The following video has surfaced of Paul Bearer at the 2013 Legends Award at The 23rd Annual Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion in Mobile, Alabama over the weekend. Despite the fact that he’s in a wheel chair and does show signs of breathing difficulties, his sense of humor is still spot on and he still knows how to work a crowd:

Brad Davis

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  • Jeff

    It would of been nice to See Paul Bearer at Undertakers corner at WM,Just like How Paul Heyman is at CM Punks corner.. Both led by 2 Pauls..

    • WWEFan4Life

      Just like Snoop Dog did with the Tupac hologram?

    • Oliver_Twisted

      Maybe he’ll have an urn with Paul Bearers ashes in it.


        What a dumb ass comment!! You sure are retarded!

        • Oliver_Twisted

          Waaah, people live, people die. Get over it squid.

    • Pozessed

      I would love for Undertaker to have a segment saying how sad he is about Bearer passing away. Similar to when Kane cut that promo when Undertaker was in a vegetative state.

      • jccox01

        Why would you even want WWE to turn an actual death into a storyline? Show respect. Leave him away from promos and being dissed on live tv. Let him rest in peace.

        • Pozessed

          Not a storyline and where would it be disrespectful? If Undertaker has a chance to talk about how if it was not for Paul Bearer he wouldn’t be where he is today on live TV then that shows tremendous respect and heck he could even induct him into the hall of fame.
          There is NO disrespect at all in what I think should happen.

  • Jeremy-County Roberts

    WWE better have all the guys on stage at the start of raw next Monday and do a 10 bell salute for this man. .

    • r.i.ppaulbearer

      id prefer a ten gong salute with undertaker in the middle kneeling down with the urn in his hand

      • Jeremy-County Roberts

        He could do that too. I just want WWE to show this many the respect he should get.


        That would be phenomenal!

    • WWEFan4Life

      Would be better at WM 29

    • appleaction

      they didnt. what are you going to do now?


    no really doe, tragic day to have lost such a great icon to the wrestling industry.
    RIP paul

  • iloveyoupaul

    r.i.p he will be missed he was a great legend.

  • WWEFan4Life

    Well, we all know that a club called the Cauliflower Alley Club is certainly one of which we can trust… Pretty dodgy name if you ask me.

  • WWEFan4Life

    WM 29 preshow: Paul Bearer remembrance video + HOF 2013 induction video followed by some of Bearers most memorable matches (him as manager) and then this is closed by the entire roster on the stage, Undertaker, Kane and Mick Foley at the front and this is a 10 bell salute. Then, to end it a picture of Bearer is shown on the titan tron and then Undertakers voice says “Rest… In….. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeacccceee” and the 10 bell salute is actually shown at the beginning of WM 29 as well.

    • Roger Penland

      sounds legitimately awesome. good on ya!

      • WWEFan4Life

        Thanks, Man :)

  • Seachai Chan

    I guess it was his weight that caused him to have the blood cot issue.

  • MIKE

    Didn’t he die long ago..I believe he was buried alive with the cement truck…Hmmmm

    • TheKillingMoon

      Are you an idiot or just fucking retarded? I’ll say both.

      • mike

        No..You are for not seeing the humor in my post..Dumbass!!

    • Alvin Balce

      I know what you want to refer to, but posting it here and now, to me, is simply distasteful.

    • Rick Yuhnke

      The Dudleys did that if I remember right. That was when they wrote him off tv.

      • Roger Penland

        actually, Undertaker was in a match with the Dudley’s, if Undertaker didn’t “Lay down” for the Dudley’s, Heyman would fill the crypt up with cement. After the match, Undertaker filled it up. But it wasn’t even Bearer in the cement, it was a stunt double. What was shown on tv and the tron inside the arena at The Great American Bash (2004, If i’m not mistaken) was pre-filmed with Bearer, and Undertaker. So technically, Paul Bearer was never written off of television.

  • askbillmitchell

    I would like to see Moody get the 10 toll salute either on a Raw or at Wrestlemania. Certain individuals should get such treatment and its a short list in the WWE:

    Bobby the Brain
    Vince McMahon
    The Fink
    Mean Gene
    Paul Bearer

    I think it would be cool for the fans to reflect on all that he (Moody/Bearer) has brought to us. However I have to be honest, I think he was great as Percy Pringle in other organizations. His comedic timing was always spot on. Always got a giggle or a belly laugh out of me.

  • rolemodel

    It is a shame that the last thing that he did in wrestling was give an award to a crooked con-man like Beau James.